[Stacked] Avengers68's adventures with Emperor Q and Stark Q Terminus


Day 4

I had to go in an administration, long queue of people so long to wait. In the past I would become impatient. But today ? Super zen ! In fact I use my time to observe people and see how stressed we can be when in fact we can not do anything about it. I was also thinking of the name EQ. I am not fan of this name and I found the name “personal ecology” as probably the most suited name for this sub. Maybe it is less marketing than emperor :smile: @SaintSovereign and @Fire if you adopt this name, it will be free, no royalties :smile:


Except to a certain rogue hypnotist that has a Personal Ecology for Men product. :slight_smile:

What does it mean anyways, personal ecology? Such a strange term.

I kind of like it. EQ, the great EQualizer. No matter how strong you think you are, EQ shall humble you.

I actually think I’m the one that started calling it EQ, most people were typing EmpQ.


Oups ! The name is already taken ?


Not for a subliminal product, so there’s no problem if SubClub called it that.


Personal Ecology: “To maintain balance, pacing and efficiency to sustain our energy over a lifetime of activism and service.”

-Rockwood Leadership Institute

among other definitions


Today, after 5 loops of masked EQa : I feel like I am taller… strange body image. Probably my back is more straight than before.

My confidence is powerful which is good as tomorrow I will have a public speaking engagement. I normally hate that, but today I feel good about it, I take it as a challenge which will be successful no matter what


Day 5

This is a great day today ! This morning I had a public speaking engagement. I am on the way of conquering my fear of public speaking !! In fact I nearly enjoyed the exercise :pray: No butterflies in the stomach when preparing to talk. I felt a rush of energy in my body when onstage, I was centered, in the flow. During my speech still problems of dry mouth even with drinking a lot. During the Q and A period, I was feeling good even wanted to laugh at some silly questions (but I controlled myself :smile:). And last but not the least, I don’t feel drained after the talk but still full of energy (which is the first time I can remember). Then several people wanted to talk to me after the conference and I felt at ease, specially with some cute journalists :wink:

All in all, I feel so grateful to @SaintSovereign and @Fire to have accepted me in the testers group. I am losing all my social anxiety within only 5 days (after trying so many ways of losing social anxiety on some many years !) !!


That’s some astounding results… Keep it up, champ!

Is there something else what is bugging you in life right now, or are you now one of the 1% who have 0 problems that are frustrating them?


Hahaha as a simple mortal I have many bugs :slight_smile: but I prefer to fight one at a time, I chose my priorities :slight_smile:




Day 6

I don’t know how to explain what I am feeling today, weird : it seems to start by a burst of euphoria. This euphoria is located in my brain. Then if I focus on the “location” of the feeling, I can amplify it to a point it could be like an orgasm… I have not tried to the point of the big O because I am scared. Does it make sense (an orgasm in the brain) ?

A lot of thoughts came back from my childhood, things I forgot. Some positive some less. Also it seems that I can visualize better than before, can it be that mind’s eye is a module in Q ?


Since yesterday, my legs have the tendency to move by themselves. I am seating working at my computer and my legs will move in different position…


Day 7

One week already ! Everyday around 6 loops of masked sub, avoid before sleeping.

Major transformations in short time : calm and confidence, social anxiety very reduced, optimism and positive thinking.

The strong energy I felt at the beginning is gone
libido, quite low (even with this strange feelings in the brain that I described yesterday)
restless legs when I am seating


Day 8

Today is my day off from sub. I feel like a craving, I miss listening to the sub !


Day 9

Back to listening to the sub ! I don’t know how important it is to dream during the process of EQ but except one day, I don’t remember my dreams. Since I am on EQ I sleep really deep and I sleep earlier than before.

Emotional well being is the main purpose of this sub, and it is really successful in this aspect. Even during the day off I was feeling calm, confident, optimistic. It seems now that it has been always part of me and so I don’t feel new things now. It is like to be on a plateau. I don’t know if I will feel new big leaps of well being or if I have reached already the maximum. This is the dangerous moment where reconciliation can appear to me : the subconscious would say “enough now, you can not expect more progress, it becomes boring and you waste your time, try something else”. This self sabotage mindset has often blocked my progress. But I know now that I have to overcome this self defeating inner talk. EQ is helping me with that. Lets see in the following days…


I have hard hardly any dreams I can remember too. But the ones I can recall have been very insightful, I would even go this far as to say more insightful than ever before. One was about my sexual insecurities which were almost gone 2 days later, and one about negotiations in difficult situations so that I get what I want, which is also manifesting now 2 days later. Try to set the intention to remember your dreams before falling asleep, and then write your dreams down as soon as you wake up before doing anything else.


Day 11

(day 10 nothing special)

Thanks Friday, I did like you told me and now I remember my dream ! I was having something in my body and suddenly I was pulling a plant from my mouth. I was pulling and pulling and pulling meters and meters of stems from the plant up to a moment it was the roots of the plant. The roots were in my stomach. When I continue to pull the roots it became painful in my stomach up to the point I wanted to vomit. I woke up and I was really in my sweat and my stomach was painful for real but it stopped after few seconds. This nightmare was terrifying as the stem was large occupying my whole mouth. Still thinking of this dream I feel dizzy again. Lets see what will happen next !


Day 12

I was telling my self, no more changes for now. But today, some close members of my family were having a verbal fight. It was full of emotions. In normal time I would be highly uncomfortable in this situation. But today I stayed totally zen and helped them to patch up their differences.


Day 13

My international flight is cancelled due to corona. But I dont feel anything just in control when people are in panic. Nice feel when being in the eye of the storm !


Day 14

Day off