[Stacked] Avengers68's adventures with Emperor Q and Stark Q Terminus


Day 84

I stopped totally with Emperor and focus now on Stark Q Terminus and Mind’s eye Terminus 2. I do one loop of Terminus 2 and 2 loops of SQT (It is too much if I do 3 loops of SQT). The mix of the 2, with Terminus 2 just before sleeping, seems to increase the number of dreams I can remember with vivid details, colors. But these dreams are not nightmares but not so nice. These are always real places I know, with real persons and with events which could be real. My closest friends and family in real world become often aggressive or negative in these dreams, not so supportive. And I often find myself alone to do something. The themes of these dreams are often repetitive, linked to missing the train, or missing a car for a meeting etc. It looks like there is “time lost” as the recurrent theme. It could be the subconscious telling “you waste your time with these subliminals” or “follow your own path even if it out of the mainstream”. Generally in these dreams the different persons were able to reach the train on time and wait for me. I am still looking for a ticket and queue for it and when are arrive near the train, it was just leaving. My friends and/or family members are shouting to run and catch the train but it is too late. There is this first part which is stressful but after that I feel fine because I know that I will find them later. It could be reconciliation or executing the program Starck…


One point I forgot to mention. Between 2 loops of SQT I can now think of the word “Stark” and I feel all the feelings of confidence etc. coming back in my body. As if “Stark” is a trigger word used to mobilize a certain mindset. Does it make sense @SaintSovereign ?


Day 86

Still the strange dreams. I invite 2 close friends for my birthday. These 2 friends know each other very well and are very close to each other, at least it is what I thought. One arrive on time. No problem. The second one arrives, and when he sees the first one, he froze !! In fact, I did not know that they were hating each other. When I realized that, at first I was embarrassed by my mistake but I discovered I could take distance from the event and be myself without being affected by it. I told myself, after all it is not my fault if they don’t like each other. One the 2 friends found an excuse to leave, the other one stayed with me.

For 2 nights I dreamed this kind of dreams, after listening to SQT just before sleeping. It seems that with Terminus files I remember more my dreams


Day 87

I think I have tested one aspect of Starck Q yesterday. Last night there was a strong rain with thunder in my place. I checked outside in my backyard to see if there is flood. When there is flood in this place there is a risk that water will enter our kitchen. I checked the level of water and assessed calmly the situation that there was no risk yet of flood but it needed to be regularly monitored. I told my wife, its ok, lets just monitored just once in a while. But she checked by herself and entered in a total panic mood, shouting at me that I should do something to unclog the drain. She was hysterical but I kept my cool, I was feeling super calm, as if I was in the eye of the storm, an inner calm surrounded by the chaos. I began even to laugh at her and tease her which made her even more mad at me. The rain stopped after a while and I checked the drain, so it was a win win situation, I did not want to go out during the rain, it was too strong with wind.

It was a great feeling and I am sure it was the result of Starck which is the sub I listen for many weeks already (probably Sanguine inside Starck). I will tell my wife to listen to it to lower her stress level :joy:


Day 90

Well, today I have practiced 2 months of Starck Q and T ! What are the changes I noticed ? Feelings of self control, calm and self confidence. I asked my wife if she noticed some changes with me without telling her why I was asking. She told me that I make her laugh more but I also frustrate her more often, why are you always telling me NO during these 2 months of quarantine. For her it is the quarantine, for me there is no doubt it is the sub.

One thing that I noticed, it is the possibility of taking distance during an argument/fight and not being emotionally affected.
What is sure, since I use Stark Terminus, I will not use anymore Stark Q. Terminus is really the best !