[Stacked] Avengers68's adventures with Emperor Q and Stark Q Terminus


Day 84

I stopped totally with Emperor and focus now on Stark Q Terminus and Mind’s eye Terminus 2. I do one loop of Terminus 2 and 2 loops of SQT (It is too much if I do 3 loops of SQT). The mix of the 2, with Terminus 2 just before sleeping, seems to increase the number of dreams I can remember with vivid details, colors. But these dreams are not nightmares but not so nice. These are always real places I know, with real persons and with events which could be real. My closest friends and family in real world become often aggressive or negative in these dreams, not so supportive. And I often find myself alone to do something. The themes of these dreams are often repetitive, linked to missing the train, or missing a car for a meeting etc. It looks like there is “time lost” as the recurrent theme. It could be the subconscious telling “you waste your time with these subliminals” or “follow your own path even if it out of the mainstream”. Generally in these dreams the different persons were able to reach the train on time and wait for me. I am still looking for a ticket and queue for it and when are arrive near the train, it was just leaving. My friends and/or family members are shouting to run and catch the train but it is too late. There is this first part which is stressful but after that I feel fine because I know that I will find them later. It could be reconciliation or executing the program Starck…


One point I forgot to mention. Between 2 loops of SQT I can now think of the word “Stark” and I feel all the feelings of confidence etc. coming back in my body. As if “Stark” is a trigger word used to mobilize a certain mindset. Does it make sense @SaintSovereign ?