[STACKED] Emperor Q, Sanguine Q, Limit Destroyer Q, Godlike Masculinity Q, Dreams


Day 17

Quick notes before bed. While Emperor is still having its effect slowly I am by far the most impressed with what I assume are the effects of Godlike. The effects have been mostly in ease of being natural in conversation on phone calls with clients, saying no when a firm no is required, and body language/confidence when dealing with boofheads. I’ve definitely felt the most effect when connecting with my partner.

I’m currently separated from them by state borders due to the COVID19 situation, so we communicate via video chat. This evening after pushing the limits of my exercise workout on the way home, my video call with them was full of laughing, joking, flirting etc., and a much more natural and easy rapport. My humor was a lot more down to earth, even ribald. I felt the masculinity pushing through in my way of speaking and the confidence levels were much higher than usual. I’ve been noticing this building over the course of this first week of using Godlike and particularly using it in conjunction with Limit Destroyer. I definitely think they work well played in conjunction with one another.


Day 18

Again at the end of Day 18 I am surprised by the strength of GMQ. Exiting work with GMQ playing felt a strong presence in the third eye and automatic adjustment of body posture, and by the time a minute or two had elapsed, confidence and mood enhanced to ridiculously high levels, I felt like surely everyone around me must have been seeing the over the top positivity emanating from me. On the train home, I observed an extreme negative reaction to my confidence and body language from one person, but didn’t give a frack and actually enjoyed the fact that they were uncomfortable and knew it was about them, not me.

Secondly, Emperor’s empire building may be finally starting to make its impression on me, I spent time this morning and this evening discussing potential creative avenues for developing income streams together with my partner, including the practical research required which I’ve made a mental note to execute this weekend. The mental planning and visioning of executing projects with them to earn funds for subsequent travel was present with a simple clarity, and I can’t wait to take the next steps to put together potential marketing ideas in the upcoming weeks.


Day 20 or 21

Weekend before mid week pay. I have been strongly considering obtaining Quantum Limitless, even though Emperor is meant to contain the script of Quantum Limitless Life, to enhance my abilities further. Very focused on wanting to enhance the one pointedness of action and the ability to onboard the right quality information, and considering using these subs with meditation along with certain YouTube programs I learned of from another thread on this forum. I like the idea of next level evolution, always have, people always considered me a smart cookie but the reason for this is the thirst for knowledge and I need to combine this with the ability to apply this knowledge. Whatever I can do using subs and meditation to enhance my ability to do action I will do. To that end I’ve added aura as my new module to experiment with in my stack.

Currently my default listening pattern during weekdays is: Emperor Q on the way to work (most days achieving one full loop before starting work). Godlike Masculinity and Limit Destroyer on the way home, with LD helping me to push myself harder in physical exercise while walking home. Further programs during sleep, usually additional runs up to 2 of Emperor, and Godlike/Limit Destroyer alternating. Sanguine I have used less frequently.

Currently running my first loop of AURA. I’ll have Godlike after it in my stack before continuing with my day, possibly with ultrasonics.

Prior unjournalled days I felt Emperor’s push to action reach painful levels on one of my goals which currently is largely on hold due to COVID border closures: bringing me and my partner together across states. This most likely involves me moving states because they have family obligations in their home state that are important to them. To solve this problem before borders reopen I have to: learn to network and find openings in the other state, save money while paying an overpriced rent $80 more than what I used to pay per paycheck, reduce my smoking and find a way of maintaining my relationship with my partner while also working on my novel and listening to the subs. At the same time I need to work with my ASD and personal skill-set limitations or try to overcome them as they impact my ability to find new work outside of the contact centre environments I’ve gotten used to working in. Emperor is pushing me to make headway on this as well as earning new money through creative endeavours and time management is going to be crucial to this as well as how fast I can take in information and learn marketing skills, as I intend on continuing to work on persuading my partner to go into creative collaborations as a way to make money to further our mutual offline plans.and become self sufficient. There is resistance there currently which mainly stems from their desire for anonymity and their own belief in their perceived limitations or belief they are uninteresting in conversation (podcasting is one idea I am playing with, Aeolus Kephas style with appropriate levels of anonymity at least in the beginning while building a listener base).

These next two days will be a way of testing my ability to pull off beginning this process methodically.


Day 22 or 23

Dunno if its just the amount of loops I played over the weekend, the extra youtube programs I combined with the aura sub and Emperor, or a combination of things, but this morning things just started to click.

A friend finally came through on paying off an old debt, someone else sent me support, and reading through the journals and doing loops I got to the point of talking with one of my housemates about developing a business plan, breaking down my goals into the smaller steps required, and focussing on them one by one. I hit on the idea of channeling my artwork through the focus of my novel trilogy, wrote down research topics required for the podcasting, made a resolution to get chapter outlines done this week for remaining chapters of Book 1, recognized connections between Quantum Limitless and the premise of Book 1, Damien’s eidetic memory, hitting on a way to get back to writing this hardcore detective without the need for a return to the alcohol and other intoxicants the character would have been taking. Worked out a list of potential podcast topics to go through and the right questions I need to ask myself.

Got to work and literally nailed a good 80% of the calls effortlessly, power walk home and video chat with my girl absolutely killing it on the fluidity and confidence levels. I can only hope this is the first signs of more permanent changes coming, especially if I budget well enough to get the final piece to my sub puzzle/sub stack in a few days.

If I can replicate what I’ve done to get the good results tonight over the next several days I may share more about the tweaks I added in on the weekend.


Tuesday less successful, Wednesday starting out almost with what I imagined QL would be like, until I had to defer to a specialist for information not available to us mere mortals, today I have call listening feedback which may or may not dampen my spirits, we’ll see.

This will be the first day after several loops of Quantum Limitless (QL) which I bought and downloaded last night. There was one full ultrasonic loop while awake and two masked loops during sleep stacked with GM afterwards. There were dreams and mental self talk as I was coming out of sleep that seemed like I was in full analysis mode about things.

During the first ultrasonic loop where I was watching bits of Limitless the movie to remind myself of what I’m after, I paused the movie several times, eventually pausing it altogether, to sit and meditate on my body and awareness of it, almost completely involuntarily. I also read an article in New Dawn magazine from start to end without a break with full comprehension and analysis of it, which surprised me (due to the way my eyesight has suffered in my forties, its more difficult for me to appreciate the long sessions of reading I used to enjoy as a younger lad).

Really liking the clarity I feel this morning after the loops. I sense this journey with QL will be an interesting one.


Heavy reconciliation this morning, which has faded mostly. I ran QL ST1 back to back with Aura and Emperor during sleep, which was probably a little too much intensity (2 x 3 hour loops).

Sneak peak at stages 3 and 4 this morning. I’m looking forward to seeing progress in my job today as a result of the loops. Job involves heavy use of scripting and procedures which are often complex and contain at times ambiguous wording which requires interpretation in the light of the bigger picture. I get the strong sense QL will be very helpful in this area…


I’m only a couple of days into QL, but I can tell this is going to be a game changer. I currently have ST3 running as a standalone ultrasonic while I consume the documentary Fantastic Fungi, which is a fabulous exploration of mushrooms and mycelium and their role in the evolution of the planet and human consciousness.

Already, my brain is running at an accelerated rate while taking in this information, seeing connections with other things I’ve read. Trees communicating with one another and recognizing or protecting their kin via mycelial networks… at least ten fungal spores on average per breath of air… now there’s some deep stuff. Perhaps the writers of Star Trek Discovery were onto something when they indicated their debt of gratitude to Stamets by naming the inventor of the spore drive after him. Parts of my brain are also working at the same time on the question of whether I can use this new information in my novel, perhaps in the story of the creation of Rhino Juice (the prototypical drug which forms the bedrock of the story’s plot, a drug that increases compliance and gives its users a form of telepathy where they can get inside one another’s minds).

The speed at which I’ve started to notice my ability to remember things is pretty incredible. This morning in conversation with my girl I mentioned in sequence the taurobolium of ancient Rome, its similarities to the blood rave scene in Blade, and a documentary film I’d seen in 2007 about modern day vampire wannabes in America and the mysterious disappearance of Susan Walsh (Vampyres, 2007). That in itself stemmed from my mention of the history of Tarot cards and the infamous female pope story (the High Priestess) and St Christopher (the Hermit). All these concepts were popping into my mind, some of them would have anyway but the rate has probably been accelerated due to what the subliminal is doing.

I am going to be interested to see where this all goes next.


Day 4 of quantum limitless. Almost a month of Emperor. I’m counting the days for QL from the morning after I began playing it.

Compared to yesterday, I’m really feeling the lethargy and do nothingness, the desire to just let it all hang out. Its been over 3 months since I had a drink of alcohol, but the cravings still occasionally come which I push aside for now, knowing eventually I’ll be able to do that again when short term goal number one of meeting with my partner again comes through. But for now I have way too much to do in everyday life anyway.

I know this is reconciliation, but it doesn’t make it any easier. Just need to go with it and keep pushing through, nap when I need to, keep playing the message, experimenting with listening patterns, etc etc.

I console myself that while I haven’t gotten my chapter outlines done yet, at least I’ve finished reformatting back into Scrivener format the paragraphs of the old text I had finished and compiled before the fire.

EDITED 11:07pm to add: the reconciliation was eased by running some hemi-sync while meditating. I think I’ve found a way to test my own theory about improving results without losing hours of exposure during sleep. Just have to experiment with the stack of programs and volume levels a bit.


Three hours later… “well that wasn’t supposed to happen!” And also – :cool:!

I accidentally (or perhaps through exhaustion) fell asleep a second time after waking up a first time earlier in the night, I would estimate I’ve been asleep 1h 45m or less. But I fell asleep with the computer still on the bed listening to Quantum Limitless ST3 masked and Aura Q ultrasonic back to back. That was the most intricate, cinematic dream I have had in ages! The characters and the settings/scenery were just way over-detailed.

I was apparently moving house but had only half finished the process this time round and somebody took me with my bags via way of a Garden (with a capital G) to an area I could unload and unpack my bags, but I found no bed at first, which was weird. Here I met a “dude” like character who dressed in multicolored silk or fabric robe-like clothing wearing a top hat way too small for his head who looked the spitting image of Ashton Kutcher in Dude where’s my car (told you this was detailed!)

I ended up wandering off through the house trying to find the bedroom as my companion had left me and found a hallways in which there were several beds tucked into alcoves in the wall, dressed in the most opulent gaudy colored linens you could imagine, including gold colors. And there were pianos by the side of each one, which seemed more than symbolic and which I tried to explore in the dream before that part of the dream bled into something else. There were hallways that seemed to lead nowhere except to this section of the house waited on by butlers complete with a red carpet.

The garden itself was this extraordinarily exquisite creation with steps leading down into the garden proper, but completely impractical steps it seemed that would not take an ordinary persons weight. Flower beds and running water and people lounging about, with rich pinks and reddish orange sandstone steps, with one set of wooden steps arcing down through the garden that were not even human sized.

I’m not even going to try to finish the dream description because before I finishef writing about it I had another cinematic level dream involving my old high school friends and people I don’t even know which were disturbing but also incredibly intricate in detail, with one guy in the dream spilling bubbly white wine on me and the carpet then trying to clean up a coffee table while clearly very drunk as I was broken down in tears nearby over something he had told me.

I don’t know if its just the hemi-sync last night but good god damn! Those were some of the most incredibly detailed dreams Ive had in two back to back sleep cycles, and I never remember my dreams. I’m scratching my head wondering WTF I just unlocked.