[STACKED] emperorQ 1.5 + EoG - sidneyficance


Yesterday I was just going through a few learning prompts :

  • Content curation and creation - this really brings home the point that I need to be much more disciplined on my “learning diet” vs just taking everything on the table and not getting anywhere.
  • There is a need to link consumption to connection - how do you relate what you read with existing information you have. The answer - context.
  • Learning deeper and sharing my learnings to reinforce what I learnt. Also, communicating the learning well.

I still struggle with improving how do I present materials in a clear manner.


I think its Emperor Q or EoG going on full speed, I am feeling restless as if I am not moving towards something big enough.
I need to find a vision that is big enough for me to get excited to and march towards. There is the uncertainty of

  • WHAT exactly I should be doing -is it big enough? does it resonate with what I really want to do?
  • Would this vision be able to weather through storms like COVID-19? The whole COVID thing has been making me think about this. A lot of businesses and skills have dependencies and these dependencies have risk attached to them
  • Am I able to take that CHALLENGE on? - do I have the capacity to do so?

What I do know for certain is -

  • There are principles that I hope to incorporate in a business (eg. standing as a beacon during times of distress) - eg. Whoop responding to COVID-19
  • Having a great brand that speaks to the values that we both agree with
  • Having happiness and flow as the motor to drive the business - it’s not just the metrics but ensuring that both myself and the team is in flow and are happy in life.
  • Building a LEGACY and positive impact to the world, communities around me, employees, and people around me.

One of the things I really need to work on is my enthusiasm of life, my work, and my future. Enthusiasm is something that one can’t just fake. I need to still think of how do I build this up.


16 Days and my stack has been pretty much the same with some additional stacks:

Emperor Q v1.5
Godlike masculinity
Admiral & Commander

I have been consistent with this. I can feel the overwhelm (and efficiency of it) more when I started running Masked during the past few weekdays.
Thinking of running this on full Ultrasonic tomorrow to see if it will do my reconciling better.


You get what you expect. If you expect greatness and keep working on it, you will get there.

I started off the morning with brain fog. Hypothesis is due to the higher sugar intake I had the day before. I meditated but my mind was doing gymnastics, had dreams on overdrive of having a system to track COVID19 for an establishment.

This has been interesting -


The weekend has been more introspective. I find it to be a bit more productive than other weekends where I will just waste away in escapism of TV, mindless internet surfing.
Last week, I managed to curb my phone usage - been picking up the phone for less than 40 times a day consistently for the whole of last week.

This week, I plan to cut down my information intake and to focus more on execution or diligent practice vs just consuming for the sake of consuming. I really struggle with this.
I been doing pretty OK for my day job. Feeling quite empowered and in the driver’s seat to think ahead and execute accordingly.

I have also been doing my best to make it a point to review Kekeich’s Credo everyday.

Consistency is really the key. The world rewards consistency. In almost everything. You see it in nature, in great architecture, masterpieces of art / music - its always following a rhythm / pattern. Sticking to that pattern and having that being instilled as a vision gives you an aura of presence - because you are consistent with who you are / your ideals / your vibrations.

Future Emperor!

I was reading a summary on the Growth Mindset and I was like - “yeah I do actually believe in this”
It was pretty amazing. I seem to be taking the whole self help / personal growth items much more seriously than before.

The feeling of INFINITE POSSIBILITY and actually believing that I can do it if I put myself into it - probably due to EoG? Or the coffee / caffeine?
Regardless - it feels good and I have a clearer idea of my vision.

The truly rich get rich doing the following:

  1. Real Estate
  2. Tech companies that change the world
  3. Venture Capital companies

Items 2 and 3 are high risk ventures, so I need to keep 20/20 vision in building a smaller vehicle to pay my bills at the same time fund the 3 items above.

For this - I am currently thinking of starting a marketing agency (talk about a time to start in the midst of COVID-19!) and keeping my compass aligned to the vision that I am aligning to.


Was reading though the StarkQ forum and was initially tempted to buy StarkQ until I read:

That totally sealed the deal for me to stay on EmperorQ. It opened a whole new world for me to discover the Sigma male and how I so identify to that. I never really liked the spotlight because I just want to do my own thing and I thought I was weird - but wow this really reminded me of who I am and to be proud and to continue nurturing that.

I need to be exposed to more examples of sigma males to be able to align myself with the energy / aura of that and emperorQ!


The importance of having input / stimuli. You cannot expect to just run subliminals and just ‘set and forget’. You need to still do the work by exposing yourself to stimuli (e-courses, books, etc) to bring forward the embedded beliefs and bring them to light. Also movies / pop culture reference to reinforce the archetype.

I find forming habits much easier.
I have been meditating almost effortlessly - there is no pressure / resistance that usually happens that makes me break my momentum like the previous attempts I had. I had to white knuckle my sessions, but now I actually look forward to my morning meditation and calibration.


I am attempting again to read “Meditations” by Marcus Aurelius.
Also during my adventures online, I have been seeing the archetype of:
Warrior. Magician/Mystic. King. Lover appearing in various places.


I had a recurring dream of turning up for an exam without studying / knowing the subject content. Kinda feels a bit like life.
I hoarded up books as bookshops and other “non essential” services will be closed tomorrow onwards (until things get better or until the government thinks so).

My weekend didn’t feel as productive partially because I still had to do my day job on Saturday. I do enjoy the “crisis mode” that we are in partially because I feel there is momentum. This totally sounds bad but that’s how I feel. LOL.


I am ‘determined’ to re-start copywriting and tarot study.
For Tarot - I am looking to use the resource here: https://benebellwen.files.wordpress.com/2014/12/holistic-tarot-supplement-study-guide-01-beginner3.pdf


Curiously I seem to be moving towards the spiritual side vs financial. And I have not ran Alchemist ever before. @Fire @SaintSovereign - any thoughts / theories on why is this happening?

Had modafinil and (too much) coffee today.
Few thoughts, we attract people / gurus / clients / jobs / situations based on the vibration that we vibrate. This explains the concept of egregore, pendulums and why some people who are seemingly incompetent still get a following.

According to Reality Transurfing, you can radiate the energy that you choose.
The items that I need to focus on to vibrate at a higher energy:

  • Diet
  • Being Good / Seeing the best in others and the universe
  • Right stimuli for the mind - subliminals, books, holy texts, tarot, symbols
  • Output / contribution to the community to attract the right situation / people
  • Movement
  • Sufficient good quality rest
  • Grounding / Meditating to Recharge


For some odd reason the song keeps appearing in my head when I listen to the emperor Q subliminal. I have not been hearing this song for 2 months? But curiously it keeps re-appearing.


Its almost 2 weeks since my last post here. I have been busy - both at work and “trying” to execute. Interestingly I “manifested” / “attracted” an accountability partner and have been working on writing copy for the new project we intend to execute.

There has been some low periods during the 2 weeks. My day job has got a bit more challenging. I must admit that I missed a few beats - but I think you are remembered for the times you get up vs stay down.


The past 2 weeks have been up and down. I been playing subs when I sleep vs when I am awake.
The enemy that I keep having to deal with - overwhelm, distraction, and lack to clarity either due to biology (insufficient rest, bad food / fuel, insufficient water)

Looks like SubClub has updated Emperor to the final polished version of EQ