[STACKED] EmperorQ and Alchemist


Ok sorry, I jumped over to StarkQ. Might mean no future testing, but I can live with it.
My main goal is to finish Alchemist at the moment and to enjoy the benefits of StarkQ.

I am using the set & forget method today. Ultrasonic with StarkQ and Alchemist Stage 3 in the stack.

My results from emperorQ:

  • Focus at work (daytime job and writing)
  • Higher sexual drive
  • Inspirational ideas
  • Idea to start my own business or find other additional income sources
  • Getting clear on my goals
  • Sometimes V.I.P. treatment (not in the past few weeks because I left the house sparely)
  • In the beginning there was anger in public places
  • Sorting out time wasters

Good Luck to all still testing and thanks for the opportunity to take part in this test.


I got guided to go back to emperorQ and stop using alchemist.
I feel like I am not ready for starkQ yet and my goals are more aligned with emperorQ than with Alchemist at the moment.

Yesterday in the evening I began listening to emperorQ again. At night I had some weird dreams about friends from childhood, but this could also have to do with other practices I started recently.

I hope to enjoy the benefits of emperorQ again.


I’m looking forward to general release of EmperorQ. But until then, I can’t complain about my Emperor v4.


Hey Matt,
are still listening to EQ and Alchemist?
Can you give some update on the experience?


Hey Dom,
no, I am currently not listening to EQ and Alchemist. In the upcoming days I will start listening to a 10-module custom with the Ultimate Writer module (Ultimate Artist, Inner Circle as cores). Also, I am still enjoying using Ultima experimental A (predecessor of The Executive) from time to time when I need to get things done.

I listened to stage 1-3 of Alchemist. Then the mundane life asked for some attention.
This was before the Q version of Alchemist was available.

If I ran Alchemist again, I would not stack a dense sub like Emperor with it. Just the Stages solo.


Did you get any benefit from Alchemist, like better in meditation or energy work etc.?


custom looks great, out of curiosity why did you decide to take Stark out or not include it?


did Emperor and Alchemist work well together at all?


I wanted a light weight custom focused on writing. StarkQ seems more dense than the dinosaur Ultimate Artist. I liked the UA sales page. What I would enjoy with StarkQ is the limitless scripting but I figured I could use BLU before reading writing theory.

About emperor and alchemist: for me I noticed more emperor effects and less of the subtle alchemist effects.


I don’t remember. According to my journals the practices I did worked better than before. An opening of the heart happened which was nice I guess. Some blockages removed. Intentions manifested. Everyone has his own journey. And I don’t even know what your concept of better meditation or better energy work is.


That’s true.

I can see that whatever is your spiritual practice you’ve got some benefit from it …“According to my journals the practices I did worked better than before. An opening of the heart happened which was nice I guess. Some blockages removed. Intentions manifested.”
Thank you Matt!