[STACKED] EQ /StarkQ / Alchemist 3 @rajeshwer


@rajeshwer - man, your results are as if they are being fired from a machine gun haha. Excellent!


Another day with EQ

Was super productive, offered some quick solutions to problems , better decision making .

But I can see that impatience inside me

Seems I can read between the lines , or motive behind any statements, like PCC amplified .

Whole day had enuf energy

Body was light , but burning in eyes thru out day and bit of itching here and there

Was not really hungry thru out day

Didn’t have craving for coffee/ tea way I have it every day

EV4 never hit me like this , it was more pushy , EQ has something that integrates with my thought pattern and I feel as if I am this , I don’t see any duality between what I want and what I think . Amazing till now

I was optimistic thru out day

I was more assertive

Major change : I am more social , EV4 always keeps me away from fun , just two days in EQ , I want to go out and meet people .



.1. Woke up fresh again , hotal less heavy today but body super light

  1. I can remember having dreams whole night which is so unusual for me

  2. At work now and somehow I feel I have started trusting people more

  3. I am delegating more

  4. Optimism is all time high

  5. Sense of authority is there

  6. But major change today morning I was not horny , didn’t make love to my girl which is so unusual.


Oh yes, that happened to me too before. But now, it’s fine.

I agree. Even when “tired”, EmperorQ just gets me into a hyper-productive mode. I love this part.

I agree and this is my experience, 100%

I felt it yesterday, but today, all is good. So it’s a temporary thing.

For me too, yesterday, I couldn’t remember any of my dreams.

My libido on EmperorQ is higher than on Emperor v4, but less than on Khan.

Great journal, I look forward to more!


Thank You @AMASH for going through it and expressing your views/ experience.

So for the day

  1. I was again full of optimism , it was there so naturally

  2. I was talking to my workers with pleasant authoritative tone

  3. Major part I notice is , U am actually seeing games people try to play when talking . It’s so like PCC , U personally never got good visible results with PCC but may be there is something here that I can actually feel the intention of people .

  4. Eyes burning was less ( thank you @AMASH)

  5. My libido is still not high , may be energy is more in work, my girl joked am I dating someone else , else first thing I do when I see her is cuddle her and get horny

  6. Body was light but forehead part / ajna chakra was bit heavy

  7. There was lot of body heat today


And yes I have started talking big about my business though I know I need bigger foundations for that , but voice in my head started telling me it’s normal to achieve big


Morning I woke up with heavy head / kind of disoriented.
Lot of body pain and body heat in morning .

As day passed listened to 3 more loops
Feeling much better

Optimism is all time high
So is my trust in myself

Body pain is there but body is super light .

Confidence is all time high

Sex drive gone away .


Another day on EQ - Alchemist 2 and SM

. More focused, can’t say it’s like lost but outside environment is not influencing me much

. Have more trust within myself and my capabilities

. More aware of way I talk and act

. Can’t remember any of my dreams , this is unusual

. Extra energy to do extra work

. It might be remedied as impatience but I pointed out when things are crossing my patience , previously I would just crib within

. Convincing power is better

. Very very low libido

. Really not caring about my wardrobe , in EV4 , I was so aware of what I wear



I did 50 push-ups today
I normally don’t do this


wow this is magical for you…all the best


Woke up fresh !

Body is light , I feel more cantered

Still have low libido

Somehow there is body itch

I feel everything is slow and I m loving it

Making quick and good decisions in business

Somehow people want to connect with me


EQ is smooth as in it makes things happen rather than pushing them , there is thick inside to do things and it comes so effortlessly and naturally

My hunger is lower and so is libido

Body stays super light , may be something to do with Emperor fitness in it

Initial headaches or pressure on ajna chakra gone all together

It’s making me talk to people , I am making lot more calls to clients also .

Somehow I feel I am negotiating well for big deals and for small stuff I am more generous but I like this feeling


Still same positivity building up .

Optimism is high and since last week in EQ almost negligible negative thoughts

Confidence is skyrocketing

I don’t find myself resisting any of high goals coming to my mind , rather I feel all high goals that I reframed are so much achievable, my mind tells me ya , why can’t you achieve this , this is so do able .

People are welcoming me soooo warmly , I was in family gathering and every one met with so warmth .

My girl feels , I am more busy in work and less focused on her, may be because I am not craving sex like before

Hunger is less and I feel I have stamina to run and jump more

Of course my regular meditations are deeper

Unlike EV4 , I am not angry though there were flashes but really not much to report

I have feeling , that I look good in whatever I wear , on EV4 , I was so conscious of my dressing , here I just want to wear neat and clean and I feel everything looks good on me , rather I wire suits which I haven’t used in while


im so envious of all the people benefitting with Emp Q


Sleeping sound but less

Mornings are joyful

Positively/ optimism is more than before

I have more trust in myself and my capabilities

Iha ve actually started thinking ahead of my competitors and my moves in last week has surprised them .

I could see huge improvements in my social interactions

And now I actually started behaving like leader in pack .


Hi @dhc
This sub has lot different level than previous ones .
I have always been super impressed with SM , now this is one sub which is on my fav list . I actually see immediate smooth changes and it’s not pushy yet it is detailed and so impactful. I wonder what happens when @SaintSovereign launches other subs in Q platform . It’s gonna be different ball game


How you cannot crave sex on EQ is a miracle to me :sweat_smile:


Same here. It’s happening with me too. There is something wrong with my King Kong.


I can’t comment much
On EV4 and SM , I was horny every time I would see my girl .
Morning love we would never miss .
I am still having sex but that craving and that desire to have my girl is comparatively less . I think more energy is going in business , else I don’t see any other reason and ofcourse my girl is not happy about this . Lol


So for the day
I felt organised with my work

My girl complaining, she is over possessive about me , and I handled it well .

Sex drive is still low

Body feels like lean and mascular , I feel my stomach pulling in .

One major thing , there is air pressure in my ear canal and my eyesight seems bit blur … will observe more and post