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Emperor has sex scripting in it, but the focus was never 100% sex. The majority of testers claiming low libido were running sexually charged subs in their stacks, like Khan and Sex Mastery X. When you come off those, it’s natural that you’ll experience a decrease in libido. EmperorQ certainly isn’t “lowering” anyone’s sex drive.


So another day on EQ

I am happy about life .

More focus on emotional bonding with my girl and what else can she want !!!

Libido is still low , but there is no pressure to perform , it’s just that craving is less.

Meditations are deep

Learned to say no with authority to things I don’t want and people somehow not reacting much to no.

Optimism and trust in self in high

I feel centered

And I am really really comfortable with my appearance

I can sleep anytime , LOL I mean if I have 10 mins , I close my eyes and I am sleeping. This is something new .
I never took naps , now I am doing it 4 times in a day


I am certain that this is not a result of running the subliminal. If the symptoms stay or are getting worse, maybe see a doctor.

Does this mean that if you are about to have sex / while sex your libido is low, or that if you want to work on your business / or do other stuff, your libido is low and therefore can concentrate better?


While having sex , performance is at par , it’s just that I am not horny frequently .
I think I feel lot more calm and centered .

It’s strange , previously I was always horny , willing to have my girl anytime , now I feel sex is always not on my mind , may be more energy going in business .
May be I feel more balanced.
I am giving myself more time to observe this .


This is what I keep explaining to people claiming the subliminal is “lowering their libido.” It isn’t – it’s just not AS focused on sex as titles like Khan are. Emperor v4 has more effect on the libido because there’s less scripting, and thus the sexual aspects of it are much more prominent. We didn’t take that out in emperorQ, but we did add significantly more scripting to address (and test) some of the things we felt were holding back the Emperor title, namely, it’s tendency to send you into complete hermit mode while working on a business. We realized that this isn’t necessarily the BEST way to handle things, as some people will need to build a team and social circle to meet their goals. So, we added some scripting that would help you integrate into the social circle of your choice / meet new friends / OR, remain solitary if you chose to go that route.

That being said, we’re keeping an eye on this and will make a determination on whether we should up the sexual scripting or not. It may be better just to stack it with another title – my libido is already raging and others are reporting that too.


Awesome, @SaintSovereign! This is exactly what I was hoping for EmperorQ!

This is incredibly helpful for people like me that want that “kick in the butt” only Emperor can deliver, while also be socially savvy, but not THAT focused on women like Khan. It fits so good with my goals, it’s almost scary! :rofl:


That explains a lot . Thank you .
Yes I did feel this major change of social interactions and I think I have journaled this point many a times in my test results

This also answers lot of my curiosity regarding libido .

Thanks @SaintSovereign


That’s why I asked the question. If we had low libido while having sex, more scripting would have been necessary (which he doesn’t report). But if we have a good balance like he said helping him to concentrate more on business than that is perfect. While running Khan I was horny all the time which often lead to me not really pursuing my intellectual goals efficiently. With Emperor I feel like having the right balance. More scripting may change that balance to horny all the time again…


Whole day , I just listened to EQ.and added 3 loops of SM

Optimism is again all time high

I feel good about life and myself

I feel more courageous ( that’s new )

Body is light , and I feel like jumping and leaping like kids

I am soooooo very comfortable with my appearance

Appetite is less

Feel good while working in office

All targets seems achievable

Socially I am taking so much and starts conversation even with strangers

I feel less attracted towards women in general

I am driving so calmly

I am talking with authority to people and even to my girl , she even liked this manhood in me !!!


Another day on EQ

I still feel light with my body

My hunger has settled , which is 20% less food than before and I feel contented. I drink more water

My cold is finally healing and so has air pressure in ears . Vision bit blur , I know it will also be ok in day or two

I let small works to be done by staff , without interfering , so I have started saving more time for crucial tasks . ( time management )

I still feel optimistic about business and life in general

Another strange feeling is Empathy, I have started feeling this ( May be impact if Alchemist 2 )

I have more trust in my abilities

My patience is growing

I smile more ( my girl says so )

Sex drive is bit better

And social life couldn’t be better


I woke up with bit heavy head but body is still light

Feel good factor about life is there

Trust and confidence with optimism is there

Meditation is deep

Feeling of Empathy is there

Life seems easy

No panic for virus thing

I still eat less


Hey I am following your Journal, I like the way you document things, simple, clean, and to the point.

Been using EV4/EV3 for awhile, thinking to change to EQ, I have requested access, seems like EQ would fit my needs the best for now, I am excited for it.

Keep us posted.


I have started listening more to people , that’s new for me

I felt more creative ideas are flowing , or I can call it solutions to problem

More patience

And I am so comfortable with my presence and my wardrobe


No physical fatigue thru our day

Mind was sharp

Optimism was normal , may be now I am used to that level of optimism

Sex is better than what it was for last two weeks but still not what it was before

Driving is calm though I can somehow foresee if other is going to make some stupid mistakes or turn

Empathy still there

Generosity is there


I feel settled

Emotions are in check

Feeling of joy and happiness is there , I am smiling more and may be have better sense of humour now .

Empathy and sympathy still there

Social life is much much improved

Sex life is still struggling

Focus on work is good

Optimism is there

Body feel light

And presence in moment is there .


I find myself more present

I am damn engrossed in work , while at work

Corona has taken away some punch from socialising / still social media , I am active

Sex is better still not at par with previous levels

Meditations are real deep

Empathy is there

I fellt bit anger within today , in general felt irritated

Physically felt fit


A feeling of stability is there

But I can sense bit anger within

Authority is there

Meditations are deep

Body is light

Mind is focused

Sex drive was low so last night I played SM and EQ as alternate playlist and bingo , morning I feel horny

I feel quiet sometime

Presence in moment is there

I feel happy

I think EQ is winner overall


I feel real calm inspite of covd panic .

Since everything is locked down , I am meditating a lot and they are going real deep

Have a feeling that my life is in my control

I m in cheerful mood and optimism is still there

I still eat less than what I normally used to eat

Mind is clear .


Feel calm and composed

Had some undesirable news on business front , but felt no panic was there , I felt myself ready to face it , rather my thoughts were there must be way out to handle this .

Meditations are real deep

I m comfortable with my presence

Body is light

Mind is focused


So can’t go out , only way is to go within .
Whole country on lockdown , not allowed to step out .

Don’t have work which can be done from home , so totally free time

Feel stable and patient

Fear not there

Appetite less

Active on social media

I think EQ helped me to connect with people