[STACKED] Fractal's Journey (StarkQ: Terminus, Ultaimte Artist and DREAMS)


I think you are on to something about the bodymindenvironment system. In relation to this, I came across this Wim Hof guided breathing video today and thought to try it out. I don’t really know much about it at all so I didn’t know what to expect.

By the end of it, after exhaling and holding my breath for over a min and then breathing in and holding that for 15 seconds, I felt like an overflowing rush of something going up to my head. I’m guessing it was nitric oxide and oxygen, enough to make me dizzy. What was interesting though is I also felt some kind of emotional release, it brought me to tear without thinking of anything in particular. I think doing this after a workout makes the effects even stronger since my blood vessels would have been more dilated. I was truly socked of the effects of just breathing could have on your emotions.

The only other time I can think of that I felt like I do now was after a “born again” experience from years ago. I was just high off of love for a few weeks. However, the feeling faded and I always wondered why. Some Christian teachers say this is to mature you, so you don’t depend on that feeling and have strong faith. But I questioned this because it’s hard for a person to give love to others if they’re completely bitter inside. It just went against “God’s memo” to me.

I’ve now learned that my feeling back then was comparable to people describing an open heart Chakra. I now consider that my heart Chakra was blown wide open and maybe I was actually the one that caused that all and unintentionally caused it to fade away.

It is a feeling I’ve been chasing to get back for a long time. And yes, I hope there’s much more to come for all of us to last a lifetime!


Today was still feeling good like yesterday. I’ve been lessening my listening amount to 1-2 loops of SQT and 1 loop of UA and now Aegis every second day.

That investment I made a couple days ago panned out incredibly well so far. It has really revealed to me the power of these signs when they confirm your choices and you follow them. I also saw more 1s and 4s today in some of my older investments (like in their percentage gain and market value).

This was kind of interesting in relation to processing subliminals:

I was having trouble sleeping later in the night, so I played one loop of ultrasonic SQT. I then started dosing off into a half-sleep and hear a water trickle sound. I think this is because I usually listen to the masked version, so my mind was making that connection. Then suddenly the water trickle stops and things are silent, I also feel a wave of energy. Like the feeling when something makes a sudden noise. I then think to myself, I bet an hour passed and now it’s switching to UA that is next in the playlist. So I got up and was right, I was now 1 min into UA. I didn’t want to overload myself so I stopped it then.

I personally believe that in this state you sometimes can “hear” the script too as your own thoughts. I think this has happened a couple times to me.

But the fact that the water was playing in my mind from that connection tells me that my subconscious now knows StarkQT really well. This could also be related to my recent acceleration of inner changes.


Trimmed some profits on a couple of my stocks, including the one I’ve been talking about, the gains were too good to not do this. My less risky stuff is still in though, we’ll see how next week goes.

I believe opportunities for the stock market are manifesting for me faster than other things because I personally know people that are into this and they influenced me to get into it too. I wonder if the inner circle style scripts could also bring them success, and make them better so that we rise each other up? If so that is pretty nifty.

I find the stocks interesting not just for the money but it seems like “the matrix” is broken quicker in this area than others. I guess because it is all numbers and seems random, but when you look deeper, there are patterns. It also creates many opportunities to see all these angel numbers. That investment I keep mentioning that had 444.4444 was the most profitable trade I made (percentage wise) and it also just took a few days to get to that level. I don’t know how to describe how I feel about this whole chain of events. Reality thinning? Connected to something greater?

However, trading is not what I envision myself doing, yet it is something that is working well for me atm. I wonder if StarkQ accelerates progress in anything that you put your mind and effort into. It doesn’t matter if it is a long term dream. This makes me think that taking action is important, but taking focused action towards your dreams is even more important. Realizing this, I have to make sure put in effort to work on my project everyday, which is something I’ve been neglecting this week for the market stuff.


Yesterday I may have overdid my listening, I did SQT 2x, UA 1x and Aegis 1x. So now today, I’m getting some bad headaches and was really tired. I can’t attribute the headaches just to the subliminals though, since I tend to get these headaches after some workouts from muscle pain because of a shoulder joint issue that I’ve been trying to fix for a while. Regardless, I reduced my listening today to just a loop of SQT.

I also think that I could be experiencing some reconciliation from Aegis, more so than SQT or UA. I’m not sure if that is strange with this one? If this is true though, I believe it’s because a lot of things related to Covid stir up frustration in me in the way it was all handled by most governments, the hypocrisies, lives ruined by lock-downs and the corporations cashing in on Covid as a marketing tactic with the endless commercials.

I just don’t enjoy hearing or talking about Covid that much, so maybe the subliminal stirs that up. To reduce this, I’m going to first try listening to SQT only once on my Aegis days and see how that goes. If I still have issues, I’ll remove UA on those days too.


Interestingly, since the recent rise in the market, I now have repeating numbers in mine as well.


Week 9

  • Generally, I feel like the previous weeks I’ve been pushing a boulder up a hill. Now it’s like this week I’ve reached the peak and get to ride the avalanche of changes. I haven’t experienced too many external changes but internal healing seems almost complete, I’m barely ever stuck in the past anymore and have inner peace. Finally, the vision of who I want to be feels achievable, not just a pipe dream.

  • Had much less dreams since I switched my sleep schedule. I also wonder if my subconscious isn’t venting about the subliminals, but agreeing with it currently. So maybe I’m not getting any manifestations of those conflicts in my dreams.

  • Any dreams I do have are much less violent, also giving me clues that my mind is in harmony.

  • I think I can express my thoughts in person a bit better. Also when I’m interrupted I can recover my thoughts faster. I think I am interrupted a bit less too with people I know well. (I think it takes longer for people you know to see you differently)

  • My energy is up since before. I suspect this is from a combination of changes. First, I have lessened my listening to 1-2 loops of starkQ, 1 of UA and added 1 of Aegis every second day. Second, my morning bird sleep schedule keeps on a stricter bed time. Third, I believe sleeping with the cycle of the earth is much more energizing for me. Finally, and maybe most of all, I’m taking some pre-workouts that have a lot of caffeine and I’m drinking caffeine green tea before a workout too. I haven’t been on caffeine during the entire lockdown, so I’ve lost any tolerance I had. It’s great. :grin:

  • My libido has rocketed. I think semen retention, doing high intensity cardio at the gym again and getting more sunlight (which raises test levels) also have a large influence on this one.

  • I started taking cold showers again and am enjoying them. Summer makes cold showers much easier.

Early this week, I had some social focused dreams:

  • The first one was really lonely. I reunited with my friends in collage and was catching up. I was also trying to see if any of them would want to work together. After everyone dispersed, I went somewhere alone and was writing ideas down. I then went to our computer lab to work at night. It was sad, like I’m trying but I’m too late… everyone has already moved on. This dream is exposing my fears about trying to change my life but doing it too late. I don’t believe things have to be this way though. I need to get back in contact.

  • The next one was more positive. I was in highschool and was telling a story I found funny to one of the girls that all us guys had the hots for. She was being really stuck up though, but I didn’t even care that she was being that way. I was just like “whatever” and started messing around with one of my old chill friends. The funny thing is that she was actually nice to me in real life, but my dream was manifesting my old views of not being good enough through her attitude. Then the friend of mine in the dream was the kind of guy that is impossible to get mad at, and just being around him can make me laugh. So it is interesting that he was in the dream as some aspects of his character remind me of the stark idea.


Last night was strange as all the sudden I dreamed at least 4 dreams in a night after the drought I had during this week. The most interesting one was one where I once again see my refection. This time I have this beard like a guru or priest. I’ve never had a beard, so I was a bit confused why I suddenly had one. The dream logic was all the test boosts from sublimnals caused it to grow overnight lol. I think my eyes had a kind of razer sharpness to them to, like a clarity.

I believe this kind of beard could be a symbol for spiritual wisdom and maturity. Last week I feel like I’ve grown, I’m also still doing those Wim Hof breaths too. The eyes also could hint towards finding clarity on what is true to me. However, I got a haircut today so that could have been on my mind in my dream too haha.

I had interesting conversations with my hairstylist today too. I’m not sure if he does this with everyone, but he was brutally honest and personal with me when we talked. I feel like I may give off a nonjudgmental and trusting vibe. Usually I don’t really know what to talk about and let them bring up stuff, but today I was much more engaged. Btw, I didn’t just meet him today I’ve had this guy a bit over few times now.

  • My headache from yesterday disappeared today too. So not playing any subs today likely helped with that.

  • My detox was a bit more of a challenge today with temptations for some kind of entertainment. I gave in and put music on, even though I’m not supposed to. I was watching youtube a bit too, but more for research purposes.

  • I’m also experiencing some procrastination on working on my project. I think this is because I haven’t touched it in a couple days so its harder to get back into the vibe of it.


Not too much interesting things happened today to report on:

  • I wasn’t feeling as good today, a bit more anxious and doubting myself again, this could be market trading related.

  • Only got a little bit of work done on my project too, there’s a lot of distractions I’m dealing with, so it’s hard to get a routine going. I’m thankful for the short loops needed now with Q, I don’t think I would get as much opportunity to play a sub 16 hours a day atm.

  • I’m loving being back at the gym though. Before I got into subliminals, I was very bored of the gym and just went to not loose progress. Now I go all out and really need that time. I get a strong satisfaction to see how far I can push myself.


Feeling better than yesterday but still have been wasting a lot of time. I actually just saw a Jordan Peterson video about why I waste time. The most important thing I took away is not having a schedule. So I just made one to maximize my work capacity but also left free time in the day too. I’m going to stick to this schedule as much as I can.

  • The worst thing for me right now is youtube, always see something interesting or “oh maybe this will help me too!” etc, so I have to limit that.

  • I also have to start limiting my time browsing the forums here too, as much as I love reading all the posts by you all! :cry:

  • Finally watching the market has been wasting too much time, so I’m going to have to limit that too. This will be a hard one, because I live with people that influence me to always check this and want to talk about it.

I still have free time slotted to allow me to do the above, but it’s got to be a lot less than before or I will never finish anything I set out to do.

If you’re curious about the JP vid, it’s this one:

I listened to StarkQ, UA and Aegis once each and spread throughout the day. I started getting a headache while listening to Aegis again. Next time, I’m going to try just Stark and Aegis in one day. If I still get headaches after that, then Aegis must have something in it that I’m having trouble processing or maybe 2 Q subs are my limit, even if I try to spread them out. I hope that’s not the case, as I was considering using a custom Q Store sub along with my current stack. Another thought I just had is maybe I have to drink a lot of water while listening to Aegis since it deals with health, I’ll have to test that out too.


The schedule helped immensely, I go the most work done in a long time. I was able to follow it for the most part, maybe was an hour short of my goal for working hours. Probalby the most useful thing I got from doing this is that it instantly shifts my mind to work mode, while before I would have to ramp up as I felt like working. I wonder if the fast shift in focus is from the subliminals, and they just needed that little push from me to activate. Another nice thing is when I’m not working, I’m not feeling bad that I’m not doing anything, since it is slotted in as free time.

Today was more art focused and I’m pleased with what I produced so far. I continued working on the character I started a while back. I wasn’t as impressed with fresh eyes on it. So I iterated on the style and found a much better design. The process was pretty fast too. Usually I would mull over it and loose interest. I also intuitively knew what was wrong with the piece and searched for the perfect references to improve it. I haven’t given Ultimate Artist much chances to shine, but it really impresses me when I do utilize it.


Thank you, @Fractal.

Meant to thank you yesterday for the reminder of the benefits of using a schedule. I find that this is timely for me at the moment.


Not that great of a day today. Didn’t get much work done. Lost some cash in the markets. Took some profits earlier this week, but should have took much more. Whenever I doubt myself it seems I get burned, and I was doubting my thinking that the stocks were peaking. This also welled up into old fears about my project, wondering if it will even finish and if my personal progress has been an illusion, since it’s broken down so easily.

I’m just getting tired with the roller coaster of life I guess. Finally had that positive momentum going again but things so effortlessly cause it to come to a crashing halt as a reminder that, “no, things aren’t as good and easy as you’re believing they are.”

It’s weird, I read a positive post of mine from 17 days ago. Thought I would get some encouragement, but the person who wrote that seems like a stranger right now.

Played just Stark and Aegis once each today and that setup seems to work well. No headaches so far, so I’ll be sticking with this for now on days I play Aegis.


Week 10

This week was a “not so fast” week for me. It started out strong and then ended in a a whimper. I had to take a break from trying for a couple days after that, which is why I stopped journaling. I don’t know if this was the right thing to do, but I saw it as a mini vacation. I then started reflecting on my goals, what’s really important to me and all that.

  • The way the markets went last week caused me to have a lot of doubts. What frustrated me wasn’t so much the money, it was how easily my foundation seemed to break. I was believing I had a solid foundation now and was ready to take anything, but that is clearly not the case yet. I’m also facing fears now that the shit’s gonna hit the fan this coming week too. All this caused a rise again in some bad coping habits that cause my procrastination. But I have learned some valuable lessons during those few days.

  • I feel like my cheekbones might be more prominent and cheeks more hollow. If there is a change, it is very subtle. I tried taking pictures to compare but I wasn’t able to find a definite comparison because the slightest change in the zoom and angle can change the dimensions of the face so easily. I have been mewing for over a year now so that could influence too.

  • Don’t know if this is subliminal related but thought I might as well mention it just in case. I may have avoided a collision with another car. I’m not sure if because they were clueless in the parking lot, I felt to hang back from them on the street or if I just intuitively felt they would go in my lane without looking, so I stayed back and was far enough to break safely.


Was spending a lot of the day thinking about my custom Q subliminal. First started with wishlisting half the store and then managed to get it down to 34 in my cart. I’m getting close though on what I need. It’s a balanced one with a large focus on wealth and productivity, then healing, results enhancement and a little bit of physical modules.

Today I tried again to run SQT, Aegis and then UA once each. I’ll see how I feel tomorrow.

I went a bit hard at the gym yesterday and am feeling it badly in my shoulder joints. Serum X will be in my stack for sure.

I have mixed feelings about switching though. I’m excited to try the custom Q but still feel like I haven’t given my current stack enough time to blossom. Once I have my ideal Q decided upon, I’ll be able to make a better decision if it’s something I need right this instant.


Week 11

Lots of time spent figuring out my custom Q so not too much interesting things to report. I’ve been trying to pay attention to my troubles, feelings and anything I’m lacking this week and then compare that to my module choices to see if they are good choices. I’m thinking of not playing subliminals for a week because I’ve heard good things about that so I’m a bit curious. I’ve been getting some more anxious feelings this week again too, defiantly not at the top of my game.

I did have an interesting dream the other night though, it dealt with themes of death and a kind of ascendance:

Started on a sinking ship like the Titanic and I was stuck in there with my family. We had to dive down a staircase to a flooded floor as it was the only way to escape. We then are wading underwater with all these dead frozen bodies of the crew members with ice stuck to them. We then enter a room with all these exotic zoo animals, some never existed, others may now be extinct, and then there were a few normal ones like lions. I remember a strange bird that was like a crane or peacock. They were also all dead, but I got a flashback in the dream of them all performing.

We then must have all passed out from drowning, but then appear at the back of a 19th century style passenger train. Now there’s also a train with a giant skull as it’s front chasing us and my family thinks we’re safe. I say we’re not and “that train means death and we’ll die if it catches us.” It was ramming into semi-trucks to send them flying towards us, it was like a Michael Bay movie. As it gets closer, a “hand of god” appears out of the sky and glitches the dream as it appears too. So things get all pixelated and flashes of white and vibrant colors, it was interesting like the dream was malfunctioning. It then grabs me and pulls me through and my body disappears but my perception stays with my family. Moments later, my hand appears from this other dimension and starts to pull them into it one by one, with the same glitchy effect happening as I do. After that I woke up.

To me a lot of the themes relate to time running out and impending disaster, the sinking ship, skull train and dead people and extinct animals. All probably relating to my fears of being “too late.” The hand of god is like a miraculous second chance and by taking this chance, not only can I save myself but help the people dear to me too. I also like the fact that we dived into this water instead of staying conformable, showing the will to keep trying.


I’ve been looking over my journal to compare Terminus vs regular to try to help me decide what build density to go with and I noticed a few patterns:

  • Regular kept my posts in a cheery, joking mood while I got more serious on T.

  • Regular seemed to give me more conscious guidance, I “heard” ideas from the script more as my own thoughts.

  • Terminus penetrated deeper and I had to find ways to purposefully release this knowledge or else it would sit there.

  • Terminus seemed to be much more effective at healing and bringing up my deepest traumas. But again, I had to find conscious ways to deal with it to make the healing effective.

  • This one I’m not certain over, but I feel that I was more productive on regular because I got some “in the zone” moments where I achieved a lot of work. While on Terminus, I was a bit more impatient.

I haven’t switched between Terminus and regular since starting Terminus and I’ve had much more days spent on Terminus, so some of these could just be more familiarity of the script. But I am now a bit curious to switch to regular to see what it does now.

As for my custom Q, I’m thinking of building it in regular for now as I feel that I don’t need as much healing at the moment, and instead need more conscious guidance and productivity. My custom Q also has more of a focus on production and wealth than healing so it may work better for that build. If I were to make a pure healing Q or a spiritual Q, I would be more inclined to build it as Terminus. If it was a small Q with 10 or so modules, I would even consider T^2.


Excellent, useful reflections. Thank you.

Gives me food for thought.

Your observations suggest that Terminus is suited to listeners who have competence in setting and taking Action. In your account, Action seems to become even more crucial with Terminus (at least in the short-term).


I think this is what @khan was trying to say in one of the other threads that when you play more loops of Q it hits deeper…


Yes that’s a good way of putting it. So for sure people starting out on subliminals should go for regular because they might feel like they don’t know what to do and get no results, unless they make a sub that just enhances things that they are already doing. If you can work with terminus, I think it is far more effective than regular too but you may feel more like nothing is really changing even though it is changing faster.

Another thing I didn’t mention but now wonder about is if pure physical subliminals are more effective on Terminus and beyond, since the conscious mind doesn’t need to be as aware of these things and terminus seems to bypass it more.

Yeah that makes sense too, it’s like the mind gets overloaded, so this information has no choice but to get buried in deeper and deeper. That’s also why I think this could be effective with spiritual, healing and aura topics. Things that the subconscious part of the brain are really involved in.


Manifestation, well done. This one in particular is related to money, foundations, income, productivity, responsibility. Your angels are assisting and guiding you.