[STACKED] Raphael's EmperorQ Testing + Emperor Fitness ST1

  • Started listening to the hotfix of EmperorQ (EmperorQa) so the results from this point on will be from that.


I have started today listening to EmperorQa. I look forward to you reporting your results!


Looking forward towards yours too, @AMASH


This was an enlightening talk on the value of taking action, pain, having fun and the game of life:


Day 4:

  • Had more vivid dreams than any of the previous days running EmperorQ.

  • Funnily enough I remembered there were more dreams during one of my dreams and even remembered them during my dreams. Felt like I was making a mental note of it while dreaming the last few dreams (inception?)

  • But couldn’t remember them when I awoke. Just felt a sense of remembering.

  • Didn’t feel as alpha as before. In the presence of relatives, I felt a bit insecure. But I could still talk and joke confidently but didn’t feel as confident as my previous stack of Khan.

  • Felt a bit impatient regarding my eye health. I just want to heal faster! Wondering whether I should concentrate on healing my eyes before setting any other goals.


Could this be a part of reconciliation? :slight_smile:

In which ways would this focus on this one goal be most beneficial to you @raphael and help all other areas of your life?


@AMASH - yes. The insecurity is possibly reconciliation.

Regarding my eyes, it’s a sore point for me. So will leave it for now.


Are you only using EF St1 for healing?


@friday - yes.

I do feel an improvement in energy and sleep (even when using EF1 alone). Nothing much other than that. Maybe it takes longer to heal.


@raphael, did you notice any difference in strength or muscle definition?

Even simply noticing that daily tasks are easier to do.


@AMASH - I did notice that I was panting less when I do something strenuous.


Day 5:

  • I know that I had dreams but funnily enough I don’t remember any of them. Even in the slightest.

  • Feels similar to the times when I started Khan and initially I used to remember the dreams but gradually it wore off.


That’s exactly what happened to me since emperorQa. I do feel like I had some dreams and I think I do remember them, but I don’t remember even the slightest detail of any of my dreams.
Strange thing, isn’t it?


@Victor - exactly. I did remember some of the dreams from the first 2 days. After that, it was getting more and more vague by the day until I can’t remember. I wonder if it is some form of memory filing and programming in the brain.


I am on the same damn boat as yall @raphael @victor.


Maybe, we’ll remember the dreams which are meaningful or could get us some insight to were to proceed further


@Victor - possible. We are just starting the test. Who knows what will come next.


You too, @Rapsta? Interesting.


Day 6:

  • I can’t even remember whether I had dreams the previous night.

  • Sexual desire is high

  • I did relapse from NoFap yesterday and today. The difference now is that there is no shame in the relapse. Wonder if it is EmperorQ since I normally feel a bit down emotionally after relapsing.

  • Energy is higher even after relapsing. Possibly Sex Mastery is present in EmperorQ. Or is it Emperor Fitness ST1 that’s doing the trick?

  • Some of our friends who are running EmperorQ do have weight loss benefits from it. I haven’t noticed this yet but I do feel slimmer an hour after having a cheat meal. Usually I feel bloated a long time after having junk food.