[STACKED] Raphael's EmperorQ Testing + Emperor Fitness ST1


I love that a lot of people are running the same subliminal at the same time. I also noticed some difference in the mirror while my weight stayed the same. But I wouldn’t have it attribute to Emperor if I did not read similar results from others.

Did you notice physical manifestations of that, e.g powerful eye contact or increased attraction from women around you?


@friday - yes. I too only noticed the fat burning effects due to reading the same in other journals. I thought I was losing weight because of my Keto diet. But I think EmperorQ is helping too.

Regarding seeing indicators of interest from women, I can’t say. I don’t go out much and even if I do, the state of my eyes don’t help. Hopefully after a number of eye treatments, I will be able to see women looking at me. Am down for a second stem cell treatment for my eyes at the end of this month.


Oh shit, I really put my foot in that… Sorry!

The cell treatment seems very reasonable. Just out of curiosity did you try “sapien medicine Eye Regeneration”?


@friday - haha nah it’s okay.

I started Sapiens’ eye Regeneration audio once but didn’t feel like mixing it with my SubClub stack. Although once in a while I feel like introducing it again. And then feel like stopping it again. Even though it might work, I don’t feel comfortable doing both at once for some reason.

But in place of Sapien, I am running Emperor Fitness ST1 since it has a healing component. I have yet to feel drastic improvement of my eyes due to EF1 but am guessing it will help when I do the stem cell treatment and continue playing EF1. That’s the plan at least.


Day 7:

  • No memory of last night’s dreams at all. But am sure there were some dreams. Just no memory of it/them.

  • Sunday so a wonderful cheat day eating what I wanted.

  • Talking about cheat day, I feel there is more slimming effects from my stack. Normally I don’t feel slim at the end of Sunday but my current stack helps me feel that I have less of a tummy.

  • Spent a lot of time watching Warhammer 40k videos. It there’s a fictional universe that is the definition of testosterone, then W40k is the alpha of them all.


Day 8:

  • Next time I will jot down my dream(s) as soon as I wake up (if I remember them of course). Today I did the mistake of brushing my teeth, taking a shower and realising that i couldn’t hold onto the memory of the dream like I used to be able to do before.

  • Also woke up fresh and energetic even after a four and a half hours of sleep. That’s a nice advantage of EmperorQ + Emperor Fitness ST1. Don’t want to repeat this of course but would come in handy for emergencies when we can’t get a good night’s sleep for one reason or the other.

  • Felt a bit irritated during two instances today. One being that am repeatedly called by the same person (who have the same eye issue as me) on doing the stem cell treatment. Once is more than enough for such scenarios I feel (he had called me several days ago) and I told him that results will vary and that I didn’t have anything more to share. Felt like I was some form of guinea pig being observed for the benefit of someone else. Not really a cause to be angry about but I felt a temper coming.

  • The second being some criticism when I posted on Facebook about Colloidal Silver. I did it to help counter the viral issue going around. Not as a certain cure but to help as much as I possibly can. Some guy came ranting about how it wasn’t scientific. Even telling him about many use cases didn’t help the debate. I just deleted his comments and blocked him. To hell with people just arguing for the heck of it. On the bright side, more people were grateful for the knowledge.

  • Not back on social media though. Thought I would just post this since am sure Colloidal Silver would help those who had simple colds and fevers at least, instead of worrying if it is Corona. I feel it will help with Corona too but hey am not a doctor.


FWIW, I’ve been downing elderberry, vitamin C and colloidal silver everyday. Screw what the mainstream thinks in this situation.


@SaintSovereign - Hell yeah!


Day 9:

  • Finally could remember one dream from last night.

  • It’s a bit embarrassing because the dream was exactly a memory of a woman I had phone sex with and who asked me when we could meet. And in the dream, I did exactly what I did in real life. Made excuses for why we couldn’t meet yet because of my health.

  • It’s embarrassing because you know making excuses is just bullshitting yourself instead of working towards making it happen regardless of what situation you are in.

  • Being a man is all about overcoming obstacles. And as I woke up remembering this dream and memory, I was asking myself “Will I ever man up?”

  • Either I can just dream of the life I want to live or actually live it.


Day 10:

Some realizations:

  • The reason why I am pissed off with others is a reflection of my dissatisfaction with the way my life is shaping.

  • The anger stems from inaction rather than failure. For failure can be surmounted but not taking action is being lost.

  • Being irritated with others is because I myself have not thought some things through. Not all can be shown the truth nor need to be told of our truth but there is confidence in knowing the reasons and rationale behind my own decisions and point of views.

  • When money is tight, it reflects a shortage of giving value because wealth is something we get when we give our skill, talent and work to the world. And there is reason why it is irresponsible when we are not rich. It is because we are not giving enough or pricing (and hence valuing) ourselves properly.

  • All such mental pain is our desire to be more. To be better. And to self actualize. Being less is not in our being. We are all meant to grow.

  • And growth comes from doing uncomfortable things. Pushing my barriers which tells me I can only do so much. But can actually do more. And by doing so enlargen our comfort zone again and again by conquering the uncomfortable.

  • Maybe there are some things I cannot do yet. But that shouldn’t stop me from trying. Shouldn’t stop me from giving it a shot. Instead of being stuck by excuses which hide my fear of failure and rejection.

  • I want solutions to be easy. That’s why I am using subliminals. But we are still living in the physical world. And it takes time for thoughts to manifest. Action will accelerate thoughts. And that is how the “word is made flesh and dwelt among us”. Use subliminals as a cheat code but don’t forget that I have to also “write my own code” by having goals and doing what is necessary to achieve them.

  • I must also not forget that taking action is the most masculine thing a man can do. In order to build my Masculinity, I need to act, instead of cowering over reasons I can’t do so and so. Instead of knowing what to do but not doing it.

  • Will draw a battle plan tomorrow. It is time to sleep. And dream. When the sun awakes, so will I.


Day 11:

Plan for the next 7 days from today (aside from listening to my stack)

  • Do my 20 minutes of meditation.

  • Read a lot.

  • No porn or masturbation at all.

  • No cheating on my keto diet. And cheat meals on sunday will be less junk food.

After a week, I have my second stem cell treatment for my eyes so very much looking forward to improving my eyesight. Must admit that my eyesight feels a bit more improved today compared to yesterday. Feels like it could be Emperor Fitness ST1 especially since I felt that the effects of my first stem cell treatment stabilised a while back. Must admit that I have also been repeating affirmations to myself like “I have perfect eyesight” and even writing the same down once in a while.


PS: will add “writing short stories” to the to-do list after I have done my treatment and rest a bit. Will add exercise then too. By then I will have upped my testosterone through Semen Retention and also built my meditation habit that will help me focus my mind. I estimate that these two habits (writing and exercise) will be added after 3 weeks.

Better to master a few basic habits first instead of trying to do everything at once. Lay a strong foundation before tackling more difficult habits.


Day 12:

  • Dream: The part of the dream I can remember starts from me running towards my class in a university in a far east country (possibly Japan). My dad’s running before me for some reason and am telling him that we got a discount for my stem cell treatment (which I got to know the previous day). Also a Japanese woman was guiding us towards our destination. And before I stepped into my class, she offered me some packets of mouth freshners and a very pretty smile. I accepted them before knocking on the door to my classroom. The teacher there said that the class is over but I insisted that I come in. When he said okay, I entered and were greeting some of my classmates when one of them took one of my packets of mouth freshners without asking me. That made me ask him to put it back, which he did. After this, I exited the class and it felt like the university was in a huge mall. And there I was looking for the rest room and ended up finding one attached to an Indian restaurant. I entered the place and saw an Englishman who was sitting there and I assumed that he was the caretaker. He pointed me to the urinal (which funnily enough looked like a mailbox) and while I was doing my stuff, I asked him about something. He replied to me but I couldn’t hear what he was saying. And I excused myself like I do in real life. That I couldn’t hear him cause my ears weren’t okay and added that my eyes were having issues too (which felt like some weird kind of memory filing where I was coming to terms with the fact that I was getting tired of affirming my disability and needed to stop giving excuses for myself). After this, I went outside and saw that the cart which contained my bags and other items, was waiting for me but it was missing my pillows. When I saw some Japanese workers nearby, I asked them about the pillows and they told me that they had to take them since they are responsible for every pillow they see in their area and if I took these pillows from another area, am supposed it give it to the workers in that area.

And that’s when I woke up to the sound of my alarm ringing. Some dream that was. And I quickly typed it out in Evernote before the dream escaped me.

  • Was able to do 20 minutes of meditation

  • Kept my keto diet

  • Did Semen Retention for the day and also didn’t watch porn

  • Did read but not enough

Easier to keep to one’s resolutions when there are only few in the list. Better to be strong in a few habits first and then pick other good habits instead of trying to master all the good habits at once.


Day 13:

  • Dream 1: This was a strange jumbled dream where the only thing I could remember was trying to romantically seduce the porn star Sunny Leone who is a regular woman in this dream. (oh yeah. The key word is “Romantically” . Not in a sexually attractive way though. Kinda like a movie where the hero spouts some dialogue where the actress falls for the speech but doesn’t happen in real life). For some reason she plays a conservative married woman in this scene and am her ex-boyfriend from her past. But the “Seduction” doesn’t work (probably because am not running Sex Mastery right now lol). And her husband is on trial for God knows what. And I remember the judge telling him “If you are telepathic, why couldn’t you catch what she was thinking?”. Like I said, a very jumbled up dream.

  • Dream 2: Where I give the printout of airline tickets to my mother and she ends up tearing it up later without knowing it. I got pissed off in this dream and whined about why she did that instead of thinking that I could print it up again. This was followed by some strange race to the airport which I don’t remember anything about except the fact that it was strange.

  • Woke up before the alarm clock went off and felt the need to relieve myself. Went to the restroom. Did my thing. And went back to bed but couldn’t sleep. So did my meditation early in the morning after which it was already time to start the day.

  • Read a couple of pages of a book today. But spent more time on youtube. Need to correct this.

  • Could keep my Semen Retention streak even though I was tempted to watch porn and jerk off. Ended up being able to control myself by thinking that I should at least be able to keep my goals since they were not too many. That helped since I knew I didn’t have to put too much effort into achieving a lot but to at least do these few things.


Day 14:

  • Dream: The was an interesting dream. I was observing this teacher (not seen before) physically abusing the students in my class by making them pass through some sort of painful trials. It wasn’t as straight as beating them with a stick. More like situations you see in movies like “the hunger games” and “maze runner”. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore and ended up pinning his hands back on a wall to stop him. The interesting thing I noticed was that he had 4 hands in total so i was basically holding 2 of his hands in each of my hands. Am guessing the meaning of the dream had some something to do with my anti-authoritarian feelings from school and home.

  • Did my daily meditation in the morning and kept my NoPMO streak.

  • Didn’t need to keep my keto diet today cause it was a cheat day.

  • Completed reading the book Sapiens. What’s my next read? Will let you know tomorrow.


Day 15:

  • The dream from last night was splintered when I was trying to recall it in the morning. What I remember was that a group of us (made up of random people and me) were playing a competitive sport on the scale of hunger games but not violent. I remember only 2 scenes from it. In one of it, I somehow escaped from a building that had a metal shutter on one side and an empty movie theater on the other. The second scene involved me playing a game that had me and a mini-hulk shooting up some items to get points. And that was it.

  • Couldn’t do a complete keto diet today since there were some leftover from my cheat day yesterday. But that was only for breakfast so it was okay.

  • Did meditation and NoPMO

  • Was wondering what book to read next. The combination of not feeling like reading a book while at the same time having 1 credit on my Audible subscription, gave me the idea to get The Rationale Male audio book (the first book in the series). Also, I was watching the latest video by Rollo Tommasi and Rian Stone. And listening to them discuss the Iron Rules of Tomassi from the perspective of how others misinterpret the Red Pill, made me realize that I needed a better understanding of it myself. I find myself reverting back to the blue pill unconsciously, not getting the RP properly, and listening to The Rationale Male on Audible will definitely help get it imprinted into my subconscious.

  • And also this realization today which I commented in another thread: