[STACKED] Raphael's EmperorQ Testing + Emperor Fitness ST1


Day 16:

  • The dream I had yesterday was very forthcoming of my habit to blame my mother for the lack of success in my life. That she was holding me back by her insistence that I follow the “tradition” of living with my parents. It’s a very cultural thing among us to live with family. As much as others want to dictate how my life should be, it is eventually upto me to decide what I want. Because people like to tell me that I am selfish. But won’t admit that they are selfish too.

  • Everything else went nice and smooth today. Did my meditation/diet/NoPMO/listening to The Rationale Male

  • Experienced hard erections when I woke up after a nap today in the afternoon.


Day 17:

  • Dreams: My dreams are getting weirder by the day. This time I dreamt that I was one among a group of ghosts who were actually murdered when we were alive. And to get revenge on the 5 people who murdered us, the rest of us ghosts planned to spook the murderers by appearing as someone else (who was familiar to the criminal) in front of them and opening a door and disappearing after passing through the door and turning left or right. So when the said murderer passed through the door, he wouldn’t see us and it would be a scare for him. I advised them to just vanish through the door and spook the onlooking homicidal maniacs that way. This idea was accepted unanonymously. Haha. Or more like Muahaha.

  • I noticed that the past few days I have been unconsciously placing my tongue correctly on the roof of my mouth without having to put too much thought into it. This is a good sign cause it has been a couple of months since I adopted the habit of mewing and it’s good to see that am doing it mostly automatically now. Would love to see some changes in my looks thanks to that. But mostly am doing for the long term benefits and to correct my breathing.

  • Figured out how to simultaneously play my stack and youtube videos/audible books. I installed an app called Rocket Music Player (bought the ad free version for Rs 10). This player has a setting in it which allows it to play even though other audio/video apps are playing. Then installed another app called Sound Assistant from the Samsung Galaxy Store. This app helps to adjust the volume of several different apps at various volumes (so that I can play my stack at a lower volume while listening to YouTube or audio books at a normal “audible” volume). There is a setting where you have to add these apps on Sound Assistant to be able to adjust these volumes.

  • The above setup helped me to listen to my EmperorQ + Emperor Fitness ST1 stack for longer during the day. Listening to other stuff (whether entertainment or educational) while at the same time knowing that my subconscious was being programmed, was a good feeling).

  • Felt a bit more hungry thanks to the extra time I played my stack today. So cheated a bit on my keto diet. But not so much.

  • Two lessons from listening to The Rationale Male today : One is that “Porn/Masturbation is a buffer against rejection from women. It’s escapism. Just one more reason to give such habits up”. And secondly, “Men get Confidence from having options. Options of women and money. So in order to be confident, a man just needs to date multiple women at the same time and have multiple sources of Income. That way, if any woman or income is gone, we have not put all our eggs in one basket, so to speak.”

Decreasing the loudness of the subs on android via Preamp

Day 18:

  • Don’t remember any of my dreams to report.

  • Had to cancel my flight to get my second stem cell treatment done (for my eyes). Can’t risk my dad’s health (since he’s travelling with me) just because am in a hurry. Will have to wait awhile to know when we can postpone this plan to. Was a bit pissed off an hour back as I made the phone calls to the hospital and cancelled the tickets online. But now am in acceptance mode.

  • In all this confusion, I forgot to mention that I ran Khan ST1 Total Breakdown all day today (along with simultaneously listening to youtube). Felt the need for some mental reset. I do intuitively feel the need to do that once in a while. But resuming my EmperorQ + Emperor Fitness ST1 stack from tonight onwards.


Day 19:

  • I don’t remember the whole dream but the part that I do is where my mom shows me a room which she renovated. It was nice and I told her it looked good. The funny part is that she actually changed the interior decor of one of the rooms of our home around two days ago so it felt like a memory. The only difference was that the room in the dream was a place I have never seen before.

  • I was still highly disappointed having to cancel today’s flight. But getting more accepting of it and moving on.

  • Felt that I was carrying a lot of emotional burdens from the past. I tried to let go of it and felt most of it evaporate while I did some visualisation letting go of my mistakes and illnesses.

  • Writing this just after I did my 20 minute meditation.

  • Relapsed from Semen Retention and Porn but didn’t feel crappy at all. No beating myself up. Not even a tiny bit. So that at least is an improvement.


My congratulations! I think that any guilt, shame around any sex activity is what hinders our creativity and a joy of life. Btw, I recommend to read Alexander Lowen books, for example Joy (and others). It helped me to clear some shame issues.


I absolutely agree, @Dmitry. Thanks for the book recommendation. Will definitely check it out.


Day 20:

  • Added the Aegis subliminal to my EmperorQ+Emperor Fitness ST1 stack. No viral issues at all so thought I would help speed up the removal of COVID.

  • Felt a slight tingling in my knees 3 times. Each time it lasted only a few seconds (possibly 2 or 3 seconds). I first felt it in the morning when my playlist was running EmperorQ (before even knowing that Aegis was in the works). And the other two times when running Aegis. For a moment I was wondering whether my growth plates where being opened up lol. Would love a height increase.


Day 21:

  • The sequence of dreams I had yesterday night were all connected by a common plot. I don’t remember all of them but one involved me trying to flirt with a woman who was flirting with me but somehow ended up making her annoyed. I didn’t feel bad about it though. And the second was a long trip trying to get to a place using loads of buses since one bus wasn’t enough to go directly to the desired destination. I don’t remember whether I reached the place or not.

  • With the quarantine in India and having all the shops closed on Sunday, I decided to resurrect the One Meal A Day (OMAD) diet. It went very well. I even reduced the amount I eat on my Sunday cheat meal so am pretty proud of that. Have also planned to level up and do OMAD+Keto on the weekdays. Interesting to note that my past identity of being a foodie is slowly eroding away. As much as I love food, am realizing that there is more pleasure to be had in a healthy body.

  • Did NOT practice Meditation for 2 days. So will restart that tomorrow.

  • Now that I think of it, it is possible that Aegis inspired me to start OMAD+Keto. It is known that both of them improve our immune system and that too much eating weakens our immunity. No wonder that it subtly pushed me to try this out. It felt very natural too without any internal resistance.


Day 22:

  • Have been waking up for 2 days with a feeling of thirst on my lips and throat. Since am playing these subs both day and night, I need to drink more water. I already drink 3 litres of water a day due to doctor’s orders but with the subs, I might need more.

  • Other than that, I do feel excellent in terms of health.

  • I don’t feel as hungry as before while practicing OMAD. I have 2 cups of green tea with lemon (no sugar ofcourse) in the morning and afternoon. In addition to loads of water.

  • Had an urge to reorganize my living space since yesterday. Giving into the desire right now. Insert Limitless-movie-Bradley-Cooper-arranging-his-house-after-taking-NZT-montage like scene


Here you go :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@friday - Haha yes!

  • Got most of the reorganization done. There’s bit left, which is basically organizing my books in a proper format. Will finish it tomorrow.

  • Did my meditation.

  • Successfully did a first day of OMAD+Keto


Day 23:

  • Finished rearranging my room, shelves and books. Took more time than I thought. But am satisfied by my study space and it feels more inspiring to do some work and learning here.

  • Purchased the meditations of Dr Joe Dispenza’s book Being Supernatural from the Google Play Store (They are way cheaper there compared to his website). As much as I get irritated by his voice, I think I can get used to it. The many testimonials of healing on his youtube channel does encourage me to do the work.

  • Did OMAD+Keto.

  • For the past two days, I only listened to my stack when sleeping. Unlike playing it through the day and night too. So was able to wake up without feeling thirsty and with dry lips/throat. I already drink a lot of water but the Aegis Anti-Covid + EmperorQ + Emperor Fitness ST1 is a very heavy stack and if I plan to run it throughout the day and night, I will have to be prepared to drink even more water. Will allow my intuition to guide me on when I want resume playing this in the daytime again.

  • Since India is under a 21 day lock down from today and I can’t get my stem cell treatment anytime soon, am planning to take up a learning project. Not decided what it will be. Will give it a day or two to decide.

  • Didn’t do my 20 minute meditation yet but will do it before I go to sleep.


Day 24:

  • Felt more tired than usual today. The combination of OMAD+Keto with the heavy SubClub stack will take some time getting used to. But am willing to put up with it.

  • There is a possibility that I won’t be able to continue the Keto diet thanks to the nonavailablity of certain keto specific food. Food items are getting somewhat scarce during these times. When that happens, I will just eat what is available but with One Meal A Day.


Day 25:

  • I watched an animation called Batman: Gotham By Gaslight. Finally a movie which caught my interest as I watched it. All this while, I was disinterested in watching movies while running my stack. Now I realize that it was just the movies that sucked that I hated. It was not like I couldn’t differentiate the good from the bad before. More like am being more intolerant of a bad story now


Day 26:

  • Finally had a vivid dream after many days. Interestingly, the first part of this dream was exactly the same as when I had this dream in the past (don’t remember how long ago I had this dream). In this, I was walking past a road morning and came across a South Indian actor named Mohanlal, on the road. He was on his phone. Suddenly my phone rang and it was him calling me. So I took up the call and in this dream, he was the income tax guy. He asked me for a bribe which was pretty hefty and I told him I will get back to him on that since I had to consult my father. When I first had this dream many months ago, this issue was easily resolved since we agreed to pay the bribe. But yesterday, in the dream, he demanded a higher amount. I was searching for my dad when I came across a (dumb)phone sitting on a table and thinking that I would return it to its rightful owner, I rang him up (don’t know how i figured out which contact to dial. Possibly the ‘Home’ number). He told me to give it to a restaurant nearby from where he would collect it later. I did that and then realized that I had lost my smartphone (a Note 10 I think) and ended up having another (dumb)phone belonging to someone else, in my pocket. So I returned this too, the details of which were hazy. And while I was worried looking for my lost phone and my dad, a phone started ringing in my pocket. When I took it out, I relaxed since it was my phone but somehow it has transformed into a Samsung Galaxy Fold. It was the income tax guy who was calling me and he asked me for the bribe again. By this time, I reached my dad and told him about the issue and he told me to negotiate for a lesser amount. When I told the IT official about it, he started insulting me. And that is when I opened my eyes.

  • The funny thing is that I have lost 4 phones in total so far (3 dumbphones and 1 smartphone) and I wondered whether I was having some sort of memory filing for what happened in real life.

  • Also, it is an ongoing scenario for dad that once in a while the income tax officials come to harass him. That’s a personal topic I won’t go through here ofcourse.