[STACKED] Spring of EmperorQa V1.5


It’s very good that you always balance your energy and keep working on yourself @Dmitry

I am sure that’s what has build your Casanova aura that attracts the ladies to you all every day :slight_smile:


Thank you for your kind words, @AMASH :slight_smile:


Day 6

  • One of the most profound feelings: I’m feeling Alpha. Not alpha as some criminal jerk but feeling my right to be here and take my power. No aggressiveness but steady enthusiasm and optimism that now my life is going in right direction. Of course, I can’t say that this is purely EQa merit, because I’m doing many psy processes and techniques but one this is unquestionable: without EQs mood enhance and expanse I would never be in such energetic and enthusiastic state.

  • I see interesting reaction from both men and women. Men are looking upon me with slight alertness, but I don’t feel any threat from then, quite opposite, like we can be good friends if our interests are the same. Women look at me just usual, but now I notice something different in their gaze. I’m maturing? :slight_smile:

  • Yes, openness, alphaness and friendliness. Zen Seducer, Spiritual MOFO ? Something like that.

  • Thought processes are like river without obstacles. I FINALY UNDERSTAND THE METHOD I’V BEEN STUDYING SINCE 2015! Frankly, I was so hurt that I don’t understand it so I quitted, that was too much for my ego to tolerate. Now, I see the pattern. I now understand not only with my head but with my body, its hard to explain, maybe I’ study some course to improve my English. In Russian language I can flood you with so much details :slight_smile:

  • Thought of the day: «YOU already knew what you wanted in life, it is OBSTACLES that hindered your progress in the past. SO no need to look and search any further. JUST release the obstacles that hindered your progress in the past and TRY AGAIN. Look no further».

  • Maybe I’l try new experiment today: GF is going to make/give me a BJ, with me listening to EQa. What do you think? :slight_smile:


  1. I see the river with two my friends sitting on the big slowly moving rock: a guy and his instagram-beauty. They are shooting video on each other with fast shoot mode (I don’t know how to spell it correctly in English. You understood that?).
  2. I’m on the rock and see my wallet is in the water and its heading off the cliff ! I quickly jumped in water I saved it. Then I see a wallet of somebody else, I also taken it.
  3. I watching some sci-fi movie with music like in Lost series (hi to Michael Giacchino) in a Ultra-Super-Hyper-HD quality.
  4. I’m in some hotel for wealthy people but it doesn’t look like that. Its more like Crazy House in Vietnam or Yoda house in Star Wars 5/6.
  5. I see my ex-girlfriend and feel some kind of pity or sorrow for her. But she is not a kind of girl who evoke those kind of feelings.
  6. I’m on shooting set of Californication series sitting on the stool of writer, I see Hank Moody (David Duchovny) is coming. I feel deep, almost teary nostalgic feelings. This is somehow connected to dream #5.
  • Maybe I’m in a slight hyper-manic state and tomorrow I’m maybe in mild depression but let’s see. I like this state so far. No signs of bipolar disorder in the past.



Day 7

  • I promised to @SaintSovereign that I will write to journal for 2-3 times a week, but It seems that almost everyday journaling is okey for me.

  • The slogan of the day: «Positive changes are inevitable».

  • Yesterday’s hypo-maniac state is over - I feel calm yet energized. EQa equals to me as good, non-chemical antidepressant.

  • I feel strange feeling - I feel something is unpacking in me. In the past ANY uncontrolled feelings resulted in anxiety. Now I anticipate it with curiosity and almost joy. My trust to my subconscious improved dramatically.

  • Interesting feelings in Anahata chakra like tingling. Its hard to explain in in English but its definitely something is going on inside.

  • I must confess: I’m using Daredevil less. 1 or 2 loops, no more. And EQa 5-6 loops, not during night. Mostly masked.

  • I have a theory that name-embedded subliminals help to keep, anchor subconscious attention on the script. When I consciously remind myself of EQa usage then I feel programming more deeper therefore no need for name embedding. If more distractions occur during the day, then name-embedding surely help.

  • Strange but true : almost no dreams today to report. Some symbols: One white AirPod Pro in my hand (I don’t have it but I plan) and I’m searching internet for something forgotten a dozen years ago but I don’t know what is it .

  • Done some systemic researches as promised : I choosen Subliminal Club and subliminals from other vendors. Result: Subliminal Club subs appeal to user’s Inner Child, Inner Parent and Inner Adult in balanced manner. Some other vendor focuses on Inner Parent more. That explains why some people respond better to Subliminal Club and vice-versa. Second findings : Emperor Qa is much more different from previous Emperors. I can state that Emperor 1 and Emperor 4 have more in common than Emperor 4 and Emperor Qa (you are with me?).

  • Sex drive is enormous. Sex Mastery Q workings? I feel that my sexual drives are not being boosted but, better to say, released something what was locked.

  • EQa feels not like a bunch of modules but as one big all-encompassing program. Maybe it is a reason why I can listen it in any situation and state and it feels the same everytime.

  • My girl says that I’m look younger.

  • Tomorrow I will consult a client and planning to study new material, let’s see how it plays out.

  • I would like to report some negatives but, thanks God, nothing to report. At least for now.

Good luck!


Day 8

  • My work with client was successful, my hypnotic skills improved considerably since the start of the year.

  • Spontaneously decided to visit Praga, the heart of Europe. Tomorrow will depart for a few days. Such quick decisions are not usual for me, I think EQa improves my challenging skills :slight_smile: I’m not going to shoot porn, I promise :wink:

  • Mood is good, energetic but calm. I can go from calm emotions to high emotions just in a few moments and back. EQa is definitely do its magic with state change skills.

  • Dreams: today they are really strange! Post-apocalyptic setting. There are blind people and ordinary people. Shops with gasoline and lighters. Kilometer tidal oceanic waves and AT-AT robots. Color of scenery is dark grey. It always raining. People with swords, bows and crossbows. My thoughts: what I’m doing here?. I’m an observer of this events not a participant.

  • Dominance! I know how It feels then you can f*** just any girl you want, it is a feeling in the body. My mind, of course, is trying to limit me, but my intuition says that «soon everything will be alright, as it should be».

  • Earned $100 with sending just one message.

  • I’m hungry! Eating steaks almost everyday, drinking lot of water and eating. Maybe Praga is just that case when I can eat a lot meat!

  • I’m not going to gym but I feel that my body is in optimal energetic state. Btw, I’m walking a lot everyday.

  • Drinking red wine and didn’t noticed any strange side effects with EQa.

  • Hmm, girl was right: I’m looking younger. @SaintSovereign, @Fire you added Benjamin Button module in EQa ?! :smiley:

Okey for now.


Days 9-12

I’m on vacation now. Its hard to write consistently here. When I come back I will report impressions of all 4 days. One thing for sure: EQa helps enormously to adapt quickly to new situations.


Days 9-12

I’m back home. Home Sweet Home!

Yes, COVID-19 situation is quite emergent in Europe. Czech closed borders. Just in time!

Nevertheless, this trip was excellent. For me, 4 days was enough to get the experience of this impressive country and its, gem, the Prague.

Tasty food, beautiful architecture and what I like the most - the atmosphere. People are friendly and welcoming.

Okey. So….

  • I had a fear of flying. It was not so pronounced but I felt discomfort. Was sitting in the rear seats of small aircraft. Turbulence made me anxious a little bit but after I put AirPods and turn on EQa something interesting happened: I started to see the whole situation and my feelings from a little distance. It was not like a dissociation but objective situation analyze. Fear has gone, completely.

  • COVID-19 made meeting new people harder, so I most time spend walking, listening to EQa and watching beautiful places. What I understood: subliminals work best when you not only take action but also changing places. It induces novelty state and it seems EQa show its benefits more.

  • Sleep was good, I was in a good hotel with big, soft bed. Dreams we most about the trip.

  • I visited a dozen of places. First day: 19693 steps, second day: 21493 steps, third: 17455, four: 10165.

  • At the Day 2 of my trip, I had a little internal breakdown. I suddenly started to think about my whole life, my parents, my relationship and etc. At the end of this day, I was in the room, drinking excellent beer and thinking thinking thinking about everything.

  • Day 3 changed my state completely. I waked up, had an excellent Czech breakfast with so much variety of food. I felt that something old has left me yesterday and now I feel changed. Nothing really bothered me and I felt power of presence. In the moment, I started to feel people more, feel myself, feel the town… It was magical, almost euphoric feeling.

  • I noticed that if I was hungry then listening to EQa made me irritated. When I ate big, juicy pork knuckle, its is Czech famous food I had my energy centers restarted! Good mood, energetic and outgoing came back and I flirted with Spanish girls. Alas, they were not as cute as I wanted but I was in Shared Humanity state and just conversation and mutual sincere interest made one of my best moments of the day.

  • Day 4 was a day of departure. I think that 3-4 days is enough to explore Prague. I tasted a lots of beer types, Czech excellent cuisine, met interesting people and visited different places. Basilica Peter and Paul was one of the most places which impressed me with atmosphere and Prague has dozen of such beautiful places.

  • A little summary of EQa so far: If I’m hungry - I’m not listening EQa. EQa is a combination of healing & clearing sub with identity change mechanisms. I don’t feel it like an Emperor i.e. harsh and dominant its more like as @AMASH mentioned good term - Spiritual Alpha. I have no urge to prove anything or anyone. EQa induces interesting thoughts that amaze me.

  • I concluded, that my affairs with girls and sex make me more successful in business. Working solely on business - is not my way. Sex, threesomes (with caution, of course) is my passion inducer.

  • Played EQa masked 5-6 loops a day with intervals.

  • I want next test version of EQa :smiley:


I am in the same state as that, I’m confused I don’t know why, and strangely enough, I face this confusion only in the evenings or sometimes in the afternoon.

I think I’m losing this state.

Agreed. My thoughts are so out of the box that I think I’m an alien.


I don’t remember who said this first, @Victor, maybe Tony Robbins. “The person is free at a degree he/she can withstand confusion/uncertainty”. We on the right way, dude :smile:


Days 13-14

Yesterday and today I’m taking day off from any subliminal programming. Resting, walking, eating, sleeping, reading.


Day 15

  • Many dreams. Can’t describe any specifics because they almost flooded me. Even now, when I close my eyes I start to see different visual images that appear involuntary. General mood of dreams felt positive, though.

  • Using Masked version of EQa only.

  • Studied new marketing material, interesting thing to mention: my mental focus improved considerably, maybe because of LimitlessQ in EQa, I understand material faster and deeper. More insights. Masked version don’t distract me from learning.

  • Libido is raging, this interesting testoboost is still present. I feel more sexually dominant, less intrusive thoughts during sex, more present and feel interesting energy & intuition effects.

  • I feel coherence. It is very hard to describe but «I’m whole and my resources are readily accessible». Like Tony Robbins mantra «all I need is within me NOW», and I FEEL it.

  • Most of the day I spent at home, studying and working.

  • I have a feeling that appeared about two days before I entered testing EQ: freedom in my mind and body and it starts to grow stronger.

  • I think that Coronavirus panic is a bit exaggerated.

More later.


Day 16

DREAM Sequences:

  1. I am jumping from a height. I’m taking my phone and confidently jump from a height. Land smoothly and see a lot of people, they clap their hands when they see me. I feel no fear.
  2. I am in a place that is familiar to me and unfamiliar at the same time. I am looking for old records and photographs that are very dear to me. I found them and feel a sense of nostalgia and confidence .
  3. I see myself from the side. It’s like watching a video with me and evaluating my non-verbal behavior. I see clearly what points I need to adjust in myself.
  • Waked up in very pleasant mood at about 10 AM. Felt a little lazy to immediately get out of bed.

  • Cooked breakfast, while listening EQa with AirPods. Very useful thing these wireless headphones!

  • Studied new marketing material for psychologists. I must admit - one of the hardest things to me is to narrow niche in psychologic area, therefore have some problems with marketing. Digging new info. Thanks God, I found one person who delivers material congruently and comprehensively to me.

  • Experimenting with techniques and methods created by myself. I think I found a way to self-adjust myself for better subliminal material indoctrination. For example, one of the questions I ask myself is: Who will be upset if I integrate EQa script at 100%? Guess what? Of course, there are always somebody who will be upset. If they are somebody outside your circle then its not a big problem, but if they are inside…. well, unconscious sabotage kicks in and…. YoU CaN TaKe AcTiOns LiKe CuRsEd :slight_smile: and get only 10% of estimated results. After this process, I managed to listen EQa for only 15 minutes before the break - it was TOO intense, like some barriers are gone and EQa literally speaking to me directly (very strange feeling).

  • Creativity is in the blossom stage. To people familiar with NLP, I recommend to google Walt Disney Strategy for creativity. Its simple yet powerful. It seems that I execute this pattern subconsciously.

  • Rest for two days helped me to integrate script more. It is a felt-sense feeling, no concrete evidence.

  • Appetite returns to normal.

  • I like eye contacts I get from women. Indeed, you can read everything in eye-contact if you are not «in your head» but «in your body». Just relaxing. Nice intuitive feeling I get: women’s bodies feel good around me. Spring is comming! When COVID-19 will be eradicated I envision a warm days with lust and passion.

  • I forget something important to report, but can’t remember this now, damn.

Cheers, be healthy and bless you!


Day 17

DREAM Sequences:

  1. I killed someone. I don’t know who it is. I don’t know whether it’s a man or a woman, but I killed “them”. I have no remorse or guilt. Just stating a fact. The message of this dream was quite obvious to me (thanks to DREAMS supercharger).

  2. I’m at school. Strange, I see all the students I studied with. There is a math lesson. I am dressed as in one of my public appearances. I know all the answers to all the teacher’s questions and answer all the questions, I don’t even raise my hand, which brings the pupils and the teacher to bewilderment. As far as I remember, I went to school badly. But not in this dream. Further, I am in an English lesson, sitting on the floor and smoking a hookah, while all the other students are sitting as usual at school.

  • General mood is good, stable, but energetic. I feel like a volcano is raising inside of me. Sometimes it is unpleasant feeling because I feel confused: what should I do? Run more? Fu*k more? Work more? Definitely EQa is navigating me to uncharted waters, unstructured quantum space. I don’t feel fear or anxiety but definitely I’m must LET IT GO.

  • Metaphor of my Day 17 journey with EQa and sometimes Daredevil so far is: I’m in a quantum space, feeling gratitude and unconditional love with interesting side effects.

  • Libido is high, I remembering my past girls and sex I had with them. More than 100 at this time. I feel younger.

  • My trip to Prague made me to reevaluate my next steps in life. Something, which I don’t satisfied with - now feels like a big problem and something which is good in my life is perceived with gratitude.

  • I had an insomnia yesterday night. For about 3 hours I was unable to sleep. Energy was outpouring from me BUT I didn’t had a conscious plan what to do with it. It makes me reevaluate my lifestyle.

  • Thanks God, I don’t have any symptoms described in COVID-19 information. I hope everything will be alright.

  • Psychological unfinished businesses are knocking in my mind. Mid-life crisis, Identity change or Spring, boosted with EQa? I feel that I can overcome everything, I just need more awareness. Surprisingly, I feel stable and optimistic.

  • I’m craving to watch series, Westworld Season 3 is a good choice, I think.

Thats all for now, folks. Cheers and blessing you.


Day 18

DREAM Sequences: in assortment, quick changes in scenarios, nothing specific. General theme: money and learning.

  • I finally found an expert whom I trust in terms of learning marketing for psychologists, coaches and trainers. He speaks directly to me and I feel that he is the person who really understands me and my topic, therefore I feel 200% motivated to study and create!

  • I speak to EQa: EQ, please, support me in my new beginnings! Let me change my old belief system, let me take feedback without fear and let me CHANGE for better. I’ tired to be WISE, I want to be EFFECTIVE.

  • Waked up and turned on EQa immediately. In about 4-10 seconds I started to feel those EQ-specific feelings. First, felt-sense appearing, then I feel state change and then - new kind of thoughts are coming. My sensitivity and observation skills increased considerably.

  • It is good to have such digital friend who can support you and maintain optimism in a period of changes!

  • I have this feeling: new beginnings or better to say «clean slate». EQa is navigating me to new space where everything is possible. It took almost two weeks to let miracle to happen. I noticed that during the day I have the thoughts like «what if it really possible?» about different things. Sometimes I get goosebumps… «WHAT… IF…. IT…. REALLY POSSIBLE?», «WHAT IF IT IS NOT IMPOSSIBLE?». Damn, I was not so optimistic as I thought of myself before, I can admit it now.

  • Took a few MBTI tests: thats right, I’m ENFJ. And it is perfectly correct: I can speak better than I can write. I hope that my journal is still useful for creators. As I promised, I will write in journal for at least till April, 1 for EQa and if new versions and/or variants will appear, will continue further.

  • Everything changes since EQ, I can’t even say what in specific but in general, I feel more control of my life, emotions and actions. If Daredevil’s effects are pronounced enough to make a bullet list, EQ is more general / strategic change. I can say that EQ is creating special quantum space bubble where changes took place and, whats more important - are possible.

  • Got a WhatsApp message from the girl: «I love you, I’m happy that we are together». Quick endorphin boost. EQ, you see that? We are going in the right direction :slight_smile:

  • I’m starting to loose the grip on my ordinary identity and starting to feel the possibilities who I can become and still be «myself». Thanks God, I feel no fear to change. It seems that EQa is dealing with «fear of going crazy» effectively.

  • I have urge to think about myself and my role in the world, a relationship between me and a world, but it is not a dissociated state, it has a pragmatic feeling.

  • Funny thing to mention: I started to find coins everywhere. It is my subconscious’s style for seeing wealth opportunities? :smiley:

  • For guys who have two Apple HomePods paired in stereo in one room - PLEASE DON’T run subliminals in stereo mode! It can overwhelm you.

Thats all for now, folks. Cheers and blessing you.


Could you elaborate on this? I have a very robust Dolby Atmos surround sound system in the living room and I’ve been meaning to test emperorQ on it, but I haven’t had the opportunity to test. What happened?


I think stereo pairing sync is not perfect on HomePods. Maybe latency, so subliminals are played with little delay on each HomePod thus doubling the output therefore subconscious perceives it as two subliminals played at a same time.

Overwhelming. I was unable to sleep. Even on low volume.

After turning pairing off, subliminal output perceived very good. Very smooth and no overwhelm.

You can try yourself and check the difference, but be careful.


Day 19

I’m replacing Daredevil with Aegis Initiative subliminal.

My main focus remains on EQa.

I’ll post additional details what I noticed running AI.

DREAM Sequences: at random. Strange, they defiantly have common sense but I cannot comprehend that. Learning? Maybe. But its more about «new uncharted waters». I want more information. DREAMS help me.

  • No, I’m not planning any trip, because of COVID-19 restrictions. Maybe, I feel disturbed because I received a SMS message from medicals: «You’r visited a Czech, so you are under 14 day quarantine now». @SaintSovereign announced AI (thanks dude, from heart, you are just in time!) I played it once today and… more about that later.

  • Okey, my work with marketing is going quite well. I surprised how my beliefs can change just in a moment. I was WRONG, I admit that! But, those marketeers was just fraud! The guy I found tells me truth, I needed that (maybe thats why a recommended @Fire to add to Quantum Limitless «truth detector». Truth is what sets are free. Without truth we are doomed to masturbated on our ego). Money is easy if you offering true value to people who want that.

  • Okey, EQa is going quite well. Its puts me into centered position. Its demanding. Its calming. Its empowering. I can’t put that in words but EQa is a must for everybody who wants quality support in their lives.

  • I’m writing those words on 23:48. My blondie, tall (176 cm), cute, clever (modern times require modern solutions!) waiting me in the bed, just behind me. Fuck, I just turned my head to her and she laughed :))) she is holding Nikon D3500 camera (with my Nikkor F2.8 optics). I was just shot! :slight_smile: Never mind, guys. Back to business. Yes, I drunk some red wine, kill me for that! :slight_smile:

  • She said: oh, f*ck! (she likes my optics!). Okey, I want a BJ but a journal entry must be finished.

  • Feeling myself Jake Sully from Avatar who is thinking to what to say :slight_smile:

  • Okey, serious now. Subliminal Club subs, especially latest ones help you not to fck up your life. They help you to remember, that you arrived at this planet for much more that just depression, anxiety or some other fcking things. You came here to LIVE. To enjoy. Maybe I’m looking just like another f*cking motivational guru but… let’s wake up! @SaintSovereign and @Fire make their best efforts not just to «advance human potential» but… to make YOUR lives worth living.

Okey for now, I’m going to bed. More later.

Oh, just forget to mention that AI has a very interesting feeling, like John Lock in Lost series, a leader who, maybe had a worthless life before but now is doing something great for people. AI is definitely massive as EQa but just in another way.

Cheers, guys. Blessing you.

And… if you want to see, who is me. Then… Hi, guys

I hope, I will not have any problems with disclosure with my appearance :slight_smile:


Day 20

I decided to take a day off from any subliminal programming today.

Something interesting is going on with EQa and AI stack. More later.

Take care of yourself, guys :slight_smile:


Lol, don’t leave us hanging :stuck_out_tongue:


Day 21

DREAM Sequences (1 x EQa, 1 x AI, both ultrasonic, played during my sleep automatically 2 hours before my usual wakeup time):

  1. I’m on the ship of some old design like old cruiser or galleon. It is tourist ship. I see a BIGGEST WAVE I ever saw, maybe 100 meters! Ship is on this wave and is going down very quickly. Then I see another big wave and the ship is climbing on it. Interesting, I have no fear, even no anxiety but curiosity (I guess Q scripts deal with curiosity because I noticed it increased in my life) .
  2. I see a girl (on this ship) she is going to throw a cat from the ship. I shouted: what a f&&& h&&& you doing?! Cat dropped in water but started to swim and was able to get on the board. Thanks God! I was almost ready to kick that girl from the ship but she disappeared.
  3. I’m still on the ship (Interesting, I have never had different dreams which are taking place in ONE place) . I entered a karate gym. A teacher said to me that it is my turn to take a fight with his student. I started quickly searching for suitable subliminal :smiley: which will help me to get into right state. In a seconds, I say that I must prepare myself and left the gym. In a seconds I’m Hank Moody, sitting with a girl (On the ship, of course) . I don’t have a plan to seduce her, but I like this felt-sense: I can. Then I going back to gym and say: I’m ready. In just a seconds a crowd of students come in and teacher say: in another day.
  4. I see a subway (on the ship) and thinking if I can get home by it. But, thinking about COVID and decided to get home another way.
  • Waked up state & mood: global, can’t articulate it better. In general, good and warm. Maybe because such a sweet girl is lies next to me.

  • EQa x 3 & AI x 2. Both masked.

  • Okey, after a day off (that was good idea). Even though EQa and AI are not overwhelming me, its still time needed to process new script (AI) and reconcile it with EQa script.

  • Most obvious about AI so far: it is GLOBAL. I mean it works on some levels that much higher than even EQa. I’m not saying that higher means better, no. Its just another level. If you know Robert Dilts Logical Levels model I can say that EQa works at Identity level and AI on Mission level.

  • EQa feels more «egoistical» and AI more «systemic/ecological». Once again, «egoistical» is no way a bad thing, I mean that EQa works directly with MYself, MY energy, MY beliefs, MY mood. AI is more about WE, US.

  • AI has this interesting «planetary scale worldview». EQa is a leader of group, AI is a leader of human race.

  • If you know Spiral Dynamics, then (this is my IMHO):

  • EQa and AI synergy brings very interesting effect: I feel more present and more powerful thanks to EQa and AI brings me this «global» feeling. I’m aware what is going on in the world AND I feel myself powerful enough to bring value to world. Therefore, they are perfectly complement each other, not contradicting each other.

  • EQa & AI combo feels like a person who doesn’t need to prove anything or anyone. This is a philosophy of modern spirituality.

  • EQa mood modificator is outstanding as usual: 1-5 minutes and I’m in the Zone.

  • AI makes me think about whole planet and people. I feel different kind of responsibility. It is better to say: «there is no responsibility without power». EQa gives power and overall satisfaction and AI gives answer: What’s next?

  • It is interesting of having primal, low-level, passion, lust sex and having global worldview. Cognitive dissonance at its best :slight_smile:

  • I made my some subconscious tests: EQa and AI scripts are trustworthy and completely safe to me, to my health, body, emotions and etc. Its good to know. I think that even only this thing (conscious thought that script is safe) is enough to make me integrate script faster and deeper. Roughly, 25% more arbitrary.

  • AI is higher than EQa on David R. Hawkins scale. But together they bring this healthy energy.

  • As usual EQa (and AI) is very pleasant to listen, no major reconciliations for almost 20 days (for EQa).

  • EQa is my priority subliminal, that is the deal I made entering the test. AI and/or others will be secondary.

Thats all for now, I’m continuing my research. Take care, guys. Blessing you.