[STACKED]Stark Q Terminus/Khan Q ST3/ Mogul Q/ Mind's Eye Q Terminus Sq:Total Action Squared


Day 17 mind eye t ( 1 loop)
Day 8 khan st3 (1 loop+)
stark-1 (1 loop)
mogul q (1 loop)

Putting mind-t back to 1 loop it’s too strong to use multiple loops along the other stuff i’ve been running plus give me a bit more time to process things.

Meanwhile i was out work and ran into a flirty girl working at this moving company had to flirt and disappear due to the fact she keep coming around and flopping down in my line of sight all the time forcing me to look at her. I had to back off cause with minds eye was visualizing all things of things since being just a seasonal temp at this place didn’t want to escalate things to much with her for now.
Also with khan total action just beginning to see myself as a different kind of person. one with at least starting to believe that success with women and dating is not just possible but inevitable Let’s see what happens

As a side not i keep getting messages from this childhood friend trying to talk to me. Which is cool but i’m not really trying to be her buddy only. Maybe a friend with benefits. Last time i kinda gave her a hint im not really interested in being a chat buddy so we should hang out instead but she wasn’t down for that so i went no contact. So here she is back again


Day 23 mind eye t ( 1 loop)
Day 14 khan st3 (1 loop+)
stark-1 (1 loop)
mogul q (1 loop)

Things continue on. mogul has me taking a lot of job ie work to take up the slack from my main job reducing hours down. So basically more money has flowed than before which is good. Mogul since the beginning has always been a winner in my stack.

On the Romance side of things with st3 i was able to push through my caution and talk to a few girls in passing. So have to get more used to doing more of that taking action without waiting for reactions or response from them. Also continuing to get noticed a lot which helps and random girls just seem to be showing up for more.

As for minds ie, my ability and or desire to imgine things out has never been stronger. I think the main feature that has helped more is that when i’m now able to attach feeling to my visitations automatically which helps in making it feel a lot more real to me. As well as the time i’m able to hold on to my images has also increased. So almost a month in not bad
terminus -2 works etc

I’d say it very strong with only taking a loop or so day to get some strong benefits,nice work. On to terminus 3


Day 31 mind-t
Day 22 khan q st3
Day 4 Aura Buster “custom sub”
Mogul q
Stark q