[STACKED] The Experimental Fame Game - StarkQ-T/SpartanQ/Limit DestroyerQ


I’ve officially decided to stop using Terminus. I used it as suggested by HappyHero and even took more breaks than 2 days most of the time and it was just too much.

My experiment between using the Q version and the T version, for me personally, showed that I get extremely frustrated and have a lack of results on Terminus.

I don’t know if it’s a load of reconcilation or something - hopefully someone can clarify this? But for the past two weeks that I’ve been using Terminus I’ve felt nothing but frustrated and sadness. I used StarkQ last night and the next day everything is different.

I LOVE Stark Q so this is exciting for me for sure.

I’ll be changing my sub list around as I’ve got different goals now and have a different focus so be looking into that.

I’ll probably post onto my normal journal from now on since I’m closing off my Terminus show unless someone can explain if it’s reconcilation or something.


Exactly, it really depends on how much of Stark’s Archetype has been processed for each individual. I tend to run a loop of Stark Terminus every now and then when I feel like it and I does dig really deep into my unconscious. Needless to say, Stark T is extremely dense and packed with information, it can be very effective and potent but it can also stonewall many users.

To give an analogue, a person builds up tolerance to alcohol in the same way the he builds up a tolerance for a subliminal. It’s not really a tolerance in the way that your mind doesn’t accept the subliminal no more, but rather that the user is able to process more of the information without the experience of reconciliation which is basically resistance to the subliminal.