[STACKED] The journey of a thousand miles {StarkQ: Terminus, AscMogQ, AlcQ, InnerCQ, PCCQ}


Maybe you experienced a Glitch in the Matrix


Something like that, it was extra surreal. Will be interesting to dig deeper into it


While I am fascinated by the topic, I am a bit sceptic if this was a quantum jump. Seems more like something similar to a déjà vu.

Still, very intriguing.


Déjà vu feels familiar. I’ve experienced déjà vu many times (quite frequently in fact). This felt… unfamiliar? Like, it was me. I felt like me. But for a moment I was looking at the wrong person - even though I wasn’t. Then immediately my mind thought “quantum jump” despite me having no real interest in the subject before. It literally came to my mind like a flash of lightning from nowhere and struck me with a feeling of clarity


You are also still running Alchemist right?

Definitely worth looking into that. Curious about what you will report then


Yes I ran one month of each stage (2 months for st2). I’m on st4 right now since April 1st. I’ve also been listening to As Above and using it to direct the alchemical energy toward my music production. It’s said that Goldman learned to do many things using quantum jumping. The first place my mind went is “what about the version of me that never gave up 5+ years ago” and connecting to that reality


Week 6.1

Yesterday was a weird day. The girl I took on a virtual date Friday seems to be putting more distance between us now. I got a bunch of stuff for my camera so I’m thinking I might take some recent pictures and make a dating app profile. I typically am not a fan of these apps but this is not the time so stay in my comfort zone. I don’t plan on meeting anyone I match with while quarantine is still active but there’s no harm in building some connections in the interim then setting up dates once it’s acceptable again

I had a phone interview with an HR rep, unfortunately the position she was hiring for was outside my qualifications (she was looking for very specific things). However, she did offer to help me get in contact with another of her colleagues who is hiring for a position much more suited to my talents and background. I applied to that job so we’ll see how things go.

I had to go to the store/post office to send a return back to Amazon and get a few grocery items. When I was waiting to check out there was a huuuuuge line up that wound around the inside of the store. I stood in line and, when I was only about a third of the way in, a store employee opened up a cash right next to me. Other people who had been waiting forever were already passed this point so she only took one other person before serving me.

On Sunday night I submitted my second song for my online music course. I got some good feedback yesterday from the other students. This surprised me as I had actually pieced most of it together in the 6 hours before submitting it. Other people also had trouble with the assignment as it was very restrictive. However despite that I got really good feedback so that gives me encouragement to go forward after the course when I’m unrestricted and can create the way I want to with this new arsenal of techniques I’m picking up throughout the course. If I put in the time and work to get the sounds I really want, I can create masterpieces. I also came up with a name from my production project (my old artist name is what I used for DJing so I wanted something new/fresh).

Still have not looked into the quantum jumping, it’s been a busy and chaotic few days. I have the audios, just gotta set aside time to listen to them. Also my sleep has been erratic (to put it mildly). I’m trying my hardest to get it back on a proper schedule. Last night I was extremely tired right before bed. For whatever reason I decided I was going to stay up “a little longer”, somehow I ended up catching a second wind and was up until 5am.

As of yesterday, with the release of the new Q titles my stack is as follows:

StarkQ x2
EmperorQ x2
Alch st4 x2 (will switch to Alch Q st4 as soon as it comes out)
Admiral & commander

On top of that I try to listen to one loop each of Beyond Limitless and As Above for guided meditations but it’s irregular/I’m trying to get it on a more fixed schedule (i.e. make it the first thing I do when I wake up)


Damn man sounds like things are really falling into place for you. That music production course sounds helpful. Looking forward to hearing how you progress with it!


Thanks man! The course is super helpful. The good thing about it is that it’s only a month so you’re not committed to it. But it’s a very fast paced month and when they say you’re going to need 10 hours a week they’re being conservative (at least at my skill level) definitely closer to 15-20 minimum once you get through some of the two hour long class videos. But it’s worth it if you have the time and can afford it ( it was ~270 USD iirc) but I’m definitely learning a lot. I need to stick to this momentum and try to keep making songs every 10 days. It doesn’t matter if they’re all super good, at the end of a year I’ll have 36 finished tracks. Even double the time that is still 18 songs. That’s basically two albums. That will be the major hurdle as I haven’t really finished anything “in my genre” yet, all my songs had to go in other directions to fit the projects. But I have a plan for that once this course is over at the end of the month


Congratulations on taking so much action, you are really using this time of quarantine as best as possible.

I am wondering, why are you not listening to Ultimate Artist?


Thanks man, yes I’m definitely trying to. That boredom sets in really hard if I don’t. The reason is simply that I never purchased that product. In the past music has never been a primary focus. I had other goals which were more immediate. Although it’s always been a title that’s interested me, I don’t think I’ll get it now either because so much of my subs are already geared towards creativity and entrepreneurship so it doesn’t make sense to change course that way


Hell yeah. I might have to look into it. Or at the very least start making deadlines for myself. Maybe a track a week or something. Something to just break me out of the overthinking. I think once you reach a certain level and know you can finish stuff it’s better to take your time.


If you Google “Andrew Huang learn monthly” you should find it, if that doesn’t try adding “3 songs 30 days” but you should be able to find it without that. Not sure how often he runs the course but I 100% recommend it :slight_smile:


Week 6.2

I fell behind on my speed reading course and the accompanying smaller course on speeding up brain function. Yesterday I felt compelled to catch up. I did two days worth of the smaller course and will do two more days today to be totally caught up on that one. The speed reading course involves tests that measure the increase from our baseline so doing two a day in rapid succession would not be a good way to measure or let my brain process the new information. I’m going to try to stagger them so I do one in the morning and one in the evening until I’m caught up. There also has to be minimum 10 minutes of dedicated practice in between those viewings, because that is part of the program. I measured my reading speed at roughly 600 wpm which 3x faster than the average reader so that’s pretty cool.

Yesterday I got three packages from Amazon, but I got no emails throughout the day about the status of the deliveries like I normally do. I went at checked at one point and saw nothing there. Later in the day I thought “I’ll just check the delivery status on Amazon.” The status said delivered. So I go outside to check. My unit is in the back, the mail gets delivered to the front (it’s a converted house). I go out to the front of the house and there’s nothing there. But at the same time I’m walking out to check my neighbour steps out of the house holding my delivery. Total synchronicity!

I am getting more caught up on my music course too. I powered through some of the longer videos I didn’t make time to watch and am basically caught up to the course now. Will be totally caught up today. This section is about writing songs around lyrics which is something that has always been of interest to me. I never understood lyric writing so I am very excited to learn this part.

Girl I thought was being distant was just busy. We talked for a bit last night on facetime before she went to bed. Still not totally sure where she’s at (sometimes she’s hot sometimes she’s cold) but meh, as much as she’s the one I really want if it doesn’t happen I have to be able to let go of that outcome. There are other girls I’m talking to, each at varying levels of interest to me and in me. The next one on the list that I’d be most interested in pursuing is the one I have the weakest relationship with and she takes sometimes days to reply to messages so it’s hard to build a real connection. But I know she’s available and she’s definitely my type.

When I went to turn off the repeat on my playlist I accidentally put StarkQ on repeat so I got a full night’s blast of that. Which is probably a good thing as it’s the one I added most recently (well technically Emperor Q but I’d been running other versions of Emperor including the test Q). Regardless, I probably got 7 or 8 loops of just StarkQ overnight so we shall see how what that does haha


Just did my “morning” speed reading class (it’s about 2 in the afternoon right now). Clocked my reading speed at 682WPM. Going to do some music stuff then read then more music stuff then do the next reading class. I’m blown away by how fast I’m getting. Comprehension dropped a little bit at the beginning but I’m finding I’m able to focus in on the text more and really absorb it as I scan.


Hey I found something that you might be interested in…

I just stumbled upon a book called “Parallel Universe of Self” by F. Dodson which deals with an advanced deep trance identification with a different you in a parallel universe. I am not sure if you are fimilar with all these terms but it is like a practical guide to reality surfing.


Nice man, thank you! That sounds really interesting :slight_smile: I’ll look into it!


Week 6.3

Nothing much to report from the last few days. Working on the last song for that course. This one presents a third interesting challenge, writing a song with lyrics. I’ve never tried writing a lyrical song before. Finding words that fit together in cohesive message proved really challenging. Got a song written but not all the music for it, which I was supposed to have done last night, putting me behind schedule. Today was a mostly unproductive day. I was up until 4am trying to get in a partial submission to the course.

Talked to my mom on the phone today and the conversation was less controversial than usual. Most of the time we can’t argue enough but today it felt different.

I’m debating pulling the trigger on an online course to learn to play the piano better. I have professional grade lessons in sound design and mixing/mastering. Learning to properly play the keys would go a long way toward melody writing. The course also involves a section on music marketing and getting into the industry.

I’ve fallen behind on my speed reading course but I’m going to pick it back up tomorrow. I choose to not let set backs become habits

That’s it, nothing much else from the last few days really.


Week 6.4

I decided I want to up my vocal game. I have a masterclass account so I started the Christina Aguilera teaches singing class. I printed out the workbook and got super organized so I can be sure to have it all ready and accessible when I need it.

I’m looking seriously into a few marketing programs. None are very expensive and each offer unique opportunities. I also designed a banner for my new artist handle/production project.


Week 7.1
Followed up with that HR rep, she said the person in charge of hiring the position was busy and asked if I was bilingual (it helps if you speak English and French in Canada, especially in my city). I responded in French to drive the point home, she said her colleague would be in touch soon.

More vocal practice today. I have definitely noticed an improvement already. I also signed up for a course on playing piano which comes with bonus material on music marketing. I took some piano lessons as a kid but I’d like to be much better for writing music. I’ve been avoiding producing music but I choose to dedicate myself more to the craft. I will spend 10 minutes doing my speed reading (which I’ve also been avoiding today) before working on music for at least an hour as soon as I finish this post.

Cutting off the virtual date girl at least for the moment. She’s unwilling to put more effort into communicating and building a connection so I’m not going to push for it when there’s no possibility of a face to face meeting. Going to clean my place up tomorrow so I can take a few dating app profile pics.