[STACKED] The journey of a thousand miles {StarkQ: Terminus, AscMogQ, AlcQ, InnerCQ, PCCQ}


Oh also I’ve been getting crazy amounts of angel numbers. 1111 1112 242 1234 345 are a few of the numbers I’ve been seeing over and over everywhere


Week 7.2
This morning started great. I was extra productive. I accomplished a lot of the daily tasks I set out for. Reading, exercise, singing, music theory course, and a dating/influence course.

I’m starting to develop the habit of showing up. Taking small manageable actions. One way I’m doing this is finishing my showers up with cold water at the end.

More synchronicity numbers. They’re popping up everywhere. In particular the number 2 in various forms but that’s just one of many.

Later in the day I began to feel super tired. Usually this actually happens much later so I’m enthusiastic that I’ll soon be able to stay up a full day without the need for a nap.

Today is the last day of the music production course. I did not finish the last assignment yet. I will finish it over the next few days at my own pace but I choose to dedicate more time to it starting tomorrow. I get lifetime access to the course and the community of artists too apparently so that will continue to be an invaluable resource.

I got a lifetime subscription to one of those services that breaks down books into small abridged audible versions. I’ve “read” 4 books already today and gotten some very useful marketing information.

Getting iois from a few girls online, one in particular that is SUPER attractive and I’m slowly planting seeds of pursuit. In the persuasion course the instructor taught a particular language pattern. People in the room who’d taken previous seminars said they’d had a 100% success rate with it (the pattern is meant to induce a woman’s desire to perform certain sexual acts). I’m going to dedicate 20 minutes a day to learning it so by the time lockdown is lifted I will have it as smooth as I can without field testing.


Also I’ve been listening a reduced version of my stack (one loop per title) at night using a sleeping mask with built in headphones. I have some feeling that it might be more effective for me. Come May I’m going to test out a few different listening patterns between ultrasonic and masked. I’ll figure out the details of each stage of the test tomorrow, each stage will be roughly 2 weeks in length.


Week 7.3

Confusion and uncertainty are my gateway to clarity, focus, purpose, & vision


New listening pattern and stack starting tomorrow (May 1st, 2020):

Note: Stack will be masked only for the next 14 days.

AlchQ st 4 x2
MogulQ x1
EmperorQ x1
StarkQ x1
Inner CircleQ x1

I will also be using the following superchargers: Dreams x1 right before bed, As Above x1 when I wake up in the morning, and Beyond Limitless (before doing anything creative)

Going to 1 loop a day for 14 days - once during the day, beginning immediately following listening to As Above.


Week 7.4

Today was my least productive day in awhile. I still managed to work out some which is good. Also practised my singing. I’ve noticed significant improvements to my body and voice. I have slightly more definition on my abs after having done barely any exercise and if anything my diet is worse now. After less than one week of 20 minute daily vocal exercises my voice is SIGNIFICANTLY better. I can only imagine how it will sound after 4 weeks. I am going to make daily lists of the tasks to accomplish, beside each task will be the first “mini chunk” that I can focus on. (I.e. if I want to “work on music” I can put “write one small chord progression” as a mini step).

I slept 3 hours in the afternoon today. I randomly got REALLY tired around 1 then slept until 4. It was strange. Though yesterday I had NO nap which was also strange so perhaps my body was “catching up”. I would like to get my body into the habit of being able to run the whole day without a nap. I feel like that is a minimum level of mandatory energy which I ought to be able to maintain. My strategy is to replace the habit with short 15 minute walks. Getting out of the house to change environment, getting fresh air, and being mildly active should shake me out of a “tired” state long enough to keep going after. After enough repetitions I hope to condition my body to get short bursts of energy when I’m tired in the middle of the day rather than succumb.


Week 7.5
Productivity is DEFINITELY stepping up. While today was not a “home run” day, I did get a LOT done. Exercise, vocal exercises, influence program, speed reading, language training, and brain training are all things I got done today. Some are already starting to become daily habits. Up until now I would reward completing a string of tasks by relaxing with Netflix. I am going to find a new reward that I still enjoy and will get me back to task sooner.

What really struck me today is that I CLEANED. Now let me emphasize, I HATE TO CLEAN. But tonight I was sitting around not really doing anything and I said “enough is enough” and cleaned up a section of my apartment that I’d been putting off fixing for MONTHS. Not sure what came over me but it felt sooooo good to accomplish. Going to make 30-60 minute cleaning sessions a regular part of my schedule until my place doesn’t look like a single bachelor lives here :stuck_out_tongue:

No nap today so that’s good! Will keep it up tomorrow and slowly but surely get myself back on a millionaire mindset schedule. I will tune my body to be able to stay energized all day.


Week 8.1

Let me explain

Remember how I said I HATE to clean?! This morning I woke up, listened to As Above, went on Facebook for about 5 minutes then started CLEANING… again. Let me emphasize how much I NEVER clean. And when I do clean it has up until now absolutely always followed by weeks of more not cleaning. So for me to spend 1.5-2 hours cleaning this morning totally unprompted the day AFTER having cleaned… that’s… well that’s beyond paranormal. Running my stack as I write this but I was so blown away by the fact that I cleaned I just had to come announce my results :stuck_out_tongue:

Swapped StarkQ for StarkQ: Terminus so we’ll see how much that ramps things up. THANK YOU AGAIN SUBCLUB I FEEL LIKE I’M ACTUALLY GETTING MORE MOTIVATED AND ACTION ORIENTED HOLY FUCK :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


I actually did the same…and it felt so good…:slight_smile:


It felt AMAZING. Happy you experienced the same joy @max89 !! Out of curiosity, does 89 signify your birth year? Because that would make us the same age


Nope was just number I often use.


Ah okay nevermind then haha


Week 8.1.2
Second entry for today since I made one this morning about the cleaning.

Today was a DEFINITE increase in productivity. I exercised, did my speed reading, vocal exercises, did a two hour zoom meeting with my netmark company, influence course, started a new song idea, the cleaning and probably much more. I floated the idea earlier last week about making “to do” lists so that I could motivate myself to get stuff done but now I’m thinking I might keep one so I can keep track of all the stuff I’m getting done! Hahaha

I did take a nap in the middle of the day but it was for <20 mins vs. 2 days ago when I took a 3 hour one. Also today’s nap was later in the day (6:30) vs the other day when I was tired very early in the afternoon (1pm). It seems as though I’m managing to keep energized for longer. Outstanding.

I downloaded a third party Facebook app for my phone which I really love for 2 reasons. 1) NO ADS. I was being bombarded with ads and, if I’m going to be totally honest, spending WAY too much money on things I don’ t need/wasn’t fully utilizing. A no ad experience is very freeing. 2) The layout is an older and far more basic version of Facebook. It is sometimes slow and glitchy which, in turn, makes me want to use it way way less (an obvious bonus).

Tomorrow is a rest day, superchargers only and very sparingly. I’m excited to find out how I am after having a night to process my stack. Tomorrows are my new favourite adventure.


Week 8.2

Getting more and more productive

Was off my stack today. I did listen to a couple of superchargers though. I listened to As Above and The Legacy this morning. I haven’t used Legacy a lot in the past but I do think it helped me during my workout today.

I stepped up my workout hard today. Normally my exercise consists of doing pull ups whenever I walk under my bar (the only place I can put it up is in my bathroom doorway). I purchased an exercise program last week and decided I was finally going to start the routines. You know you’re out of shape when you get winded by the warmup lol. But something happened that I’ve never done before while exercising - when I started to get tired, I didn’t stop… I slowed down. Now this is something all trainers recommend. It’s not necessarily how quick you can do the exercises, but also that you can keep going without stopping to finish your rep. In the past I would go to fast, burn myself out, then need to take a breather - essentially wasting the set. Today while I was warming up (and also during the routine), if I felt like I was going to burn out, I slowed down to a manageable pace in order to finish the exercise. I credit this almost entirely to Legacy for giving me the mental fortitude. The workout itself was great and I felt it targeted everything I wanted to so I will be continuing forward with it 4-6 days a week :slight_smile:

More singing practice today, my vocals are for sure getting better. The daily warm ups/stretches are expanding my range and giving me a clearer voice. Coupled with the tips I’m receiving from my Masterclass course & subliminals, I’m making excellent progress considering it’s been only a week.

I WORKED ON MUSIC TODAY. It wasn’t a lot. I said in front of my keyboard and I practised some keys. It might not seem like much but it’s a step in developing my habit of showing up.

More speed reading practice. I want to start back up on watching the online videos soon. For the last few days I’ve only been doing the practice homework and not building on the new skills that further lessons most likely contain.

NO NAPS TODAY AGAIN!! Almost fell asleep a few times but remembered my goals and pushed through the pain. 2 days in a row without naps is DEFINITELY NOT THE NORM so we’re on the right track here. Making GAINZ AND GAINZ AND GAINZ

Following a poll I made on the forum, I have taken some suggestions and considerations to make the following changes in my stack.

  1. I will be removing EmpQ completely. It is a very dense sub and the goals which I want from it can be gained from the other titles in my stack.
  2. I will be switching MogulQ to AMQ. This is to compensate for removing EmpQ.
  3. I will be stacking PCCQ into my stack
  4. Next to As Above, Beyond Limitless, and Dreams - I’ll be adding The Legacy before workouts as it really pushed me through my routine.


Are you into Jordan Peterson? A big thing he’s known for is saying “Clean your room!” when answering how to start getting your life in order. He argues the room is something you have complete ownership over, so if a person can’t keep that under control, then they will have trouble getting larger areas of their life under control. That could be why it felt so good, it’s like taking back ownership and control.


I used to be more of a fan of Jordan Peterson but my interest level dropped off. I watched his YouTube videos quite incessantly at one point. I also own/read [most of] his book :slight_smile: I agree that cleaning your room is a good first step. It is widely believed that if your surrounding area is chaotic and cluttered, then so too will your mind be. I am learning to instill the habit of cleaning routinely, so that I don’t have to do a lot when I do and also so that things in the natural state will be in order instead of a state of chaos. The last few days have certainly helped with that. There are two areas left in my apartment to tackle - the kitchen and the bathroom. The bathroom I clean regularly so it won’t be too bad, I did a deep clean of it fairly recently (about a month or two ago [note I live alone so it doesn’t get dirty very fast]). The kitchen on the other hand… that’s going to be a different beast. But it’s going to feel soooooooooo good to get it clean. Up until recently I never placed such a priority on it despite knowing better. Now it’s like my mind goes “okay, you know what to do. Shut up and do it so it’ll be done and we can move on to more important stuff”


Week 8.3
As Above + AlchQ are really driving up my synchronicity. I’m seeing angel numbers everywhere. Little things are happening in seemingly perfect timing.

My car has had an issue for more than a month now. Last time I drove it was a few weeks into quarantine so about a month ago. On the way back it was giving me some issues. Unfortunately my mechanic was closed for the month of April because of covid-19. They finally opened today, I called first thing in the morning and the guy said to come by around 10 because they were getting caught up. At 10 I go to take my car out of driveway and take it to my mechanic. The car goes in reverse but won’t accelerate. I end up not being able to make it fully on to the road because it angles down toward my driveway/the sidewalk. My car ended up rolling into the side walk and getting “wedged” for lack of a better term. Wasn’t able to move my car at that point. Ended up having a mini freakout before gathering myself and figuring out a solution. Long story short I ended up getting my car to my mechanic without having to call for a tow. Also when they called me later on, after looking into the problem, the price they quoted me was almost EXACTLY what I thought it would be after doing some basic haphazard research (and not really having known what the problem actually was).

My muscles were REALLY sore today, I almost didn’t work out. But I decided that was unacceptable, so instead of doing a full workout I found a basic yoga routine on Youtube and committed to doing stretches. Part of me REALLY wanted to do my full workout routine after but in my head I had to resist because I knew working out after stretching can lead to serious injury and I chose to give my muscles time to repair.

Still going through my influence course, I’m almost all the way through all the videos. The concepts and theory seems simple enough - essentially eliciting the emotions you want people to feel using language. There are some language patterns I am going to start memorizing the structures of. There’s a super hot girl I’ve been into for awhile, she just moved into a new place and I’m going over there to help her take measurements for curtains etc. later this week. I’m hoping to use some language patterns to get her, at minimum, interested in spending more time with me.

More music practice today. I’m working on an online course to learn playing piano. After 2 days I’ve already almost learned to play my first song. It’s a pretty basic song but it teaches some good fundamentals that I can build on. I’m excited about the small amount of progress I’ve already made. My singing has also been improving. The daily exercises combined with the Masterclass strategies are helping me making MASSIVE improvements quickly.

Am going to ween myself down to a keto diet slowly and surely. I’ve already started cutting carbs out. Will move to a low-carb diet first (mostly to finish what carbs I have left in my fridge/cupboards) then move to totally carb-less save for one cheat day a week (as recommended by Tim Ferris in 4-hour body).

Another napless day! I was tired at times and bored as Hell but I stuck to the plan and made it past day 3. I have been drinking a large cup of coffee in the afternoon. Part of the plan is to eventually cut that as much as possible. Definitely will be cutting the sugar out of my coffee (again slowly and surely).

I know what people are talking about now in when they say PCC will show you who’s there to help and who’s not. I definitely started to notice people’s actions, more than I usually do (which is actually already a substantial amount), and felt confident in being able to assert their motives (or at least, when their intentions were not constructive/positive).

All in all I’m VERY happy with this new stack so far. Can’t wait to see what happens after I’ve been running it for a month


You’ll soon start to see it in their faces. When you do, you already know.


Going to need to get out and deal with people more for that but looking forward to it :grin:


Week 8.4
Some good, some bad, and some interesting to report. The day started off pretty good, knocked a couple important tasks out of the way right off the bat. Did my new exercise routine despite still feeling a bit sore, glad I did it. The exercises really push my body and get my heart rate up. It’s easy to see how this will burn fat while building lean muscle/strength. The Legacy is doing a LOT to help me I suspect. There are definite moments where I feel like I can push through the end of the set but my mental framework simply won’t let me quit.

More persuasion course stuff. Today’s videos were demonstrative which was very helpful. Again the general concept seems pretty straight forward but it will need a lot of field testing to calibrate. However I’m fairly confident I could use it to be massively successful with women in a short time once I can get back out meeting women.

I had kind of an “incident” today when I posted something on FB. I had gotten something custom made for the virtual prom date girl that I had no need for. Since I decided to cut her off I posted a picture of it saying I wanted to give it away. Within the post was a slightly snarky comment that perhaps hinted of bitterness (I knew it did but I kind of wanted to take the jab anyway). In truth I didn’t think she would see it since she’d been off of Facebook recently. Her best friend saw it and sent it to her. Apparently when she went on my wall to go check it out there was a random glitch and FB didn’t show her the post. I was then accused of blocking her etc. etc. After explaining that I hadn’t blocked anyone because I didn’t, virtual prom girl said she believed me. In the midst of the arguing we started sending private messages and ended up hashing out a BUNCH of stuff. She said she thought I wanted something (which I did want but I also was/am okay with moving at her pace) and it overwhelmed her, so she pushed back. Having that conversation really cleared the air up between us and opens up things much more going forward.

Did some music theory education but no work in the studio. I want to develop the habit of working on music as one of the first things I do. I’m going to begin instilling the habit of getting some practical (not theoretical) music work done before noon.

Last night was the first night in 2 weeks I didn’t sleep through the night. Got up at about 4:30 but even then managed to get back a LOT quicker than I usually. Before if I had gotten up at that hour I would’ve been up until 6, 7, or maybe even 8am before I got any more sleep or gave up trying. So definitely a win on that front. I did have a 30-45 minute nap today BUT I also did not have coffee at all so those two sort of balance each other out. Soon I will be able to get through a whole day without coffee or naps and bounds of energy. That time is coming.

I am getting a real feeling of “getting my shit together” but I want to pick up the pace. I have a good cash supply and a lot of potential. Time to start building a passive income stream to fuel not just my music career but my other creative endeavours as well. There is still much planning and work to get done but I believe it can be done and that I am the man to do it.