[STACKED] The journey of a thousand miles {StarkQ: Terminus, AscMogQ, AlcQ, InnerCQ, PCCQ}


Week 9.1
Been almost a week since my last update. Thought I’d come share what’s been going one.

First I’ve been getting HUGE IOIs from a few girls I’m talking to. I’m pursuing a few different avenues but my romantic goals seem to be advancing in spite of the lockdown. I’m also creating a servitor to help with that, more on that later.

The other day while shopping I had a massive cough attack in Walmart. I felt very sick and it was a concerning event. Immediately when I got home I ran Aegis Initiative and took some rest, glad to report I feel 100% better. I’ve been pushing myself to take better care of my body. I want to get into pique physical shape, not just for my looks, but so I have a strong healthy body that can fight infections/illness.

I have some music ideas I need to flesh out. I’ve been keeping up with my singing exercises and my voice is getting noticeably better still. There is still one definite problem area in my vocal range but I’m certain practice will eventually correct the difficulty. I have a plan to social media market my music using a common singing/karaoke app. I believe I can leverage it to gain public notoriety.

I’ve started playing chess against a computer to sharpen my strategy skills and my ability to look at the bigger picture. Without much effort I am already notably better than I have been in the past. Where before I would often rely on flukes to win, my moves now are more concentrated and purposeful.

For income flow I’ve begun to help a family member launch their business. I’m also paper trading options now to learn the markets better and eventually move to growing real capital. My target to start trading real money is 6 months.

I am in the process of creating my first servitor. Following instructions I found in a book which came recommended to me, I have conceptualized the servitor and am now letting it gestate before giving birth to the spirit. I am excited to create it and gather first hand knowledge of magick at work.