[STACKED] The King Test EmperorQ


Thanks @AMASH :slight_smile:

That’s exactly what I meant.

In a confrontation, I used to be aggressive (not friendly) or passive (not confronting). With EmperorQ I find myself more paced, relaxed and controlled in confrontations. So yeah, if the terms suits you, you can call it “assertive”. :slight_smile:


Interesting vivid dream last night.

I somehow dreamt that I was part of the plot in a body-swapping drama. This plot device had been of interest to me after I had watched on Netflix a body-swapping drama where Prime Minister and his son swapped dramas. In this case, it was more like a body-swap between a husband and a wife. Anyway, in such a plot device, there would always be feelings of embarassment and guilt over inability to accomplish roles and I could sense that feeling in the dream.

I also dreamt that I was beside a window watching a performing troupe walk past my home. Now thinking about it, I had a similar dream before - just that this time I was watching from the 1st floor instead of the 2nd floor.


Been very crazy for the past 12 hours trying to understand how I should approach embarking on a journey towards learning Python and Blockchain.

As someone without programming knowledge at all , I am seriously looking at getting a foundation in Python in order to be able to be eventually learn how to build Blockchain applications like smart contracts.

I sense a big opportunity to provide some strategy and technical consulting services in certain industries.

But have to get the basics right. For most of my life, I have never had the confidence in engaging in anything too technical - now I don’t want to miss this opportunity before it goes away.


“Woods” as in still not yet in the “safe zone”, similar to a patient still in the Intensive Care Unit whose condition has stabilized but still needs monitoring. I would like to use “still being in the woods” while my safe zone lies ahead with “green shoots”, a metaphor for my “safe zone” where I can start focusing on growing my “plants of prosperity”.

Its interesting that you mentioned this. Today, I have been looking at enhancing the value I can provide to others by improving my skills offering and want to go out of my comfort zone by learning some stuff that I never had confidence in learning before.


It has been 10 days of running EmperorQ for at least 7 hours daily now.

I never imagined that I would at this age decide to make the leap to pick up something related to programming and give a shot at mastering a skill that would be very very marketable in such times of incredible change. It is a daunting journey and I am even surprised about my own courage.

I’ve started on my online python development course and I give myself 8 months to at the very least master Python, Blockchain development and then eventually smart contracts development. I don’t have time to waste by spending time learning about data science , artificial intelligence or cryptography - unless it is relevant to my end goal.

I can see something ahead as well as the end-goal, and I want to integrate whatever I learn on this journey into my existing skillsets and interests to shape into my ultimate service offering.


I ran EmperorQ for 6-7 hours today.

I went to meet a PR Agency today which was interested in offering its services to my company. They had contacted me the week before.

The salesperson was very nice and we had a talk for about an hour. I actually didn’t feel that I needed their services and just went down to meet the lady out of curiosity.

I somehow felt that during the meeting, I was able to project a very confident frame - I spoke slowly and with eloquence about my company. I was even able to carry on an interesting conversation with the sales person for including subjects that were beyond our business agenda.

Continued with my online Python course at night. My brain felt like exploding as I felt that I had to think in a different manner to understand the subject but I guess its easier than sitting in a classroom and not understanding whatever the lecturer is saying since this is a topic that I am unfamiliar with.


Received news that my ailing grandmother is in ill-health and she may go off any moment. In my heart, I guess this is expected so I am not feeling anything and just hope that she may move on peacefully to a place where she would feel happy. 70 years of bitterness and other emotional baggage is no joke and she managed to live until 90 years old with all that so it is quite an achievement. In my heart, I thank the carer who has been devoted to taking care of her in her final days.

The global economic fallout from the coronavirus is getting worse and worse everyday, and are slowly having an impact on me work and business-wise.

To supplement my income, while I am spending time learning up on python as part of my long-term strategy, I am looking for opportunities to provide freelance photography services as well as other part-time gigs. I’ve also applied for suitable part-time positions to tide over the crisis while monitoring the situation for my upcoming consultancy projects.

While most of negative news still doesn’t have a real impact on me personally - to me all that is happening is just a expression of my imaginative thoughts and I still joke about it everyday - my main concern is for emotional and physical well-being of the ones around me and that is something I still find difficult not to worry about.

On the spiritual side, I’ve somehow managed to grasp the essence of the idea of “I am” and am able to spend more time meditating on the nature of “I am”.

I am working towards the stage where “I am” confident enough to “buy the pearl”.

I guess that EmperorQ continues to provide me that sense of “stability” and “control” in such times. I am waiting to see what happens after a month of running it.


I know this is very trivial, but I had been running EmperorQa (Ultrasonic) and took a nap.

Somehow I ended up dreaming about myself typing something on this forum, and made some kind of one-word reply to post written by @Malkuth.

Of course when I woke up, I saw that I hadn’t done so.


I’ve sent a dream-like to your dream-reply.


More than 2 weeks of running EmperorQ almost daily now. I took a break on Friday but ran ultrasonic from my laptop for over 9 hours.

I slept for about 6 hours but I think I had a series vivid dreams.

  1. Some sexual dream involving an ex-colleague of mine. Won’t go into detail here.
  2. Dreaming of someone I pushed to the ground suffering a serious injury and subsequently his head fell off. I had the travel-back-in-time experience again in my dream to go back to a time before the accident happened. I was informed that not everything could be corrected though.
  3. Haunted dream where a group of soldiers standing around suddenly lost their faces to be replaced by hollow spaces. In a narrow corridor, a ghost closed in on an army officer. I was so afraid I ran towards the door at the other end of the corridor and had difficulty opening it before I entered a lift. I was waiting to get to ground-floor and was shocked when the lift stopped half-way. Lucky, the people who entered the lift were benign.

My grandmother has been warded in the isolation area of the hospital. I think the family is calm and my mother is quite accepting of her mother’s fate. In fact, my mother seemed to treat everything as normal.

For myself, I am not thrown into a whirl of anxiety as usual in such situations.

I saw a small moth flying around in my living room today - a moth is supposedly the spirit of a loved one visiting but well my grandma’s still alive, so it couldn’t be that. Just happened to cross my mind.


The past 2 days have been a challenging time of emotional testing for me.

I have been trying to keep myself strong against feeling guilty and down over my inability to sufficiently financially contribute to my family’s problems which never seem to end. Everyday we have to worry about endless debts, mentally ill relatives and on top of it, differing religious beliefs do not contribute to the improvement of the situation and just lead to further division and unhappiness. Neither does the economic and social impact of the coronavirus help things.

I don’t really see attracting women like honey as a priority these days - I want to settle down with a specific person that I’ve had an interest in for quite a while, just that money problems are still getting in the way.

So while EmperorQ has kept me on the buoy for now, I am thinking that I should focus on stacking Mogul or EOG ST1 with EmperorQ since a lot of my problems are all due to the lack of money.


Or perhaps this is New Beginnings or some reconciliation working on me.

The sense of urgency, emergency and fear that had always been simmering on the surface and which had been tamed by the subliminals I had been running for the past 2 months seem to have resurfaced.

I can’t really concentrate on things and the problems seem to be growing more and more visible - and I feel so unable to convince myself that I am shaping my own reality. Especially since the coronavirus broke out - I find it hard to imagine the coronavirus out of my reality.

Will need to spend more time meditating.


New Beginnings must be very potent.

I am feeling very very depressed today while running EmperorQ - I will stop at 2 loops today.

Apologies if you as a reader do not like reading about my sob story.

I am mentally tired and do not have any more energy left to imagine myself out of my current reality.

Every day, I am confronted with the burden of solving financial issues for my family, and not for myself.

Medical bills are a nightmare here.

My home is now a mental asylum.

Money gets harder to make with this financial crisis.

Life has become a mental torture 24/7.

I can’t even afford a holiday now, and even if I could, there is no place to go and I feel guilty about not fulfilling my obligations.

I will now focus on wealth creation and stack EmperorQ with EOG soon.


Don’t worry about that. The journal should be your place where you can write down all your thoughts and feeling which will help you with the subliminal process.

You seem to be very objective and reasonable about the situation looking at it from a wider perspective. This is great! I am sure the solutions or opportunities will soon present themselves.


Sending love and light your way.
Thanks for sharing.


Some minute signs of long-term recovery in some key economies and some lucrative business opportunity that I gave up previously may come back.

In the meantime, have to be prepared for the long ride over the next 3-6 months.


I feel a bit better today knowing that my situation is not completely dire. Even a tiny speck of light at the end of the long tunnel is better than nothing.

I have limited my daily number of loops of EmperorQ to just 2 from yesterday.

Adding 2 loops of Inner Circle daily from today onwards.

I might add Mogul or EOG ST1 at a later stage - I want to test out the effect of 2 loops of EmperorQ along with Inner Circle.

In particular,I would like to manifest mentors/associates and friends to help me grow in path of building my empire.


The economic crisis will last for a while. My businesses are in the dumps at the moment.

I will do my ailing industry some good in terms of what I can contribute.

By Mid-April, I should have achieved a two goals at least.

A) Apart from compiling the Q1 2020 financial performance data for over 40 companies in my sector and sharing the results for free in order to provide the industry

  1. With a sense where it is in terms of the global economic crisis as well
  2. A snapshot of which are the companies that are running low in working capital after Q1 2020.
  3. Small signs of recovery.

B) Take the initiative to organize a gathering for my fellow alumni working in my industry. It will be a driven event - aimed at providing an opportunity to network, secure updates on the developments in the industry as well as exchange new ideas and information. I want this event to not just be a simple social gathering like in the previous occasions.

Another project of mine - Project N - will be dependant on the recovery of the Chinese economy and if I play my cards well, I can make a lot of money in a short period of time. This project also involves my “specific person” so to me it is important both personally and professionally. In any case, there is some synchronicity involved as the story unravels.

In the meantime, I continue to push myself to be in the best position to make myself and my business valuable to the digital economy. Mastery of programming is the start.


I just ran The Commander supercharger today before going to bed.

This is the second time I have run it, the first time being a few weeks ago.

Anyway, just like in the first time, I would imagine myself as a commander in a battlefield during the Napoleonic Wars.

I am not sure about this fascination with being a military commander during that time period - but the image seems to come very naturally. I remember that I did a past life regression last year and imagined myself as a French officer in Napoleon’s army, and that during my image streaming sessions and some other live imagining sessions, I would imagine Napoleon Bonaparte himself being present.

This time round during the supercharging session, I also imagined myself switching between a man in a military commander’s uniform and a businessman in a power-suit. I imagined myself switching between leading a military strategy meeting in a tent and leading a Board of Director’s meeting. I also imagined myself being visited by the Prime Minister, who actually was more interested in seeing me than I was in seeing him, since the Prime Minister had a favour to ask of me.

It was a immersive experience - towards the end of the session, I was imagining myself in my power-suit absorbing the energy of 10 suns and stretching out my arms shouting out, “I am the Master of Ten Suns!”.


Recently, I’ve also recently been imagining myself as going back into time with my current mindset and occupying the body of my 7 year old self. Questions come to mind such as how smart I would be among my peers and how I could do lots of things that I had not done. I could even aim for Prime Minister!