[STACKED] The King Test EmperorQ


So I have been trying to run Alchemist ST1 as much as possible everyday along with EmperorQ for about 12 days now.

Some problems with my computer as well as funeral arrangements took my time off listening.

Anyway, it is rather slight but I think my manifestation abilities are improving a little bit.

Very small manifestations, like I mentioned something to a friend on whatsapp, and then a few days later I would see some news about that topic appearing online, which I would forward to my friend.

This happened a few times. Very small, but I think something interesting is happening.


Had a strange dream last night.

I dreamt that I was with a group of people sitting down somewhere and singled out a lady who was then identified as a someone who had to be executed by drowning and electrocution in a pool.

I felt very guilty about that, though I also tried to justify that it would be better for her life to end than to suffer further under an oppressive regime.

In another dream, somehow the King of country A and Queen of Country B were wearing eastern martial arts clothing and sparring with each other. The Queen ended up winning the match and the King of Country A ended up on the ground, dead by accident.

I was made to offer some condolences to the King of Country A as well as say some words. Didn’t know what to say but I was upset and cried when I was given the mic.


I’ve heard before sometime some dreams are memories from a past life. Is this true ? who knows


Last night I dreamt that I was dead. I don’t think I have ever dreamt that I was dead.

Anyway, when I died in the dream, I found myself welcomed by a few other friendly chaps in a building somewhat like an airport terminal. They told me not to worry, as I could still move around as normal, just that living people would not be able to see me. I could even sit on a chair, but would automatically get up when a living person decided to sit on the chair.

No feelings of sadness, guilt or despair or whatever in the dream. Being dead seemed to be just a normal process and I felt that I was still the same person, just invisible to the living.


The feeling that I am pure energy trapped inside my physical body grows stronger day by day.


Haven’t been doing EmperorQ for the past few days as I wanted to focus on running Alchemist ST1.

The theme of my thoughts today is “freedom”

I’ve been feeling very very constrained and restricted due to the lockdown measures here, and the situation in my country isn’t improving.

Looking back at last night’s dream, it seemed to point out to me that we don’t live once in this world, die off, and let the earth keep spinning for another few billion years with human civilization having lasted for maybe less than 100,000 years.

Wow, did God create such an expansive universe only to send his son down to be crucified and save humanity which would be live for 0.0000000000000000000000001% of the universe’s existence?

That couldn’t be the case.

Anyway, I have been feeling trapped inside my body. And this feeling of being trapped is particularly severe today.

For 3 years, I’ve been working from home since I left my job overseas due to some mental health issues (a mixture of depression, low self-confidence, trauma and anxiety). I have been working and living in the home that I first started living in 2 decades ago.

I don’t own this place by the way, so I’m not the one calling the shots and therefore there is a lack of freedom and privacy which I have learned to treasure since my time spent overseas.

My goals upon returning home were originally to spend more time doing business in other countries and travelling frequently, but as I had to focus on resolving family debts (of no fault of mine) along with many missed business opportunities overseas and finally being played out by some business partners overseas, I gave up on those business ventures and focused on a more solitary soloprepreneur type of working style, where I didn’t have much opportunity to go out and meet more people. Furthermore, a lot of my clients were based overseas.

In the period before the lockdown, and before the coronavirus outbreak, business was actually picking up. Also, I could still also aim at closing down my company and looking for a job so that I could spend more time working outside and really meet more people.

However, everything has simply turned into dust after the lockdown.

Everyday, I feel trapped physically now with the lockdown as well as trapped emotionally as things seem not to be moving in my life anymore. I also feel trapped spiritually.

A strong belief looms in me that the world will never be the same after this crisis and I am in the process of re-evaluating all my goals, my current situation, and how I can best make use of the opportunities presented by the post COVID-19 world.

On the bright side, there have been some signs of synchronicity in my life that point towards the eventual achievement of some of my most desired goals through certain events that are linked in a very subtle manner.


Quite satisfied with today. Been a little more than 2 weeks with Alchemist ST1. Hadn’t been running EmperorQ for the last few days.

Business has been quite good today with a couple of enquiries on my medical equipment.

Expect a few more enquiries come in tomorrow.

Someone whom I remember I was afraid to interact with after offending her on a professional basis unexpectedly reached out to me about the medical equipment and I saw the opportunity to help her out and on my own part make some amends and rebuild the relationship.

Had some good conversation with my specific person today.

Will move to a new journal when I start on my Limitless and Alchemist Combo.


Alchemist is fascinating.

For some people, it really does seem to strengthen and support benefits in (seemingly) unrelated ares.


Yes, I feel something about the Alchemist.

Maybe EmperorQ and StarkQ are just too powerful for me at this stage.