[STACKED] The Terminus Meditations


Wednesday June 3 2020
Stark Q Terminus Meditation

Okay. So to summarize thus far:

These Terminus-timed meditation sessions began on 2 May. I did 22 consecutive days with Stark Q Terminus (which incidentally basically carried me most of the way through a kind of grueling slog of work-related tasks, which I am very, very glad to be past. Thanks for the company Stark Q Terminus!).

Sunday 24 May was my first day meditating with Mind’s Eye Q Terminus2. I decided to alternate daily between Stark Q Terminus and Mind’s Eye Q Terminus2 , and I realized that it would be a good idea to take one day each week as a rest day to meditate without either of them. This past Sunday 31 May was the first rest day.

So up until today 3 June, I have done 27 meditation sessions with Stark Q Terminus and 5 sessions with Mind’s Eye Q Terminus2.

Just realized today that this means every Monday, Wednesday, Friday will be Stark Q Terminus and every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday will be Mind’s Eye Q Terminus2.

In other words, since I know the pattern, I don’t need to make entries on days when I have nothing much to say just as a way to keep track of practices. (uh…maybe not my most Limitless moment, but, it’s only been a week).

Maybe, I’ll make an Excel sheet, just to keep a formal record. Or maybe I’ll mark it down here. Just felt a little funny about asking for a discount for my number of posts if some of my posts just said ‘[date]’ and ‘nothing special to report’. On the other hand, it looks like I may pass 1250+ posts soon. After that, don’t need to feel conscious about that anymore.

On to today’s practice, it was Stark Q Terminus. It felt so smooth. Like the way people describe a good blend of coffee or amber ale or something.

Stark Q Terminus is supercharging my subliminal experience. I do believe it should be approached with respect. There are interesting things swimming and lurking in the depths of the mind, and they do stir when poked. I found myself reading and thinking about disturbing themes and horror movies for a couple of weeks. I’m not a horror-fan. And it suggests that my mind was expanding and integrating Shadow material, which is what it does when you start digging holes in the ground of consciousness.

I feel grateful and I am so far loving the Terminus meditations.

There tend to be periodic mini-crises and then subsequent resolutions to those crises. I think it’s called Growth or something. That’s what I’ve heard anyway.


Mind’s Eye thought:

Has it ever occurred to you that you could be the fascinating otherworldly presence or magickal spirit that some other being encounters as it learns remote viewing and astral projection and ventures out from its world?


I am having ideas that I did not have before. I (for better or for worse) attribute this to the effects of Stark Q Terminus and Mind’s Eye Q Terminus2 added to the pre-existing and ongoing foundation of Ecstasy of Gold and Emperor.

I’m still not near the rubber to the road stage of things. But I feel a lot of movement happening.

One thing I would say is that when it’s safe and appropriate to do so, it can be good to share your process with other people, even if it’s just for a brief bit of time. Sometimes, other people can see your accomplishments, qualities, and skills in a different context than you do.

Often, they don’t. So this is not a magical solution to anything.

My latest shift though came when I showed some work I had done to someone I trusted. The person responded with 2-3 sentences that significantly informed how I am thinking. I’m sure more shifts are coming. I hope so, because I need them.


There is an increased presence to my magickal workings. It feels good!

Thank you Mind’s Eye, and @SaintSovereign and @Fire.


Saturday June 13 2020

Stark Q Terminus - 31 days completed
Mind’s Eye Q Terminus2 - 10 days completed

Again, I, daily, alternate the use of these two subliminal tracks, and I take a weekly rest day on Sundays.

I’ve noticed an enhanced movement and energy to my internal process. But, come on, these are subconscious processes we’re talking about. I can’t know exactly what’s going on in there. I can intuit and guess about what’s happening. I can also describe shifts in my conscious experience which must also be a kind of time-delayed indicator of what’s happening beneath the surface.

I have noticed an increased volume and spontaneity in the flow of ideas. I already have an actively idea-producing mind. I believe it has been further enhanced.

I’m noticing patterns of peaks and troughs when it comes to motivation, vision, and determination.

Several times now, my mind and thoughts have gone to dark places of fear, despair, discouragement, and a sense of futility. There’s actually a degree of lightness to those. They could be heavier and more intense. It’s like feeling cold weather but feeling it through layers of clothing.

So, typically, every so often, I’ll find myself in those spaces of low-level crisis or questioning. I’m actually somewhat over these last few days. That’s the trough. Then the clouds will break and some kind of insight or shift in determination or clarity will seem to manifest. One of those happened two days ago and I got a kind of downloaded vision and insight about Wealth that represented a re-orienting shift.

(I’ll paste a summary of that insight below or in another post.).

But this experience leads me to think that the Stark Q and Mind’s Eye Terminus meditations are working with the core processes of my Ecstasy of Gold and Emperor stack. Ecstasy of Gold I’ve been running for 9 months. Emperor for about 6.

I feel synergy between these various programs. They represent a unified vision and aspiration for my life.

The shakiness, the uncertainty, the peak and trough fluctuations; these continue.

Overall, the meditations feel good.

I’m finding myself thinking more about the Superchargers. Particularly The Elixir. But also The Commander. Those are the ones which I’ve used quite a bit. I also own Beyond Limitless and True Social. And I think I’ll buy Libertine also. I’m thinking about how I might integrate use of the superchargers with my daily meditation. I have two options. I could play one supercharger in the last 10 minutes of my meditation practice. Or, when time permits, I can play a supercharger directly afterwards. I think I’ll experiment with the second option. Maybe laying down with a supercharger as a way to transition from meditation session to the day’s activities.


Stark Q Terminus - 34 days completed
Mind’s Eye Q Terminus2 - 12 days completed

I continue to love these Terminus meditations. This morning was Stark Q Terminus.

My awareness is gradually adapting to the increased stimuli.

These are basically an open-ended experiment. Not as goal-directed or aspiration-oriented as my core Ecstasy of Gold stack. Visualization and manifestation are parts of my daily life, so I feel that Mind’s Eye should have ample Action to ‘feed’ it (or ‘eat’ it, depending on how you look at that subliminal/action relationship). But I’m not trying to get to anywhere very specific. Just to experience growth and to experience the impact/influence of the program and the build.

Stark is somewhat similar. I think that my overall lifestyle and habits probably give that program enough ‘grist for the mill’ without too much additional planning required.

So they have been pretty suitable as meditations. Just interfacing with the natural rhythms and elements of my life.

Again, I will observe here that I experience a more obvious and direct effect from Stark Q Terminus. But, in fact, I have experienced ‘power’ and ‘intensity’ from both programs. (Just that the effects of Mind’s Eye are more ambiguous at present.) I have no desire to stop either of them.

My custom subliminal is in Terminus build as well. Since Stark Q is one of the cores around which the entire custom is built, I think I will probably replace Stark Q Terminus with my Custom Subliminal in my meditations.

If I keep the same schedule then it will be
Day 1: Custom Subliminal Terminus
Day 2: Mind’s Eye Q Terminus2
(with Sundays as rest day.)

That sounds like an interesting transition.

Hmm… this also means that I’ll have three journals. I’ll probably allow the original Kether to Malkuth journal to lie fallow.

This Terminus Meditations journal does not require an incredible amount of upkeep. Especially now that I’ve somewhat habituated to the tracks.

I’m going to go over now and create my Custom Q journal.


Why did you decide to build with Terminus vs just Q?


Stark Q Terminus was the first program offered using this unique, new build strength. My sole purpose in beginning these combined subliminal-meditative practice sessions was to experience, and hopefully understand, the impact of the experimental build strengths (particularly under the listening condition of meditation).

As I write in the first post in this journal:


And just got to experience today’s partial solar eclipse! What a great day. So lucky!


Mind’s Eye Q Terminus2 - 14 days completed
Paths of Wealth Terminus - 1 day completed
(Stark Q Terminus - stopped after 34 days, Paths contains a Stark Q Core)

The cycle of meditations continues. Stark Q is now swapped out for Paths Q, my custom. It’s built around 3 cores: Ecstasy of Gold Stage IV, Stark, and Power Can Corrupt. Next scheduled Paths meditation is tomorrow. Today was Mind’s Eye T2.

I’m basically getting no extreme signs of problematic reconciliation. And if I’m straight-forward about it, there have not been any really disruptive reconciliation signs most of the time. I’ve shared before about the Ari Aster dark rabbit-hole that I seemed to get pulled into during the month of May and I do consider that a kind of reconciliation. It’s more or less quieted down now.

So, after close to 2 months of almost daily Terminus use with no terribly disruptive reconciliation issues, I’m now considering experimenting with increased loops per day.

Not much else to say. The meditations continue thank goodness.

I’m using qigong three-part breathing as the main method in the meditation sessions. Simply, breathing into the lower abdomen, upper abdomen, and lungs for 36 times respectively. With attention paid to the sensations that arise.

(These are figurative descriptions. All breath is into the lungs. ‘Breathing into the lower abdomen’ denotes breathing in such a way that diaphragm movement causes the lower abdomen to expand, and so on.)


Mind’s Eye Q Terminus2 - 14 days completed
Paths of Wealth Terminus - 2 days completed

I am thinking that I’ll keep this journal for phenomenological accounts of Terminus meditations and for the record of days completed. For more content-oriented posts, I’ll use my Q Custom Journal.

I continue to notice that, for the time being, 60 minutes is seeming to pass relatively smoothly. I woke this morning at 5:45 AM and did some morning ablutions. (i.e., took a piss). Felt very tired, and considered going back to sleep. After lying down for a while, I felt that I was not going to sleep and felt a bit less tired. Meditated from about. 6:45 to 7:45 AM.

Slightly easier to accurately track breath count.

and, c’est voila.


Mind’s Eye Q Terminus2 - 16 meditation sessions completed
Paths of Wealth Terminus - 3 meditation sessions completed

This Morning’s Meditation: Mind’s Eye Q Terminus2

Concise description of meditation method:

Attend to the (subjective) physicality of neural process

Any comments on today’s meditation? Not much. Breathing felt somewhat easier. Time seemed to pass smoothly and easily. Grateful.


Mind’s Eye Q Terminus2 - 17 meditation sessions completed
Paths of Wealth Terminus - 4 meditation sessions completed

This morning’s meditation: Mind’s Eye Q Terminus2

Primarily focused on counting the breaths.


Mind’s Eye Q Terminus2 - 18 meditation sessions completed
Paths of Wealth Terminus - 5 meditation sessions completed


Paths of Wealth Terminus - 6 meditation sessions completed
Mind’s Eye Q Terminus2 - 19 meditation sessions completed

Today, I revisited the description of Mind’s Eye.

Here it is below. I’ve bolded the sentences that, to me, most clearly describe the areas of focus.

Mind’s Eye: Enhance Your Visualization and Manifestation Abilities Subliminal


“Ordinary people believe only in the possible. Extraordinary people visualize not what is possible or probable, but rather what is impossible. And by visualizing the impossible, they begin to see it as possible.” – Cherie Carter Scott

When Jonas Salk, inventor of the Polio vaccine, was asked how he developed the vaccine — which helped eradicate it from the world — he replied: “I pictured myself as a virus or a cancer cell and tried to sense what it would be like.”

Billionaires Oprah Winfrey and Richard Branson. Movie stars Will Smith and Jim Carrey. And of course, Leonardo DaVinci, one of the greatest inventors and minds in all human history. All of these individuals (and other prominent athletes, business owners and other “elites”) have said that the key to their success is their ability to visualize.

Mind’s Eye can help catapult your visualization and imagination capabilities to the highest levels. While some people’s thinking mode is that of visualizing abstract systems, some think by hearing an auditory stream. Some think in vivid images. Some experience deeply felt feelings and sensations. This is why Mind’s Eye is revolutionary — there is no need for you to train a thinking mode that is unnatural to you, with Mind’s Eye, you’ll become proficient in whatever form of visualization best works for you.

In our research, we discovered that everyone “visualizes” differently. You might not be able to visualize a perfect cube floating in the blackness behind your eyelids, but you might be able to vividly remember a touch or a movement, with all its distinct details. That’s why Mind’s Eye works with your subconscious in order to make you aware of how your mind works in regards to visualization and help you use that knowledge to take your visualization ability, whatever it be, to profound levels. For those who can project images from their mind into 3D space — imagine projecting the image of an apple so realistic that you can smell and taste it. For those who “hear” auditory streams, imagine easily separating the signal from the noise and being able to convey the ideas you visualize with incredible verbal clarity. If you were a tactile visualizer, you would be able to increasingly feel more and more distinct sensations, becoming able to create complex systems with direct sensations, that would make perfect sense to you, and so on.

Of course, if you want to learn another visualization modality, Mind’s Eye will accelerate your ability to develop that skill. That’s right, we included Quantum Limitless Lite and tailored it toward enhancing your visualization abilities.

Mind’s Eye also contains scripting to help you use your visualization abilities to predict the optimal outcome for any situation you experience. You will receive unending inspiration from your subconscious on how to improve upon your situation. You’ll be able to see numerous possibilities in vivid detail and determine what path you should take. This includes developing business ideas, business systems, running fight simulations, etc.

You can also use Mind’s Eye as a tool for developing your own manifestation abilities. What this means is, whatever you consciously desire, and visualize with the intent to manifest it, Mind’s Eye will work alongside your subconscious to manifest your desired object or outcome rapidly, while removing the effects of doubt and negative emotions. And if you suddenly decide you do not want the visualized outcome, you can simply consciously decide to stop the process, and it will be so.

That being said: visualization is a skill like any other – similarly to going to the gym, it can take days, weeks, months for results, but results will happen with action and dedication. That’s why it’s time to take action NOW and learn how to visualize like the geniuses of older times.


Paths of Wealth Terminus - 8 meditation sessions completed
Mind’s Eye Q Terminus 2 - 21 meditation sessions completed

This morning’s meditation was Mind’s Eye Q Terminus2

Had an idea for an adjustment to my meditation practice. Typically, I use breath counting with ‘Three-Part Breathing’, which is breathing 36 times into your lower abdomen, upper abdomen, and chest respectively. On the one hand, it provides a massage to the organs; on the other hand, it trains your stability of attention by requiring you to keep track of the count. You can also sink into the various physical sensations that make up the breathing process.

So, that’s the usual practice.

Yesterday, I felt like combining it with an Archangel awareness practice. In the system I’ve learned (one, I’m sure, of many), there are 12 basic archangels: Sandalphon, Gabriel, Michael, Haniel, Raphael, Kamael, Tzadkiel, Tzaphkiel, Raziel, Metatron, and Uriel and Iophiel.

That means that if you concentrate on a given archangel for 3 breaths and then move to the next, then by the time you reach the last, you’ll have breathed 36 breaths. That seemed cool to me, and I wanted to cultivate attunement with them so I did that. Liked it. And did it again today.

The first 10 of those archangels, from Sandalphon to Metatron, also correspond to the 10 Sefirot of the Qabalistic tree of life. Sandalphon-Malkuth, Gabriel-Yesod, Michael-Hod, Haniel-Netzach, Raphael-Tiphareth, Kamael-Geburah, Tzadkiel-Chesed, Tzaphkiel-Binah, Raziel-Chokmah, and Metatron-Kether.

So, I’ve been including those, as well.

I like it.

I think that can cultivate attunement and alignment, and it also trains imagination and the ‘Mind’s Eye’. So, for now, I’m doing that.


Paths of Wealth Terminus - 9 meditation sessions completed
Mind’s Eye Q Terminus2 - 22 meditation sessions completed

This morning was Mind’s Eye Q Terminus2

In yesterday’s and today’s meditations, I noticed some subjective time-dilation happening.

It felt like the hour was 70 minutes long. I checked the clock and saw that all was still well in the Cosmos (well as far as that goes).

Still using the archangels as an interesting way to help me to count breaths.

And that’s meditation.


Paths of Wealth Terminus - 11 meditation sessions completed
Mind’s Eye Q Terminus2 - 24 meditation sessions completed

Had a family errand to run early this morning, so no meditation until a bit after noon.

Today was a Mind’s Eye Q Terminus2 day.

Yesterday and today I dropped any breath counting or qigong 3-part breathing. Just did straight awareness of breath for the whole hour. It is what feels right right now.

It’s a little bit more difficult, I’d say, since there’s less obvious stimulation (I’m a pretty light and shallow breather). It also felt really right. There have been certain questions and concerns that I’ve been working with, and the meditation session felt like the right response to them in that moment.

Another kind of synchronicity. Last week I found myself spontaneously using the Archangels of the Tree of Life as a focus during meditation. Then I learned about the book being released by Damien Echols. Then I bought it and began to read some of it. Not too surprisingly, he discussed, in some detail, the exact same archangels. I felt a resonance between what I’d been thinking about and feeling during those sessions and what he was discussing in the book. That was interesting.

I also found that this is definitely not a ‘one-sitting’ book, for me. I read up to a certain point and felt a definite ‘enough. I don’t want any more of this right now.’ For now, the first 30-40 pages are exactly what I need.

Occultists on the forum?

Paths of Wealth Terminus - 12 meditation sessions completed
Mind’s Eye Q Terminus2 - 24 meditation sessions completed

So-called shikantaza these days for meditation. Drop the breath as an object for now. Attend to what is.


Paths of Wealth Terminus - 14 meditation sessions completed
Mind’s Eye Q Terminus2 - 26 meditation sessions completed

Continuing with same method. Attending to flow of experiencing. Allow things to settle down.

If my mind feels more restless again, I’ll probably reintegrate some sort of active method again. For now this is cool.