[STACKED] The Terminus Meditations


Paths of Wealth Terminus - 15 meditation sessions completed
Mind’s Eye Q Terminus2 - 27 meditation sessions completed

PATHS Terminus day

felt slight light trance towards end of session. no big deal. but something i’ll work with more if and when it comes.



Paths of Wealth Terminus - 16 meditation sessions completed
Mind’s Eye Q Terminus2 - 28 meditation sessions completed

Just completed today’s PATHS Terminus meditation.

So grateful.


Paths of Wealth Terminus - 17 meditation sessions completed
Mind’s Eye Q Terminus2 - 30 meditation sessions completed

Mind’s Eye Q Terminus2 meditation today. Last few days I’m running these somewhat sleep-deprived meditation sessions. So far there’s been no particular difficulty, but that’s a blessing. Need to get more sleep.

The meditation itself. A more open quality. I had music and imagery in my mind at the very beginning and then it gradually settled down. But I did observe that ‘hmmm…the evocativeness of this imagery is probably in part supported by Mind’s Eye’.

There’s a gradual years-long settling process that’s happening. The further that process proceeds the more so-called meditative awareness becomes integrated with everyday life.

So-called awakening is normal. It’s the disintegrated state that we’re often in which is the weird one. Like that old joke of the guy going to the doctor and saying, ‘There’s a banana stuck in my ear’.


Too much talking.

Good practice.



Paths of Wealth Terminus - 18 meditation sessions completed
Mind’s Eye Q Terminus2 - 31 meditation sessions completed

Mind’s Eye Q Terminus2 meditation today.

Great gratitude for another day of practice.

Feeling somewhat of a tendency to stretch my awareness downwards. Feeling awareness of my roots in the earth. At the same time, there’s a slight awareness of the Cosmos all around me.

Of my little primate crew making so much noise and trouble around here. I guess most of just staying busy going through routines.

various tensions, constrictions and limits are present and felt throughout the session. shaping and influencing where awareness goes and doesn’t go.



Paths of Wealth Terminus - 19 meditation sessions completed
Mind’s Eye Q Terminus2 - 32 meditation sessions completed

Today was Mind’s Eye Q Terminus2. 8:30 -9:30 AM or thereabouts.

very unusual today. felt like I had been sitting for 20 or 25 minutes. and then it was done.

i was low on sleep. but i’ve been low on sleep before, so i won’t just reduce it to that.

other than that, i’ve nothing to report


I had this experience while on a hallucinogen, 12-18 hours pass by like nothing.

A mix of ego death and astral projection, but I am not familiar with these concepts.


Paths of Wealth Terminus - 20 meditation sessions completed
Mind’s Eye Q Terminus2 - 32 meditation sessions completed

PATHS Terminus meditation this morning.

Earlier session today: 5:40 to 6:40.

was up, so did it.

reflected on angels


Paths of Wealth Terminus - 23 meditation sessions completed
Mind’s Eye Q Terminus2 - 36 meditation sessions completed

Today was a Mind’s Eye Terminus2

There is an increased feeling of ‘settling’ and ‘grounding’ in my meditations. It’s independent of whatever cognitive content is coming and going.

Love Mind’s EyeTerminus 2


Surprised to not see the cool abbreviation PoW used yet :slight_smile:


Paths of Wealth Terminus - 27 meditation sessions completed
Mind’s Eye Q Terminus2 - 40 meditation sessions completed

This morning’s meditation was with Mind’s Eye. Went to bed late and got up about 3 hours later, so sleepiness was something of a factor. Not overwhelming though.

Sessions continue to feel smooth. This past Thursday had a rare trip to my office, and went before I had a chance to meditate at home. Did a session on my office floor. (Keep a spare zafu and zabuton in there.). Was a little anxious about the discomfort of the hard floor, and it was more uncomfortable, but still manageable. Had a bit of insight about the clarity of discomfort sensations and the boundaries of ‘self’. Thought again about how only a life informed by imagination can be said to be ‘facing reality’, since the alternative is to be narrowly organized around bodily-oriented, egoically-organized sensations.

Right outside that circle of What I’m Experiencing, there is a vast world of experiences happening.


Have you tried regular Mind’s Eye before?


As a matter of fact, never have.

I think about this point every so often. I was floating around some possible dates of when I might work with Mind’s Eye Q (standard build). But I somehow really enjoy this Terminus2 experience. It feels like a nice deep massage or something. Next May, I’ll be building a Terminus strength custom with Mind’s Eye, so that is the last possible date for my current experiment/experience to end.

But, no, I haven’t worked with the standard build.


Might be interesting to observe how both strengths affect you, it may give more insights into the workings of Terminus². On a scale from 1 to 10 how well has your visualization improved through Mind’s Eye?


Yes haha. This was my original intention in adopting the Mind’s Eye title and the Terminus2 build strength.

But at this point, I’ve become quite attached to the experience itself.

So, we’ll see if I have enough intellectual curiosity to motivate listening to something else for a while.

The visual imagery improvement appears to be non-linear.

Every so often, I’ll get a clear vista. Not like a visualization exercise. More like a scene viewed while dreaming. I’ve found that it seems, for me at least, to be correlated with ease of entering trance.

But, I’ve never been a visually-gifted person. My intuitions, for example, tend to come as ‘knowings’ or as body movements. My visual processes seem more to be part of unconscious functioning. Do you know what I mean? They are happening all of the time, but my conscious awareness does not access them so easily. I think that’s why it’s easier in a trance state.

The Mind’s Eye sales description says:

Mind’s Eye works with your subconscious in order to make you aware of how your mind works in regards to visualization and help you use that knowledge to take your visualization ability, whatever it be, to profound levels. For those who can project images from their mind into 3D space — imagine projecting the image of an apple so realistic that you can smell and taste it. For those who “hear” auditory streams, imagine easily separating the signal from the noise and being able to convey the ideas you visualize with incredible verbal clarity. If you were a tactile visualizer, you would be able to increasingly feel more and more distinct sensations, becoming able to create complex systems with direct sensations, that would make perfect sense to you, and so on.

It’s pretty clear that mental visual imagery is not my most easily accessed process. But it’s there and happening. So, I will be patient and allow my capacities to grow.

And of course it also says:

Of course, if you want to learn another visualization modality, Mind’s Eye will accelerate your ability to develop that skill.

So, there is still that.

I have also noticed an increased richness to my magickal workings. The atmosphere and the intent is enhanced. I attribute that to Mind’s Eye.

Since it seems to be having an effect, I am sticking with the same Build Strength for now. I just like it so much.


So more like a trance-induced visualizer, if you can receive images you can also project images it’s that simple, you probably have to learn to discern the two from each other. Try and visualize your backyard when in meditation or when under a hot shower, see how that works out.

You’re more skilled in the intuitive department and there are reasons for that, each of us are born with specific skills enhanced over others, because it is those that we need most throughout our path. Eventually we’ll be able to unlock all of them though, at least if that’s something you’re willing to?


Damon Brand (Gallery of Magick) teaches a variation of the well-known Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. It’s called the Circle of Power. That’s a very frequent visualization for me.

The truth is at some point I was blasted with the realization that so-called ‘normal, everyday waking experience’ is equally miraculous and mysterious as anything else I could be faced with. I actually consider our ability to not see that to be one of the great achievements of sentient life. Makes it a lot easier to live a pragmatic life when you’re not being reduced to an awestruck, overwhelmed quivering puddle of gelatin every few minutes. (joking, but it’s true).

At some point it hits you, ‘wait a minute. I’m an alien. I’m flying through space. If you cut me, the flesh literally knits itself back together. I use some form of neurally-mediated telekinesis to literally move this body with the power of my mind. And what the hell is up with these crazy bilaterally symmetrical body shapes?’ Then you look up and you’re like ‘whoa! shit! there’s literally a ball of flame floating in the sky/in space. why isn’t anyone else freaking out about this?’

then you mention it to someone, and they’re like ‘oh, silly boy. That’s normal. It’s just the same old megaton, nuclear fission, catalyst of all organic life in the solar system that’s always been there. hahaha. some people are so silly.’

and it’s like, ‘ooookay… so I guess all of this is just ‘normal’’. :slight_smile:


the point being, I’m cool with the numerous miracles to which I already have ample access. And I’m patient and grateful for the new ones that I’ll get to see as things go forward.


Paths of Wealth Terminus - 29 meditation sessions completed
Mind’s Eye Q Terminus2 - 42 meditation sessions completed

Smooth session today. Mind’s Eye Q Terminus2

woke up later and got to it a bit later.

Each day another chance to practice.


Sunday. Rest Day.

Meditation session was subliminal-free.

General mind state continues to feel somewhat scattered.

A bit restless.

Grateful for the continued growth process.


Paths of Wealth Terminus - 31 meditation sessions completed
Mind’s Eye Q Terminus2 - 44 meditation sessions completed

This morning’s meditation was with Mind’s Eye Q Terminus2

Thought came to me: I think my preferred visualization mode is Pure Concepts.

Well, less of a verbal thought, and more of an observation of what was happening at that moment, and a recognition of how much that has happened in the past.

When I ‘visualize’, I hold a concept in mind. When I’m with friends or family and we’re trying to remember the details of a person, a conversation or an event, concepts are my mnemonic placeholders. (Shoutout to @mnemosyne).

for example, my daughter may say: ‘you mean the one who was wearing a blue jacket with gold buttons?’

and I’ll be like: ‘i mean the one who was trying to communicate his need for greater autonomy’

I found that once I relaxed with that style of ‘visualization’ that was natural for me, other sensory modalities drifted in a bit more around the edges. saw a glimpse of an image here and there.

Hmm…i think Mind’s Eye is at work.

Also, this lets me know that a quick way to determine your preferred mode of visualization is to look to your naturally improvised, typical mnemonic strategies.

there’s a strong and natural relationship between memory and imagination. They are each varieties of one another.

Anyway, other than that, a fine session.