[STACKED] The Terminus Meditations


Well, today is Sunday, a subliminal-free meditation.

On these days, I just use a meditation-timer app. (Still Mind)

set it for an hour (with chime at 20 or 30 minute intervals)

press ‘Begin’

then it’s time to experientially engage consciousness

just part of being alive

good stuff


Paths of Wealth Terminus - 34 meditation sessions completed
Mind’s Eye Q Terminus2 - 47 meditation sessions completed

This morning was Mind’s Eye Q Terminus2

Was kind of tired and sluggish during meditation session. 5 or 6 hours of sleep the night before.

As is appropriate, observed the tiredness and sluggishness as aspects of subjective state.

not much more to say at moment


Why does the logo of the app look so much like your profile picture?





There are no coincidences


Looks like Medici pattern recognition is starting to take effect.


Paths of Wealth Terminus - 37 meditation sessions completed
Mind’s Eye Q Terminus2 - 50 meditation sessions completed

Just noticed that it has been over 4 months of these Terminus meditations. Monday through Saturday, subliminal-free meditation on Sundays.

I feel grateful for it.

Today was Mind’s Eye Terminus2.

Meditation these days seems to be about a gradual settling process.

Reminds me a little of when I was 15 or 16 and decided to try to make my own gluten with whole wheat flour. I remember that you poured the flour into water (or water into the flour) and allowed it to settle and become more and more dense somehow. I think you may have drained the extra water, pushed it down and then added more water.


Good to hear about @blackice ‘s good news. congrats again, man.

hmmm…so, not that much else to say. grateful for another meditation session.



Surprised you haven’t called Paths of Wealth PoW yet.

Do you really find it productive to meditate for the entire duration of these audios? I would find it challenging to meditate for an hour for many reasons, time being one of them.


:slight_smile: You said the same thing about a month ago. Both of the primary associations of that abbreviation/acronym are not positive to me, subjectively. That’s why I don’t call it that. Meanings matter. :wink:

I do. I was doing it long before I ever started using subliminals. An hour is a nice, round period of time to me. There are real psychonauts who dive down/in/through/out for 3, 6, 9 hours. And that’s highly beneficial. But for now, I’m sticking with my 1. Works for me. Maybe one day I’ll feel ready for extended retreats.

Basically, I found the subliminals to be nicely synchronicitous meditation timers. A meditation timer that not only helps you know when to start and stop, as all timers do, but also doubles or triples the beneficial impact of your session? That sounds beautiful to me.

It’s funny. Sometimes, I see meditation sessions as the one formalized time during the day when you stop working so hard to lie to yourself. Like you really try to face what is here. Then the session’s done and it’s back to pretending. hahaha. Takes a lot of work to maintain these conventional, survival-based delusions, and, amazingly, that hard work is our default. And to think some people say, ‘I don’t have the discipline to meditate’. The truth is they’re too hard-working to practice. :wink:

Anyway, that has nothing to do with your point, I just had fun writing it.

You’re speaking specifically about the length of time. (In contrast, as far as your uninterrupted streak of meditation days, I noticed that it’s way longer than mine.) It’s an interesting point about the hour. I don’t know. Works for me. Truth is, I see informal practice as a higher-level activity than formal practice. I mean integrating that style of attending and that relationship to phenomena into how we ‘move through the world’ in general.

From that vantage point, the aim is to just be meditating all the time. Just like you’re already breathing or feeling or existing all the time. Just another spontaneous expression of your nature.

Either way, thanks for reaching out @SubliminalUser .


Whoah! This is something I had thought about every time I saw “Paths of Wealth” but hadn’t told you about…according to my memory. I can’t believe I already wrote this! 33 days to boot.

I have been looking into the technique of acceptance more. A certain channel draws inspiration from adavaita vendata in talking about this, and I find that it is an amazing way to incorporate mindfulness into everyday life.



I am inspired!

So glad you typed this. (Just recognized that it is a synchronicity for me.)

Thank you again.



Paths of Wealth Terminus - 39 meditation sessions completed
Mind’s Eye Q Terminus2 - 52 meditation sessions completed

Odd day today. Didn’t meditate until 6:15 pm.

I’ve reintegrated qigong 3-part breathing into the meditation session because I think my health needs it.

I want to bring in more qigong too, I think. Just trying to figure out how to integrate it into my daily routine.

Today, visualization felt totally blank. Well, that’s hyperbolic. Point is, there were not vivid images. My mind was not settled in general, really. Probably also why it took so long to sit down for practice.

As always, I’m extremely grateful to be able to practice and just to be alive right now.

We’ve been in storm season here. Disrupted my walks. I guess those were contributing to my smooth functioning and wellbeing even more than I realized. It seems to not be raining much now. Thinking of trying to go out and see how far I can get.

Achilles still hasn’t healed enough since my 10 mile walks week before last. Starts hurting a lot after 5 miles or so. Will look forward to recovery. I’d love to walk 20 miles if it comes to that.

At any rate, another practice session complete.



Paths of Wealth Terminus - 42 meditation sessions completed
Mind’s Eye Q Terminus2 - 54 meditation sessions completed

Today was a PATHS day.

The waters of my mind this morning were choppy and windblown. Not a lot of easy focus or concentration. Not particularly uncomfortable, but noticeably unfocused.

At the same time, there was also a settled subjective quality, maybe in terms of overall physical relaxedness.

Changes come and changes go. As usual, I’m just grateful to be able to practice.


Paths of Wealth Terminus - 42 meditation sessions completed
Mind’s Eye Q Terminus2 - 55 meditation sessions completed

Rest today. No subliminals. Very early meditation due to insomnia.

use my custom modules to count breaths instead of using numbers. easier to keep track.