Stage Fright / Fear of Public Speaking


Hi. This is done through psychic programming in ways most people dismiss or don’t believe in because they don’t understand how it works. Once you understand how this energy works and learn the skillset then you will believe it. Where is the field and how does it work? This psychic energetic field has been imbued into the original image when Dreamweaver designed it. So anytime you reprint the image it is recreating the morphic signature which isn’t lost. Information is never lost its always there. Don’t believe me try [Mod Edit: Link removed]. You can print them out from your computer and use them. Things that are slightly beyond our physical sight we tend to reject due to lack of understanding.


We’ve decided to no longer allow links to that website or their products. I’m not going to go too far into my personal feelings on the topic of selling $10 print on demand necklaces for hundreds of dollars as it’s their right to sell it and your right to spend your money as you please. We, however, will not be providing free marketing for it, however.


I respect your wishes for me to not post links to him. However Lots of their fields are free. And some are quite expensive. Meditating for hours and hours to creat and design a complex multi structured field isn’t easy. Just like what you guys do here. I sure wouldn’t be doing that for free. To each his own.


Well dang, this thread died with along with the $200 necklaces.

Anyone else have any advice? I’m finding with TERMINUS the thing is to just do it. I have learned some breathing techniques that take like 5 minutes, but they don’t help if you’re called on the spot.