STARK Thread - team stark now activated


We have heard unofficial reports of the new product STARK which will be hitting us soon. It is comprised of

Emperor + Quantum Limitless Core + Daredevil + Primal Seduction: Iron Throne + EoG Core + PCC.

In order to prepare for this unofficial release I am looking to recruit a hardcore team of testers for Stark. "The Dirty Dozen"So far we have Simon, BlackIce, Yard Bird, Raphael, WhiteTiger. Please share your thoughts and why you would make a good tester for SC and why you think SC is the best,

Main Dev. Thread - StarkQ
Main Dev. Thread - StarkQ

@blackadder - I think this would be the perfect time for me to try this since am in a state of limbo concerning the direction I want to take my life in. Sure, I need goals and actions to supplement the subliminal, but am sure the sub itself can help.

But this also depends on how Emperor Fitness will turn out since it is possible I might run Emperor Fitness (along with Khan, QL and/or Ultimate Artist). And for this, Playlist, it would not be a good option to add STARK to it.

Not in a hurry to test STARK. But I can be dedicated if I do end up choosing to do it. In which case, I will only run STARK.

But again, will wait for Emperor Fitness to release and if I don’t go for EF, am open to trying STARK.


Hi would be delighted to be part of the test group. My rationale is that I have purchased PS, EoG and have definitely noticed strong effects just of the Limitless module included in Primal Seduction. My goals are very much aligned with becoming a rich, independent, squirting orgasm giving ( I would give it to Piper 24/7) powerhouse. I listen to my subs all day all night already and being part of the test group would also encourage me to give out consistent reports/ journal entry. I am down!


KingR and Raphael i can see you both as valuable members of the community. I think Stark would fit you both perfectly.


Thank you, @blackadder


I’m not even waiting. Simulating STARK already. :wink:

Playlist = E4, K4, E4, G4

6 hours in (2 runs), the trailer is definitely captivating. :blush:

For anyone else thinking of trying this stack…


  1. You better know what you’re doing. I have a lot of experience with these files;
    5+ months of Khan, 4+ of EOG, 1+ of Emperor v4, and 8+ of Emperors v1 & v2.

  2. There is no healing in K4 & G4. Use 30+ minutes everyday for Conscious Reconciliation / Reframing / Releasing.

  3. The main healing module is New Beginnings. Prepare for deep, but slowly building impact.



I haven’t used EOG, PCC or Khan but I’m in.

Why me? I’m developing an actual STARK Industries, building alternative healing technologies & advanced extraterrestrial technologies.

  • count me in if you want to fly a spaceship in approximate 11 years.

I went to the doctor today to get an insurance for my sporting hobbies (can’t even remember the last time I was sick or went to the doctor). Upon reading my heartbeat, he looks at me in a weird way, looks back at his heartbeat reader, knocks on it a few times making sure whether or not it is working. He measures my blood pressure just to make sure - ‘those monks on the mountains don’t even have a heartbeat like you do’.


I’m in!

This sounds exciting.

I’ve been combining Emperor + Quantum Limitless + Daredevil already and it’s a great combo! I feel more focused and charismatic.

I’d love to have a sub that has the others all in one.

I love sub club because I’m someone that used to read a lot but didn’t take action. After listening to Emperor I noticed my behavior shift to become more action oriented and I saw deals and opportunities come up because of it.


Is this for real? Never heard of STARK


It was a side discussion on the EF Hype thread. Starting here…


Hermit just by the way you articulate yourself with your words. I can tell you are smart. I am onboarding you as part of STARK congratulations.


Well alright, I’m in. Since I am already very focused on building my emperor and earning money with my business, I guess this would be a pretty nice adventure


Good that you’re paying attention to how I write, now I have someone to measure if my English vocabulary and grammar gets improved.

Anyhow let’s not involve ego, we’re all intelligent beings, ego is only a label or identity. I would love for everyone to unlock and improve their intelligence, inner-genius, brain capabilities. Because each one of us has the capabilities for increase on all fields. This is my vision for humanity, this is why I love SubliminalClub, it’s the first positive solution I’ve found to be working on releasing negative think patterns that occur from belief systems ingrained on our subconscious by mainstream society.

But it is only one of the many tools one should use to empower himself.

  • Only a little spoiler, I founded a company that turned from 0 to 9k PROFIT in only a few months without even putting focus into it, I’ve been research all over the place, like I always do while running this company. Only if it was my passion project you would see the real increase in gains - I do not care about profit I care about value.

I’m moving around the different continents to meet researchers all over the world in Q2, Q3 and Q4 of 2020, let’s see we’re STARK can take me.


Count me in!

I’m on a mission to invent a cheap and safe replacement for plastic.

Also, on a mission to introduce to the world, on a mass scale, a very cheap natural cure for cancer, that has no side effects. I already have the formula ready, and it works!

Edit: I have found a scientist who has found this formula, I want to invest in him and help him break through all the
traditional medicine syndicates, out into the entire world.

Subclub is the best because it’s not only the best subliminals company, but also the bridge for the best virtual family alive.
Subclub provides the best value for it’s members.


Well shit this sounds awesome. I’ve been on emp v4 since the release and it helps with Khan 1. But I’ve been interested in quantum and daredevil as well. I’m interested in testing this since it fits in with my wants and needs. Okay I saw EOG and primal fuck the hell yes I need this!


Thank you to you all for supporting Sub Club. All we need is a buy in from Sovereign and Fire. Sometimes getting a buy in from SC can be hard like praying to the gods and hoping they will respond somehow.

@SaintSovereign @Fire I have assembled a team who are 111% loyal to Subliminal Club. They will go out on a limb for you both. Please unleash Stark !!.


@KingR I like your attitude you have been on boarded.


Excuse me sir I believe you forgot one. I know I’m new here but Subclub have themselves a new lifelong customer and supporter here. With a mix like that I wouldn’t need to switch subs for a year or two. @Fire @SaintSovereign count me in, even if it’s just for testing.


Taking the money aspect aside, what’s the benefit of running STARK instead of stacking Khan St4 and QL when you want to combine seduction with Stark thinking


Hahaha, a company couldn’t have better customers. :slight_smile:

I’ll talk it over with @Fire and we’ll make a decision soon. If we were to make it a mainstream title for sale, we’d have to add more value than just a mix of current titles. That’s cool when it’s just for me, but I wouldn’t feel right just mixing together a bunch of subliminals and selling it. That means putting Stark on the roadmap for actual development, and we’re not sure what we’d bump off to make that happen. But, keep telling us what you’d like to see in it if we did make it.