StarkQ + Seductress = PottsQ ;)


I’ll be watching this. I have everything but starkQ since I just started wanted to see how QL+Sed go before I add anything else. Thanks for sharing.


any updates this week?



My playlist is the same as before, nothing changed there.


  • I am way more focused and way more motivated to get shit done. I wake up in the morning (around 8 am) and make a healthy breakfast first thing, then I workout and shower, and finally get to work. This is something i’ve never been able to do, my mornings used to be filled with procrastination!

  • I find I also have a lot more energy during the day, not sure if Seductress Q or QLQ is giving me that, but I never have afternoon crashes anymore. Before I would crash at 3pm and need a nap.

  • I’ve lost 10lbs so far, my stomach is looking flatter than it ever has. I can’t wait to get some Abs showing.

  • A few people have commented on my voice, saying it’s extremely soothing, one guy even said it was sexy. Not sure if this is seductress Q or just a dude trying to flirt lol

  • I have noticed my skin clearing up even more so. I have Keratosis Pilaris on my legs, it’s these small bumps that are normally caused by clogged pores. I have tried EVERYTHING including prescription lotions and nothing has fixed this issue, but now suddenly it’s going away! Which is HUGE for me, as this was stopping me from enjoying dresses.


Are you gonna switch to starkQ terminus?


Switched last night, I can only get through one loop of it ahha but maybe that’s all i neeed


@Fire and/or @SaintSovereign:
I would like the opposite sex to say that my voice is extremely soothing and sexy too. Please help.


It’s in the Q store. :wink:


Have you noticed a difference in how your boyfriend responds to you since you have started the stack?


It seems to be making him more assertive towards me. Like before he would kinda just let me do my own thing, but now if I am doing something he finds annoying he will call it out.

He also seems very possessive of me now, and will openly touch me in public as if to signal to others that I’m “his”.

I am not sure what behavioral change of mine is triggering this response. But that’s the biggest thing so far.

Also, I dropped StarkQ-T and went back to StarkQ. T was way to intense for me and would just make me feel physically ill.


It’s called mate guarding, and we hear about this a lot from women who use our products. In a nut shell, whether consciously or subconsciously, he is noticing that your social status and inner sense of self value is rising, which triggers a fear that you’ll leave him for someone else (hence the touching in public to ward off potential suitors).

The assertiveness is a show of dominance and masculinity.

I suspect soon, you’ll start getting “hate” from other women when you’re alone and you take a look at their partners.


Is there a way to nix that bit or is it so ingrained people will respond that way no matter what? Seems annoying if it’s going to happen more often than before. Like lull the surrounding people into not noticing the unintended challenge.