StarkQ + Seductress = PottsQ ;)


This is reconciliation. He just needs to cut back on the number of loops, but I suspect he won’t even try it again. We’ve heard this excuse from people so many times. Pop an aspirin, cut back on the loops, keep it going.

Only you can answer this question, but be objective. I can understand your frustration. Years ago, while I was working toward getting my master’s degree, I was also working a full-time, six-figure job. I worked 12 hours a day, only to come home and spend 5-6 more hours on schoolwork. Meanwhile, my live-in girlfriend had no job, no career and spent the majority of her day hanging out at the pool and gossiping with friends.

The resentment built up to very unhealthy levels as she began to demand more from me, while offering nothing of value in return. I was only staying with her because I felt bad that I moved her all the way to California, but eventually, enough was enough and I called her father and put her on a flight back to her home state the following week.

Growth is hard, and when you’re dedicated to self-development, sometimes that means cutting ties with people who will hold you back because they’re unable or unwilling to grow with you. It’s the price we pay by running powerful subliminals.

Merlin's Rejoicing: Return of the Eleven

I’ve tried to help my mother with Regeneration because she is severely programmed with negative unconscious paradigms that have to be released for her to open up. Now she immediately got headaches and got told by the unconscious all these things not to keep listening. This is the unconscious trying to stay on track with the negative unconscious programs to stay dis-empowered.

She simply wasn’t aware that the solution to all her problems was readily available for her and kept going on with her life. Reconciliation is a nasty thing. The deeper a place you come from the harsher the reconciliation will be.


@JewlSubs how are things for you now?


@JewlSubs do you still use your stack? I’m wondering how Stark goes for women.


I don’t use my stack anymore as I found better options outside of subliminals.

Stark gave me pretty good results while I was listening tho.


Thank you for your reply. May I know what options you’re referring to, please?