StarkQC - Prince Charming


Deep muscle massage, relaxing muscle, tension fade all over body.
I had pain in knee and i can feel it working on something inside my knee.


Hey @Badboi, how would you describe the effects derived from Lion IV, Dragon Tongue, and Transcendental Connection?


Hey @Hermit :smile:

Okay so Lion i feel calm, chill, relaxed, better self esteem.

Dragon Tongue, more smooth when i talk, putting myself in a good spot. Could be pcc is also helping with this anyway super combo :+1:
I am a little more funny but it can be better hehe.

Transcendental Connection is so good, i love this in my custom. I feel so connected with my family now. I enjoy and value people way more now.

Since i started this custom my social skills have improved so much. Never been this smooth talker before :wink::+1:


@Badboi, thank you very much, I will take a look at your Custom now to see how it looks like.

As for Lion IV, I’m generally calm already but I was more interested in the wit, composure, social ability, and body language compartment of it. When looking at these qualities, how did Lion IV help you out with them?

Which Modules or Cores in your Custom would you contribute to that?

Cannot seem the Journal in which you depict the Cores and Modules in your Custom, mind sharing what you are running?


I wrote my custom list a few posts up.

Lion is module makes you more like a lion.
For me it’s slower walk, not as reactive, very calm, majestic, high value, kinda of like a king.
Social ability speak from a place of confidence and but not super chatty.

Module like Dragon Tongue is what makes me smooth talker i think, conversation flow easy.

Maybe total Nonchalance is helping a little also.

I also have KhanST4 core that is also helping with social.


@Badboi, wow that Custom is packed but I love it. How long have you been using it for, did it give you a lot of reconciliation, does it feel dense? I was honestly thinking mine was dense and packed but yours is even more, which gives me even more confidence that mine is going to work out just fine.

The more scripting, the longer it takes for you to become in alignment with it, and also the more reconciliation will arise during that transition phase, but I’m fine with that – mine is intended for the long-term.

I’m also going for Power Can Corrupt, Dragon Tongue, Transcendental Connection and I’m considering Torchbearer. So we have a lot of overlapping modules, which is interesting and gives me the opportunity to derive an initial overview of its execution. Would you say Iron Frame is still helpful when you already Dragon Tongue, it would seem Dragon Tongue already contains some part of Iron Frame and they might enhance each other because of that, but it may also be completely unnecessary and rather exchanged for another module.

Lion IV sounds awesome, but I feel inclined to get Godlike Masculinity instead, it fits my Custom a lot better even though Lion IV would do very well in sales, general communication, and social endeavors.

How would you describe the effects of Torchbearer?


Not much reconciliation yet, i used it for two week, its dense but 1 loop i per day is enough or else i get tired and reconciliation happens.

Your custom looks easy.
Iron frame helps with staying with your opinion, what you believe in, and if people are pushy you just brush them of.

Dragon Tongue :yum: should also help with this.

I would say Lion is relaxing and Godlike Masculinity is pushy, get this shit done now type.

Oh and Torchbearer havent kicked in alot but i do feel very patience with people, willing to help more, it may be Torchbearer doing.


I’d love to fit Iron Frame in there but there’s no space, dang, I really have to think this through. Honestly, Godlike Masculinity or Lion IV is going to be a decisive one – I’m going to have to get my pendulum out and go with that.

Thank you for your insights.


Been sleeping more then normal.

But i am improving in many ways :slight_smile:

So little affects me atm, my masculine power , my confidence keeps rising and rising… im on a new level !

Holy shit, i love this.


How is the combination between Khan + Stark + PCC treating you?
This something I am about to go for myself


Are you running Khan + Stark + PCC now?
Seems like a good combo :wink:


I’m going to start a new journal soon with my secret custom :stuck_out_tongue:

So far i had 1 hot woman checking me out when i was out, that was fun hehe.