Struggling with assertiveness


Easy enough to find: HPP Webshop

Essentially it’s a guy telling two stories, one in each ear. In trying to keep track of them, your conscious mind will get confused and drift off into a trance-state similar to hypnosis. The track is filled with “hidden” instructions. So one story will say the word “be”, followed by the second story saying “confident”. Your subconscious hears “be confident”.

I find them entertaining to listen to (the stories are cute), and I do end up in a relaxed state.


I have a bunch of the HPP titles on cassette. Great stuff. Really skillfully put together.


PCC is working slightly differently for me - it’s shattering my own naïve belief that everybody is motivated to be as compassionate and caring as possible. I realise that sadly it’s all about self interest.

Fortunately PCC is a framework in how to leverage that self interest so that it works for me without getting used and abused. It’s clinical, but a “nice guy” with more power is a good thing.


That’s great!


Power Can Corrupt is probably one of the most important subs available for people in abusive situations, because it literally rewrites the early faulty programming that says:

  • serve others first,
  • be “good”
  • turn the other cheek,
  • other people are always kind,

and turns it around in order to promote your own personal power. Of course the applications differ from each major program but with Khan it creates a formidable character to be feared and respected instead of being used and abused. Love it.


Sounds like your walking down your path of resilience :+1:t3:


Thanks @lowrider! I’ll probably stop gushing about this product in a week or so :smile:


Are you kidding. I love hearing about success. :grinning:


Just to add to this thread, @Dmitry’s suggestion of Regeneration was spot on regarding past trauma, shame and guilt blocking assertive behaviour. Cannot feel worthy enough to stand up for yourself if guilt is rotting away in the background.


How msny loopd uou run of pcc?


When I bought it, PCC was up to two loops. Now it’s down to one loop, with Khan


@Michel …I got PCC been a week I’m listening. I alternative between PCC one day and next ascension + regeneration. I’m thinking of increasing the loops so far as per Saint I have been looping each only once. But morning and before sleep. So total each twice with PCC twice next day.


Ascended Mogul my bro. I lost THREE “friends” JUST these past 3 weeks because I started COMMANDING Respect. Calling them out on their bullshit. It’s not easy at first. Because you have to force yourself to call them out. Because you will feel embarrassed to show your feelings. But you must go above and beyond, with the mentality “Imagine calling yourself a man and being afraid to say how you FEEL”. But AM makes you aware and angry.

If they were your real friends they will respect what you have to say otherwise they were fake.

Edit: Just realized this was old lol


Oh well, no great loss… :joy:
AM - kick ass , collect Benjamins.


why u got tears coming out of yo lips

but yeah bro