SubClub Elites -- Lifetime Discounts! -- Ranks Updated


Would those six titles have the option for name embedding? I likely am more interested in name embedded versions of present titles than putting modules together myself to do full custom.


@SaintSovereign Let me be honest then as well - I don’t think this is about the money but about a sign of appreciation for those willing to spend so much time here on the forum writing reviews, helping others out. While your 30 days money-back guarantee is great, the positive reviews on this forum are a big reason why so many people start with their subliminal journey, try it out and stick with it even in times of reconcilation. They find support here on the forum by people who have similar goals and are inspired by those who already achieved what they like and posted all their results here on the forum. But writing such reviews takes time, a lot of time. You realized this by offering discounts for the most active members to show a sign of respect which I highly compliment. It is a nice gesture and benefits both you and your loyal customers. Back to the Q-store, I am excited about the release as you build something grand here that nobody ever did in the industry, still with reasonably affordable prices as you pointed out. But there is no need to compare yourself to a fake company which scammed their customers with 1000$ products filled with silence. Your company, as I see it, is not about maximizing profit but about changing lives, building something great, and having a loyal, active high-achieving community and customer base. And this is why I think it is a bummer that the Elites won’t work for the Q store. It is not about the money, I would rather find a job to make the small grant instead of writing daily posts in my journal for hours on end to get a 15% discount. And the discounts are only for a super small minority. There are only 9 people who got granted the Initiate rank, giving them 5% off. There are like an additional 6 people who never applied for Initiate and got a higher rank instead. To get 10% off alone, you need to be an extremely active poster. For example @myspace123, just to name one, was the first person which journal I followed consistently over one year ago and who is extremely active here on the forum liking one’s posts, and he only got the Aspirant rank giving him 3% off. So we are not talking about giving freebies to people but about not taking away the show of respect to those people who are extremely loyal AND extremely active. I guess this is it. When you would have never given any discount to elite posters, I would have never complained. As I said the prices are fairly affordable. But for me, the 10% just have less to do with money…

I could go on and on and argue why I think it is smart to have the discount count, for example, only for the 99$ base price (instead of for the whole thing), especially looking at the long-term future but I will end this point here. I think I made my point clear and maybe you think about it. But to add to that, I will support this brand no matter if the Elite discounts are giving to Q or not - I support you because I love what you are building here, and I only write this / “complain” because I care about the company.


Well said.

Alright then, we’ll extend SubClub Elites to the Q store. I’ll transfer everyone’s coupon over before we launch.


That is exciting news. Frequent posters will post about their Q store subs and drive more sales. This should end up being win/win for all involved.


Jarvis would be proud


Thank you, @SaintSovereign for extending the Elites discount option to the Q Store too. As much as I would purchase it without the discount, the discount does help our pockets in a big way. And is a nice reward for those of us frequent posters who gladly play the role of enthusiastic support agents for SubClub.

And @friday. We so owe you for making the case for us, man! Much appreciated!


@SaintSovereign How do I get an Elite Status or even know what mine is? I will be honest I am probably being a bit lazy but I dont recall how to find my post total


@JCast - hold on. Will give some picture instructions

  1. First you click on your user icon:

  1. Then you click on you user name:

  1. After which you get to the dropdown menu which shows “Activity”

  1. And change it to “summary”:

  1. Which then shows the number of posts created:

This number of posts created will determine your “Elite level” and hence your “Elite discount”.


And as already mentioned by SaintSovereign, this is how you determine your level and discount :


PS: You have to message SaintSovereign to apply for your tier and the respective discount percent and he will send you the discount coupon


@raphael your guide should be a sticky. Took me forever to find that then never message for the discount prior to this haha.

Damn, some of you guys are legit. Just found out I’m initiate, that’s very close to the word “infant” :joy:

Every dollar counts in these days, but I don’t know I’ve been here for 2 years, and since this discount started I would have saved maybe $15 had I taken the initiative (which is still a lot of money spent here). And I have too many subs as is, but finally found my stack.

What I think would be cool is if they chose like “best post of the month” or “most liked post of the month” and gave that person something significant like 50% off one Q sub of their choice. I just don’t have time to post 1250+ valuable content posts. :man_shrugging:


@HappyHero - haha thank you. The main reason I post regularly is for the discounts, to be honest. It’s a bonus that I like to help people too. And with spending a lot of time at home for a couple of years now, it is easier to journal and comment on the forums here.

But you are right regarding one thing. Every dollar does count. Especially when I am converting from the Indian rupee :grin:


Very good point, selfish of me only thinking in American terms and not considering other countries. Here in the US, I could go mow my neighbors lawn in an hour and make more than $15 vs. posting for 2 years, but when converting to other countries, working up to 25% is a huge savings. I too just hope majority of my posts help others


Your posts do help, @HappyHero. More than you know.


I may or may not identify with this statement.


@Sirchiropractixalot - haha. I know what you mean :grin::grin::grin:


I like thinking and writing but my motivation ultimately is for the discount.


So much growth and change has happened in me that I had to reflect a moment. I used to write all the time just to see my own thinking. It was a gift to write and see it, which is why I’ve been on forums for years.


damn @friday ur our saviour. I feel like similar to amash’s title of the wise wizard, friday should get the title “jesus”. Now u only need long brown hair, a nice necklace and a cross tattoo on ur neck. (if u know u know :wink:)