SubClub Elites -- Lifetime Discounts! -- Ranks Updated


@raphael Thank you. Looks like Im at the Ascended level with 628 posts


Welp luckily they’re affordable without the discounts. :sweat_smile:


@myspace123 Oh no. That would be very absurd

There is nothing to thank me for

The people here on the forum are the ones I must thank. I feel incredibly grateful for being here on the forum striving for my goals alongside like-minded individuals. There is no better gift

removed this banner . It will no longer appear at the top of every page. #44


You’ll notice plenty of members having new ranks.

This is because there was a sweep of updating the SubClub Elites ranks of members - if you qualified (or were just about to) for the next rank, your rank was increased and you received a code in your private messages.

If you qualify for the next rank and haven’t had your rank increased or haven’t received your code, PM me and we’ll take care of it.


Or me, makes me feel useful. :wink:


Feeling ignored?


As long as you have that trigger that tells you whenever I post so you can immediately post a witty reply, I’m good. :slight_smile:


And here I thought I was special, and @Fire had been noticing my post count. Ah well. :wink:


I’m sure they noticed us a long time ago. :sunglasses:


I’m at 2K posts

I declare myself an Uber-Alchemist

any coupons for that …crickets…no…:man_shrugging::…anyone…ok 25% for life is good :slight_smile:


I’m one of those who got the extra love. At exactly 700 posts, I was given the rank of a 750+ member.

Now, I need another 300 posts to reach the next rank. Will probably make it in a year. :smile:


@Azriel should inspire you to hit that in a week


That is ironic, given your level of experience and the amount of value you add to discussions. But you definitely apply a quality over quantity approach.


Guess it’s basically that you’ve opted not to go for an open journal.


I think all Arch Alchemists are, or have been, journal-ists.
From a business perspective, they bring a unique value; they create believability for new prospects, and set honest expectations for subliminal use.

My posts don’t make money for the company. :blush:

Edit: But, they could help members get results, and that … heyyy! :smile:

The forum itself is like 900 days old. 700+ posts is actually ok, low quantity only if compared with some other members. :hugs:


Agree to disagree.

(doing a lot of that these days)


Yeah, I’ve always read your post and always had high esteem for them! You don’t post a lot, but there is a lot of research and thoughts behind it!


Will agree to disagree too. While I can’t tie any one member’s contributions to a dollar amount (nor would I want to), your contributions are noticed and appreciated (hence why @Fire gave you an early upgrade).


Interesting. I’ve made 40+ posts in just 8 days.

Wonder if it’s an EmperorQ effect. Like StarkQ did the opposite for me.


Maybe I don’t need to start a journal after all. :joy: