SubClub saved my life (Spartan, Emperor Fitness and Seductress)



Congratulations on your transformation! You inspired me to buy Ascension, Seductress and Emperor Fitness. I got Regeneration for healing.

I am 5’10" and the last time I stepped on the scale 204lbs. Not pretty. I used to be 160lbs. I want to get back to where I was a decade ago. Oh my 28 inch waist!

Any other tips you can share? I am a bit confused at the different versions in the downloads.


The best advice i can give is to just stick with it even if it feels like you’re not getting anywhere. There were many times that I thought the subliminal wasn’t working and I just wanted to quit but @SaintSovereign just kept urging me to keep going until all the bad programming was gone!


So update:
These Q subs are really strong. I started getting even better results about a week after release. Current stack is Seductress Q 2 loops, Emperor Fitness 2 loops. Keeping it simple…

I’m down another 10 pounds or so and something really unexpected happened… my legs and butt are actually getting really thick and toned. What’s funny is that I thought i didn’t want that to happen. I was going for more Ariana Grande and less J-Lo but once the muscle started growing, I just gave up and let it happen. Stomach is also getting flatter and boobs are getting bigger too. I sometimes feel a “tingly” feeling in my breasts about an hour after I listen.

Progress pics!


So I’ve also been doing this nightly ritual where I kinda think about what I want to happen and meditate like that for awhile. Seems to work really well with this stack. Right now, I’m focusing on having a more rounder butt. While there is muscle growing there and in my thighs, I’d really like to have an instagram like round butt. Doing more exercises to develop that.

On the romance front, things are fizzling out because my area is still on strict lockdown. Virtual dinner date went well but its hard to push the relationship when you can’t actually meet. Oh well, more time to exercise and get better.

I’m also enrolling in a music creation class. I think I have a natural talent for it. Will be adding Limitless Q to the stack soon, but I don’t want to get overloaded. @SaintSovereign do you think 1 loop of Limitless Q will hurt my results?


That’s dope. You’re killing it. The pictures look amazing and it’s exciting to read about the changes you’re able to make.

I like this, in particular:

That is cool. You’re flexibly pivoting to make the best of the situation however it is. An agile mind makes everything work better.

Will be interesting to see where this road takes you.

The music class also sounds wonderful. I don’t know how much subliminal input will be too much or overload, but I’m confident you’ll figure it out. These directions you’re moving in sound really good.

Knock it out!


I am running StarkQ + SeductressQ + Quantum Limitless Q and getting good results. I think you’d be fine adding Limitless Q.


I continue watchng your original post… It is just unbelievable! Honestly, how many months it took this amazing transformation?:+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:


Instagram butts are an optical illusion created by Butt Lifters.
Which is why they’re so commonly seen with gym pants, and rarely on bikinis. :wink:

Just saying. :blush:

Obviously, we’re all still looking forward to your training results. :+1:t2:


Whoa, NSFW there! :wink:
She does have some glute definition there. Not all of that can be lifted. Wait, why am I discussing somebody else’s behind?

I can’t believe I missed this entire thread until today.

For some odd reason I feel an urge to run one of the fitness subs. Resist, Phil, resist! These are not the subs you are looking for…

When I lose weight like that, I start noticing hard surfaces all of the sudden. Without a fatty buffer, chairs and walls are becoming quite uncomfortable. #FirstWorldProblems I suppose.


dat chest
dat hair

Most importantly:



"dat chest
dat hair

Most importantly:


          -Lao Tzu, 459 BCE


– Too soon?


Nah, he’s been dead long enough.

Although I am a bit conflicted as a SubClub representative. People are obviously objectifying the photos which is not the most inviting thing to do on a forum where we want to encourage women to share their stories.

But at the same time the photos are not exactly taken from benign angles (and clothing) either.

The classic male dilemma: does she want you to comment on her body or not?

And from a philosopher’s perspective: if you do comment, will she think less of you for not noticing her before her physical metamorphosis?


Well, bodies are objects. But hopefully no one will objectify the mind and person behind (within?) that body.

Anyone who has been around the sun a few times better start to realize that your human worth does not come from the shapes of your various bumps and bulges. At the same time, it’s so awesome to take this journey with @DarkEmpress. (Wait a minute are you two the Dark Lords or something?) She’s killing the transformation journey. I’m loving to see the sense of her increasing power and self-determination as she flexes her powers and finds out what she can do. Those of us who are hetero guys look with admiration, I’m sure. But we also look with identification, because all of us are trying to learn our powers too. That physical strength and attractiveness piece can really feel good when it’s going well.

Anyway, I’m glad you brought this up. I think it’s important. And hopefully you or anyone else with good judgment can make sure this remains a safe place, and rein in anyone who misjudges things and wanders into the creepy realm.


Nice results and only running 2 x 2 a day.

For anyone who knows: just to be clear seductress will help you get your personal ideal, right? I certainly don’t need any more blessings in the top and bottom of the hourglass just a nice toned middle.


No comment. :wink:


I think we’re still in the realm of respectful admiration. I always intended for this forum to be sex positive — meaning, everyone can feel safe to post about their enjoyment of sex and a respectful admiration of the physical form of the gender they’re attracted to without being shamed by others. Simply commenting on a person’s attractiveness isn’t objectification — that was a political hijacking of an idea that was mostly used to shame men into suppressing their natural urges. That won’t happen here. Just use common sense, guys. I think we know when we’re going too far. “Dat ass” is fine.


I think we can all agree on that much.

(buh doom boom)


I knew we were going to have this type of discussion eventually, given the #MeToo climate. May as well deliberately press the button…

We all saw what you did there…


What kind of music are you getting into creating?


Deleted the last few comments.

This isn’t turning into some ideological debate between men and women. The only point I wanted to make is that this is a sex positive forum – there will be no shaming of anyone’s sexuality, regardless of gender. If you post your progress pictures, know that you’re welcoming people to make respectful (keyword, respectful) comments on your progress, which may include references to your attractiveness. If you don’t want that, don’t post those pictures.