SubClub saved my life (Spartan, Emperor Fitness and Seductress)


Agreed. Not exactly the right place for sharing redpill knowledge. The lounge is the correct place.


So what is the male equivalent to Seductress? Would it be Emperor?


@Floridianninja - I did ask for a male equivalent of The Seductress. StarkQ does provide part of the solution. My guess is that the Q Store will provide the rest.


We’re on it. :wink:


Yessss! Didn’t expect SubClub to make the male equivalent of The Seductress since I thought the Q Store would fulfill this. I remember asking for this just when The Seductress released and you did say you would make one. Awesome!


Thanks for removing whatever the deleted posts contained. Women’s journals here are few and far between.


You guys just want me to buy everything, right? Haha, so excited for this and the store to open.


Damn, those are some seriously impressive results! :smiley:

What a great inspiration to stick with the subs and push through the reconciliation.

How long were you running the programs before Ascension started cutting through the resistance for you?