SubClub saved my life (Spartan, Emperor Fitness and Seductress)


Agreed. Not exactly the right place for sharing redpill knowledge. The lounge is the correct place.


So what is the male equivalent to Seductress? Would it be Emperor?


@Floridianninja - I did ask for a male equivalent of The Seductress. StarkQ does provide part of the solution. My guess is that the Q Store will provide the rest.


We’re on it. :wink:


Yessss! Didn’t expect SubClub to make the male equivalent of The Seductress since I thought the Q Store would fulfill this. I remember asking for this just when The Seductress released and you did say you would make one. Awesome!


Thanks for removing whatever the deleted posts contained. Women’s journals here are few and far between.


You guys just want me to buy everything, right? Haha, so excited for this and the store to open.


Damn, those are some seriously impressive results! :smiley:

What a great inspiration to stick with the subs and push through the reconciliation.

How long were you running the programs before Ascension started cutting through the resistance for you?


Cant seem to get enough of this type of inspiring journals.

Kinda want to get back to bodybuilding myself… i guess ill have to get Spartan and Emperor fitness in.

Good to see you are becoming your best self, what the mind can perceive it can achieve.


Heyy, so I’d say my music style is very unique and doesn’t really fit into any regular genre. I guess the closest thing would be trip hop like Massive Attack or Morcheeba. I’m just dipping my foot in first, I got a sweet deal on a used Macbook Pro and I got the Logic Pro X demo. I also asked @SaintSovereign about some good courses and he recommended Piano for Producers and some videos at Been playing with it and made a couple of demo songs that i’ll share once I improve my craft.

In other updates, as i said in my first post, I was in a long term abusive physical relationship. I decided that would NEVER happen again under any circumstances so I bought myself a bowflex since the gyms are still closed and started using it everyday. I don’t know much about exercising and stuff and i hated to keep bothering Fire so I just watched some youtube videos and went at it. It honestly seems like i’m building muscle incredibly fast. I’ve never had any kind of muscle before. I sent a results pic to the guy I’m talking to and he said I looked like an inmate. I dunno if I should take that as a compliment considering he’s a CO at a jail, but you know what, I feel very very very powerful. So compliment or not, i’m taking it as one because no one’s going to fuck with me again. My cousin is a boxing trainer and I’ve been doing drills him 4 or 5 times a week. Also got my concealed carry permit. I think this is Spartan’s warrior training finally coming out.

Oh, so here’s that results pic:

Not bad for a month of work. Can’t wait until the gyms open up and i can lift heavy! Also the Q store looks so exciting tho I think I’m happy with this current stack.


Oh nice. Yeah fitting into little neat genres can get boring. Looking forward to hearing your stuff.


Massive Attach & Morcheeba :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I dunno about that inmate comment, prison CO or no. screwface You got other people on the docket?


Its half a compliment DarkGoddess. Inmates in the UK can go to the gym twice daily for an hour at a time. Its the only way to beat being locked up. Most of the guys and to a certain extent some women do come out with a better physique.

If you wanted to enhance seductress would have legacy helped? Ive just bought seductress but with exercise i might need a bit of extra help. I dont want to bulk up just tone up or have the mentality to keep up exercising?