Subliminal club review part 4-4 (November - December 2020)


The way I try to prevent the “is switching reconciliation” is by just committing to a listening schedule. So for my Ultimas, I do them 5 days a week, rest on weekends, then continue on week days. I keep a journal of my progress and changes. Then after 90 days, then I decide what my results are, and then decide whether or not to continue.


Solid advice thanks, am experimenting just felt like i should try some more healing mix in with my sub, sanguine is doing its job well but still tho, i already told myself that ill run this exact stack for the rest of the year so i keep pressing on


enjoying my day off, this week went great have two more papers to complete for my company then am up and running to release my project finally, will just take the day and chill,
yesterday i notice i had a headache on the right side of my head while i was driving around either way it only last like 4 minutes


also just notice that I can completely reshape images in my head, if the image is playing like a movie i can pause it and then adjust it like have some kind of software
that my best way of explaining it, could not do this before so it a benefit from minds eye


So ive been thinking about how my listening schdule is right now and ive decided to run all the loops of my ultimas(3) and main sub(1) during Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s, have a complete rest day on Tuesday and Thursdays

Want to see what will come from this
Have a little reconciliation: little anger yesterday but thats it

Note used to run ultima on days off but only Tuesdays and Thursdays
Also feel this will be the same listening schdule for 2021 for a stack of both custom terminus squared and custom 2 ultimas


Looks like you are doing just great with Ultimas. Your stack is Executive + Sanguine + Commander?


Yeap thats my current stack, going run the ling terminus squared subs now, want rest days to beresting from all subs plus what to see if there any benefits from longer rest sessions

Will be doing 3 loop of each ultima too


I noticed that my dreams are a bit realistic in the sense that i dint just jump from one place to another, i usually walk or take some form of transportation to get to my destination lol just reading over that sounds funny


Today is the start of my official switch to new listening, taking today off, back on tmr will report later if any shows up


Today marks the completion of my rest days
During the week got the last bit of work don for my company so am going to released my project very soon, have to do some last touches but once it release will change my ultimas and see what happens.


Trying something new for this week will be running mind eyes q build with terminus squated build, notice that after running terminus squared build make me tied and not want to run my utimas, will give the ultimas a rest just this week
And report back


Got some headache here and then felt like my visual skill had a little jump, images are a bit clearer and have better color to them


I’ll be running 2 loops of both q and t2 strength today, just about to finish the second lop
Op of t2 now then a break and I’ll run q for the day


Will be running 3 loops of both levels today then am done with t2, will only be running q want that stability with results