Subliminal Ride - Beyond the Sky


First week in my new program! Met the teachers and everyone. I’ll try to meet some consultant, I am currently thinking about a lot I still have one paper and one exam in my accounting class to complete before I am done!

I also modified my custom, I removed LionIV, the spotlight and Sensuality and handsomeness improver to add some healing.

I realised that if I want to progress asap, I need Ares. Ares really helped me making the big decision in switching “carrer”. It was really scary for me and Ares is really helping me progress in life!! So I really wanted to put it back in.

New Beginning, when I stopped running New Beginning, I’ve had a small lack of self confidence, like I am not “that guy” anymore. When I ran NB, I remember identifying myself to my most “confident” and “intelligent” self. I had thoughts like “Oh! I always was attractive, i just lacked a little bit of social intelligence… Silly me!”, “I was always a hard worker and really smart, I just had few rough years of being a little undisciplined!”. Always reframing my failures of the past and not letting them become an identity. My real identitity is my sub (in my case, a mix of Stark, Medici and SS), and the mistakes of the past are just small missteps that needed correction. New Beginning really makes the growth easier!

Finally I added Attachment Destroyer : I just need to let go. I remember my first day in class, I wanted to impress people and be cool. Why? I don’t need that? Why am I so attached to some outcome…?? I’ve always been so attached to everything. I sleep badly? I take more coffee to have energy! I have many more examples… but anyway, letting go is a challenge for me. Like seen in The Power Of Now by Eckart Tolle, the pain body is strong haha. Also, in David R. Hawkins’s Letting Go, we can see some of the benefits of just letting go, not being attached to the past of silly things.

And there is my update, just waiting for the download link now :drooling_face:


So, I saw the latina girl :heart:

Listened one loop of libetine before I went to get her. Brought her to my place, we fucked, she came four times, my bed is soaking wet…

But it was hot af hahaha


@WhiteTiger - Awesome! Fist bump



Just needed to update, I’m at the gym right now, sweaty and disgusting. But girls are checking me out hahaha, just caught two staring at me! :ok_hand::v:


Ok so today I was having an conversation/debate about education in society and stuff like that. I won’t say everything that has been said, but I clicked on something.

My feelings were never acknowledged, and even now I don’t feel like I can acknowledged them… It just hited me, I am really sad that I’ve lived stuff without “feeling” it, just because I repressed my emotions. I am really sad that nobody never took the time to sit me down and ask “how are you feeling”… and it just hit, but I am living it.

I don’t know if it is attachment destroyer, new beginning, blue skies or a mix of all of this, but hey! That discovery was good and the fact that I felt it with emotion means it struck deep!


Second day of my new sub, already I am hitted with such strong reconciliation, sadness, desesperation and loneliness.

I want to switch sub, I want to jump on Khan, I want to try emperor and modify some things.

I need to wait for New Beginnings to hit, probably Attachment destroyer also hit me strong! I am always wondering what to do…Do I lower the amount of loops? Do I keep the same amount? And what about when I stop having reconciliation? Do I increase my amounts of loops?


run it at night before you sleep for now, so you process the worst of it in your dreams/while unconcsious and wake up better. :slight_smile:

That’s whatI do for any subs whose reconciliation challenges my waking experience too strongly after running, and its worked.


What about dosage? Reconciliation usually goes away after few days with customs, and then it hit me deep! I’m becoming confident and everything! Do you usually increase your exposure?


My standard is to run any new thing 1 day a week for the first week before upping it.


Might developp my own exposition method.

For now I usually start with a couple of loops every day (usually 5-6 max) and distribute it over the subs I am running :

1 loop of my fitness custom
3 loops of my main custom
2 loops of godlike masculinity

Might add 1 loop when my subQ get used to the exposition!


I just meant in response to your question about your experiencing to much reconciliation from your new custom, to keep that to 1 loop for the first week and then raise it.

I know we all have FOMO-OSI (fear of missing out on subliminal input) lol

but erring on the side of less has always been better even though I almost never listen to my own advice :joy:


Same here :joy::joy: it’s so tempting to just run a hell lot of loops, but I started a three loops because I only added medidi + one new healing module.

But I’ve been feeling like shit and had insomnia for the past two weeks! Today was the first day where I had energy!


This is how my reconciliation shows up that has me over do it



Medici is HUUGE, I’d say 2 loop until reconciliation subsides, but obviously in the end you know/ will find what will work best for you :slight_smile:


I’ll solve itself out i’m sure, as usual! Haven’t realised how huge medici is, but it’s true that medici contains a lot of stuff inside…

I’m seeing another girl tomorrow night, I should be fine, I feel reconciliation, but I am still confident in myself.


Just fucked a cheerleader yesterday, this is getting boring… But she was hot as hell, I made her came even after we spoke how girls orgasm are different than guys and she was telling me how hard it is for girls to get some…

Should focus more on building my skills, and also might finish my trading course, since I’m running medici it might be interesting to give it a shot!


Discovered something on me this week… My feelings were never acknowledge when I was young, so I am now really in a “man the fuck up” situation with myself and others.

It pains me and makes me jealous when people are taking care of when for a big part of my life I felt alone and forgotten…

Soo! The healing is happening slowly :grin: I am learning stuff on me!


Someones getting to cool for school :slight_smile:


Hahahaha, I’m becoming a “bit shot” for sure :joy: Let’s be honest, SS is working me strong!

But I might take a break from dating, I’ll see!


Ok, still having massive reconciliation.

I keep wondering if I should switch my sub… Men, I know I should stop…

I want it all, masculinity, sex, leadership, I want to feel like speaking to people, have my executives functions maxed out!