Subliminal Ride - Beyond the Sky


Here’s my do as I say not as I do spiel lol:

Between Stark, Medici, and S and S
you have it all with that sub, just in those flavors.
anything missing will abate after reconciliation.

Actually those cores do lack Alpha and dominance, and perhaps a smidgen of executive function. Medici and Stark are both highly productive but not necessarily in the direction your steering :joy:

You can make up for masculinity and executive function with Godlike Masculinity, BLU or even Ascension stacked on the side. Stick to your customs, some Ultima, and either GLM or Ascension and you’ll be solid.

Or just run your custom solo for a month and make up for what’s missing in good ol’ fashion-choice and willpower and plowing through.


Yeah, all I can think of is contacting clients, I can’t wait to have the skills! Right now I need to learn, but there is a lot of research… I talked to one of my professor today and she told me to open up contact with company in march to make sure I’d stay relevant in the context of change!

I’d be running Emperor or Khan + SS to build dominance and social more! BUUUT you are right, I’ll wait for reconciliation to clear and wait for The Exec. add a godlike masculinity loop, I’ll be golden!

I’ll give myself some time before jumping left and right and see what comes next.


How are you doing with Khan, Stark and Emperor combined in one Custom? I’m wondering if it has created a lot of resistance on your end… reconciliation wise, how are you doing?

Did have you have any previous experience on Khan, Stark or Emperor and if so how much? Blending all of those Cores together are you able to clearly distinct each Archetype?

Hermit is hungry for answers. (edit: that moment you realize most of your questions get answered by scrolling up one or two posts).


Ohh no, I’m on Stark HOM and SS, the first one I ditched because I wanted faster results. So I switched to Stark+SS which made me really social and liked by everybody, was easier to talk to girls and all, made me quit my job for a one year master’s degree.

Now I decided to add HoM to stark + SS for the networking capacity, but I’ll be honest, I’m not really on the same wavelength as my peers I am studying with, I don’t see anybody who is really interesting… Unfortunately (maybe it’s just my narcissistic side).

Now I am thinking of going to Emperor+Emperor HoM + SS for the winter and also add I am as a module to really change my beliefs over the longer run.

I’ll be honest, I’m pretty confused RN, I had sex with a couple girls but non really lights me up as a long term partner, people at my school, nobody really has huge ambitions or has huge amounts of contacts, they are younger than me and all.

So I’m thinking of just switching out Stark for Emperor and adding I am, reduce sexual manifestation (because emperor and SS already has some) and boost productivity and Execution. But maybe I need help on this call because I am feeling unstable.


It feels like you’re feeling kind of lost with your direction in life. Perhaps upcoming Twelve will help you with that, who knows?

What’s your Sun Sign, Ascendant, Venus & Mars, North & South Node, as well as your Personality Type?

Speaking of myself, I’ve been trying to figure out what to run as well. Even though there is a wide area of choice at Subliminal Club nothing really aligns entirely with my Personality, well besides Stark but it doesn’t get rid of my weaknesses.

If I was completely lost in life, having a feeling of walking around in a maze without direction. I’d probably get myself a Terminus, solely healing focused Custom and buy myself a ticket to Peru for a 3-month re-calibration and healing ceremony. Where after I’d completely rebuild myself to be propelled towards my newly digested goals in life.

But that’s just me.


Peru? Are you going to try some special ceremony :wink:

Well, personality ENTP for me and pices, but I don’t know my other characteristics…!


Which programs are you leaning toward?


Right now I want to switch Stark in my custom for emperor to add the masculine edge, the bruteforce everything and the “I don’t give a fuck” attitude. And also organisation and productivity, which I struggled to maintain in the past three weeks…


A known weakness of ENTP…

Doesn’t Emperor make you stoic, anti-social, emotionless?


Yup, but it’s kinda what I want also, being alone, but also adding medici to build “relationship”. Not emotionnal ones, but ones that I can build on.

Also since I’ll add healing, it might be tough emotionally, so being detach is good for it too!


So, I’ve been having these negative emotions because of reconciliation, this weekend I take my usual break which will be good for me.

By the way, I stopped nicotine AGAIN (because last time I stopped I only stopped four weeks…), this is one of the basics for me. The ability to stop and think before making stupid decision like taking nicotine again. I have stuff to do and I can’t fucking focus when I drop nicotine, I get irritable, want to eat tons of sugar and just overall can’t focus.

The first week is done, but one of my objective for the next year should definitly be to just learn and control myself more (which was in my thought process to build my new sub). I’ll see maybe the executive or the brand new 12 can give me a push in being more serious about life!


By the way,

I forgot to do an update on my Physical Enchancement custom. I run 2 loops a day. I also stopped Rad140 because of the sleep issues.

Haven’t lost a single lbs of muscle since stopping, I’ve been eating like a PIG for the past two weeks, and only gained 1% BF, which is still lower than my 22% before I started everything. I am now standing at 18-19% ± 1%. Usually weight gain after nicotine and “hormones” are off the chart for me.

Emperor-Fit+ Spartan are making miracles in my body composition, even I might think they altered my epigenetics to change how my body stores fat! The way I am eating, I should of gained like 5 lbs… I’ve been eating 4-4.5K calories per days, it’s insane. My strength is going UP of course.

Also, I’m pretty sure it’s emperor fitness that is making me do that, but I’ve modified my workout sequence and added one back workout during my week to balance my back which looks good in the mirror, but I think could be stronger in comparison to my chest strength. I’m trying to balance out my physique and right now I think back developpment might be holding me back.

I also have my knee surgury coming october 6 so I’ll see how my physical enchancement sub helps to fasten the healing process of my ligament once it’s re-attached.

Even if my focus is a lot more on my mental developpment (confidence, girls, skill learning), I can’t deny the benefits that my physical enchancement is giving me!

Annnnd! I find myself sexy as hell, I’ve always been a pretty guy, but now I really think I’m hot!


I saw my fwb yesterday night, my libido is still low, I can’t have sex for hours like before.

This morning I started Emperor Q before ordering my new custom, I am already starting to think about the task at hand! Only problem, I have huge nicotine craving right now, and EmperorQ mixed with those craving issss not good, I am angry as fuck, the “no bullshit”.

Impatient, focused and angry. I’ll use this anger to fuel my studying session.


Officially ordered my new custom Emperor (hope I won’t order new custom every two weeks :sweat_smile:)

So, putting huge subs like medici and Stark in my custom might be a little bit too advanced for me.

THIS BUILD IS IN TERMINUS STRENGTH… Seems Terminus is effective at working differently than Q, and I don’t have a lot of experience with Terminus so might as well try it!

  • Emperor Q Core
  • Sex & Seduction Q Core

I’ve included a ton of healing, I want to eliminate my negative beliefs :

  • Attachment Destroyer
  • Merger of Worlds
  • New Beginnings
  • ARES
  • Blue Skies
  • I AM

For the focus, energy and work :

  • Productivity Unleashed
  • Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy
  • EGO Adsum
  • Carpe Diem Ascended
  • Joie De Vivre

For the dominance :

  • Iron Frame
  • Alpha of Alpha
  • Dominion
  • LionIV
  • Potentiator (never tryed this one, but it is supposed to push the limit we impose ourself in terms of power)!

And finally I included the following

  • Panther
  • Tyrant

Main goals for this sub :
Developp my masculine side and my overall dominance. Work hard toward my goals, developp my ability to focus and be in the present. Heal from negative beliefs (also heal from sexual and seduction negative beliefs).

SS was included to keep my overall charm, persuasion and keep the sex going, and also orient the healing toward relationship with woman. Eventually I would like to feel freer to approach and seduce anyone I desire… I’ve been able to approach a couple of years ago, I wasn’t 100% comfortable doing it, but I’ve had a couple of cool conversations and numbers… I had the strong “hey, I think you are cute, my name is WhiteTiger” and it worked! But after a summer of approaching woman, I had a really bad experience where a girl freaked the fuck out and snapped at me because I was approaching her friend. Since that event, I’ve never been able to approach. Anyway, I hope with the healing around Panther and SS I’ll be able to erease those negative beliefs. I’ve never been a fan of healing, and I only ran Khan St1 for a month as a “healing sub”.

But now I might try to do things differently! For the people who did a lot of healing, what experiences did you had? How did it manifest into your life? I’ve only experienced the pain part and this is why I’ve always avoided “strong” healing!

Solitude & growth - Experiences on Emperor Terminus Custom

Oh, and also these are my two avatar I just made for my WhiteTiger hoodie!


Emperor+PCC+BLU-= People take your crazy ideas to heart and create masterpieces out of them :slight_smile:


What effects did you notice from New Beginnings so far?


Yeah, I might try to master PCC later on, it does seems fun :wink:

@friday NB is powerful, I would say the main effet it had on me was giving me this “I’ve always been” feeling. For example, with woman, Imade rationalisation to why I wasn’t getting laid. It’s not that I wasn’t attractive, it’s just that I had a tendency to act a certain way that sabotaged me! It’s not that I was lazy, it’s just that this thing didn’t interested me enough, my perspective evolved.

Trust me, it makes the change so much easier. You do not have the impostor syndrom, because you always were a hardworking motherfucker. You always were attractive :wink: The only thing that changed are circomstance and maybe 1-2 behavior that matured.

Wish me luck for my first name embedded Terminus experience :sunglasses:


Thank you!


Already I am having more willpower and conscious power from my mind. I wanted to take a second cup of coffee today because I feel tired, but my first thought was that if I do that, I’ll be tired tomorrow so it’s not the best idea at the moment.