Subliminal Ride - Beyond the Sky


Would this module also be useful for fitness?


Regular Q Hahaha, I will go until I listen all day long the sub without any reconciliation.

For now I tested 1 loop, it seems fine. 2 loops per day I get a little bit emotionnal and when I add a third loop I get emotionnal (despair, sadness, anger, I feel like quitting my job and everything, I cancel dates and everything hahaha)

For now, I’ll stay at three loops per day, which is what I was listening when I was using my previous stack (2 loops of starkQ+ 1 loop of KhanSt4Q) and had my last breakthrough!


Since starting Q subliminal a couple of weeks ago I keep seeing 11:11 AM 1:11 PM 11:11 PM, I don’t know why, seems like I always see those when I look at my phone or the time at my job! I have no idea what it means!


Those are important numbers for spiritual awakening, new beginnings, and so on. This is no coincidence as the Q-store was released right before the Solstice Eclipse, which was a very powerful energetic gateway of the year 2020.


I don’t know a lot about spiritual awakening, but yes I have New Beginning in my stack and also have blue skies.

Is there a table for the numbers? I’m usually the type of guy who is more psychology oriented, really liked Carl Jung’s theory about unconscious collective.

I also had dream last night of me approaching girls in public… I don’t have more details, because I usually forget all of my dreams, but this morning I woke up while seeing this and it was strange to me to see me doing pickup Hahaha so I remembered the subject of the dream.


Usually I take my information from the following sources;

By the way, Carl Jung spoke a lot about seeing numbers, he first introduced the concept of ‘synchronicity’ to the mainstream. He called the phenomena ‘Meaningful Coincidences’.

Yet it’s been known for ages that we didn’t invent mathematics, but we discovered it, it is an Universal language and each one of the numbers has an energy to it, that could be translated. I’ve yet to find a good book on this, I’m currently studying the Kabbalah and I believe it provides me the most appropriate foundation for understanding numbers, there meanings, there energies and connections to the pathways of manifestation.

So overtime I’ll get to know more and more about it, yet the above sites come with very in-depth explanations.


Seems like a message to calm down, or going through a rough time!


I had a date yesterday, and talking to another girl, don’t really know what they want.

Imade a move on the girl and she pushed me back because she thought it was too fast.

I wonder if I sould of put sexual manifestation or gorgeous manifestation :thinking: I am currently not sure about my priorities and what I want.


funny when i was reading this… it’s 1:10pm… after typing this it’s 1:11pm… hmm…


Check this out, if you haven’t already.


The only reason they would want to meet you is because they are attracted to you :slight_smile:


Woke up with an erection (finally) after the past few weeks with a soft one or nothing. I started eating like a pig this week and stopped caffeine to improve my sleep. After a couple of days it seems to be paying off!

@blackadder Thank you for that, I sometime needs to be told stuff like this! Guess you are right, probably wont be losing their time if they are not attracted!


I am right :rofl: in all seriousness. I have taken girls back to my place without kissing or making out. Just because she refused the kiss doent mean she is not into you always assume the girl is into you.


Oh no she was, she asked me out again hahaha, I’m talking about other girls who are talking about their feels and stuff…


Saw the same girl yesterday, we had sex.

I now need to do another thing, I gained 3 Kilo because I eated like shit, always on the road, a lot of that is fat. But my libido came back!

I will also say that a one day break from subs might not be enough for me, maybe I need two, so today will be my second rest day of the week!



In the last two days I didn’t listen to any subliminals, today I’ll probably listen to 1-3 loops of my custom Q. I am still contemplating modifying my sub, but honestly I think part of the pressure was reconciliation which hit hard when I took the break!

Today I’ll be back at OMAD after a whole week of not doing OMAD.
I updated my linkedin, my friend took a picture for it. I should also mention that it would be cool sharing the pic here for feedback, but only for regular member to see, I don’t want to display everything I went through to the world haha

Also, I am contemplating doing a master’s degree in managment to work at some HR department or director of something, yesterday I sent a couple of e-mail to take some information regarding this and contacted a couple of friends who did a master’s degree after the psychology bachelor.


You are a Psych major?!


I find a break after a while really ramps up the reconciliation.
How are you feeling after couple days off?
Your current sub build is pretty awesome, I’d be curious to see how it coalesces
in the coming weeks.


Psychology bachelor, I don’t know if it it is a major or something, but it was done at the university. Here in quebec, Canada we have a different school system.

@Azriel yup, I took two days off and it really seems like the reconciliation hit hard, but I also had tons of effects. Like I had 5 matches on tinder in one day for no reason, I had sex, I updated my linked in, contacted some friends to have info regarding carreer.


Love it ! Sounds awesome, crush that reconciliation ! Sounds like its worth going through the funnel to get to those new openings.