Subliminal Ride - Beyond the Sky


Yeah, I feel like it’s like the gym, you grow while you rest. You need to make sure you are not overtraining!


Interesting analogy. I wonder what is the equivalent of steroids that allows us to train harder, in the context of subliminal listening :thinking:


Meditation? Journaling? Hard to tell haha

Yesterday I remembered part of a dream, like I took a picture of my and my cousin and he told me I was needy or something… like I shouldn’t force people to be with me in some kind of selfies for instagram stories or something.

I don’t know what is being worked here, maybe my need for approval? Validation?

I saw the same girl yesterday and I’ll hit up the super hot girl I talked to on instagram, she told me she was coming to my town this weekend, but didn’t had any of her news in a week so I’ll plan for this weekend!


I’m hoping its the Pragya module :blush:

" Understanding and wisdom are essential parts of any individual that desires to advance on his path. By adding this to your subliminal, you will expand and develop the physical capacity of your brain to assimilate subliminal instructions at a more accurate, faster pace."


Might be!

By the way, I just remembered I forgot to add merger of the world to my sub hahaha


I’m sure there is something like that in the mandatory core but
can’t hurt to add stuff like that if you have the space.

I’m curious to see what a difference these sub results enhancers make.
I have like 10 results enhancers in my first custom-all based on their capacity to improve the effectiveness of subliminals I’m listening to.

BTW How long did it take you gentleman to receive your customs?


Three days on regular delivery! It’s usually 3-5.

Ok, I contacted people today at the university, talked to some of my friends who are currently studying and started the process to register myself!

It’s been a productive day! I wanted to change my sub, more based around Stark or maybe Stark+Khan, because of all the things happening I think everything should be okay, I should just let it time and makes sure to implement my rest days!


Nice work. I just want to say that Stark + Khan = Stan. That’s all… for now…


Ok Here I go, I am currently judging myself a little bit because I am probably going to switch sub again… I spoke with my dear friend @blackadder about the theory that less “core” subliminals would accelerate the transformation and the effectiveness of the subliminal. This is why I’ll be switching my core from Stark+Khan+Emperor (which are three really heavy cores) to Stark + Sex&Seduction
@Sirchiropractixalot I am still hesitating to go Stark+Khan (which are both really dense subliminals, but since I probably won’t be working in sales, developping the sales dominance which Khan gave me becomes less a priority!)

I have also noticed a couple of things in the past week when I started getting back into dating. Long range seduction is a must have in the context that now a lot of the seduction can be done online using things like instagram and snapchat, or even facebook! Those are the tool you will need to bridge the girl while you can actually meet her on a date and long range seduction would be perfect for that!

Also, I’ve been having crazy reconciliation which puts me a little bit out of balance and makes me experience negative emotions… Which is why I wanted to add the following modules in my stack:

  • Ego adsum (to live in the present)
  • Joie de vivre (to be a little bit more positive)
  • Merger of worlds (to REALLY understand what is going on under the hood!)

Alpha of Alpha will be added to boost my domination in Stark.

Now, which modules did I choose to remove?

  • Lion IV (really strong modules, I was SOOO unreactive and calm, I’ll have to make another post to share some experience I’ve had with it!)
  • Natural Winner (not that I don’t like it, I’ll trust the patterns in stark Q’s core programming to implement some sort of perseverance and winning mindset)
  • Sensuality and handsomeness (Same here, I’ll go ahead and trust SS + StarkQ + Temptation to polish my style/sensuality)
  • Sexiness Unbound (really saw it shine when I have no trouble talking about sex and making jokes when I was with the girl, really likes this one, but might be better if you have a gf or it is really a priority to be less uptight about sex!)
  • Khan St4
  • EmperorQ

I will post this here, my new stack would be the following :
SS Core
Alpha of Alpha
Long range seduction
Joie de vivre
Merger of worlds
Epigenetics DNA Modulator
Earthshaker - Sexuality
Instant Spark
New Beginning
Blue Skies
Carpe Diem Ascended
Unrelenting wealth motivation and energy
Charisma & Flirting Improver
Gorgeous Manifestor
Ego Adsum

Thought, opinions, comments?


This is pretty good for Sales as well.
Just as effective, and only a little different from Khan - for us ENTPs. :+1:t2:


Have you noticed how it is different from Stark + Khan? :thinking: I am really intrigued by those mix!


Does LRS help like that? I asked about it in the Q modules questions but havent got an answer yet.


“If you have a person you truly desire, and you are split apart by distance or do not see each other as often, this module will help you seduce this person by making you much more appealing to them, reminding them of you every-so-often, and manifesting encounters. This module will also work on a person you see on a daily basis, or on multiple people that you find desirable.”

Making you more appealing to them, reminding them of you every-so-eften and manifesting encounters. Social media are only tools that can be used by long range seduction to influence the desired one :wink:


Okay real talk, and it may lead us on a whooole other path, how do I know if I truly desire someone?


Stark in my personal experience has that “soft dominance” you become witty know exactly what to say whatever the context. Khan is proper dominant “my way or the highway”. I do not work in sales however if I met a pushy sales guy I would tell him to f**k off. Khan I feel is way to much for a sales guy. Whereas if I met a witty sales guy who used his wit to persuade me and used his social intelligence I might just buy from him. Thats what Stark gives you.


Good fucking question!

There are some girls I really want to meet, because they are really cute, and seems smart (or at least I can relate). Those are the girls I would like to meet and seduce.

When they wrote “truly desire” for me is only a phrasing that seems prettier than “let’s you seduce someone at long range”, “truly desire”, “split appart” are really wordings that reminds me of romance story so I do not take those to the letter, I understand them as “you are attracted to that girl or you’d like to meet her”

At the end, it is written “on multiple people that you find desirable”, which is way simpler, “you like her? You want her? You want to meet her? the module will work.”

@blackadder usually I am a really soft person also, so the dominance push me to take handle the conversation and where everything is going. What about Iron Frame for this?


@WhiteTiger if your not in a rush to get your custom asap. I got my new sub today with iron frame. Give me a week or so and i can review it for you.

That being said is anyone getting tangilble results from iron throne ? if so please share.


Looking forward to here your review on Iron Frame, I’d love to include it in my Custom as well.


I’ve been running my custom for 4 days and one thing I probably can attribute to iron frame is that I care less when people disagree with me. It’s of course difficult to pinpoint which module is the catalyst of this change, i’m sure it’s a combination of multiple modules, however I’m pretty sure iron frame has something to do with it.

Edit: I also feel less hurried by other people. Before entering the gym for the first time after the break I first wanted to read the new rules because of corona. There were a few people waiting behind me. Normally I would feel pressure to only quickly skim over the text, but this time I chose to just take my time to read everything.


What other modules would you attribute to that? Do you have Sanguine in your Custom? I’m interested in this, but I can’t seem to find a journal from you.