Subliminal Ride - Beyond the Sky


Rogue for sure and maybe Lion IV. Besides those moduels, the Ascension core definitely plays a role.

Yes I do have Sanguine. Besides that the modules are just appealing, I theorized that together with Joie de Vivre it could help lighten and resolve reconciliation faster.

I indeed don’t have a journal😉


Lion IV makes me calm af! Unreactive no matter what hahaha


Hahah I hope Lion IV is going work as well for me as it does for you.


I have not used Stark+Khan. I tend to avoid mixing the big script Alpha Male Cores.

What I meant in my post was that SQ+SS will be very effective at Sales as well, the way solo Khan is.

To me, S&S is a WeaponX of all People/Persuasion Skills. It is not limited to Seduction.


Interesting. What makes you say so?


Probably a combination of Iron Frame, Sanguine, Lion, Rogue and Ascension then. I can definitely account for Ascension and Sanguine doing that.


Maybe Sex & Seduction contains that ‘Influencing Aura’ Module which is available in the Q-store, and if I recall correctly they did release some kind of Aura technology with Sex & Seduction.


I don’t know, but I am a different man, I can see how I am acting differently at work now!

I hope that the fact I removed it from my new sub won’t affect my attitude too much!

@Simon your experience is pretty interesting, would you mind sharing a little bit of it :thinking:



I’ve decided to take a break from sub until I get my shiney new toy!

In the meantime, I am working hard to enter my master’s degree I want to do, I’ve been told it’s impossible because I am too short on time for all the administrative stuff to be dealth with. I still have two classes to do before I can enter and I have to recieve my notes before septembre 15, I still have to register for those two classes and finish them with at least a B.

I’ll try to get in touch of the person approving the files or something and try to jump into the fast lane. I am really stressed out about this (positive stress)!


The fact that it is a WeaponX product is right there on the salespage.

It is designed to learn from EVERY interaction that we have with anyone - as to what makes the user effective with other people - what your natural strengths/ways are with people.
Effective = There is always a small subconscious agenda, from just making a connection to getting our goal (bargain, date, etc.)

With S&S, at every eye contact, men & women, I can tell if this person will be interested in chatting with me, and what they may be currently thinking about - so I can instantly make a situational opener.
It also helps calibrate the interaction. I sort of know when to speak, joke, and when to shut up and wait for the other person to give me what I want. :smile:

If I remember correctly, the PUAs here have mentioned about how on solo Primal they would approach more, but the success rate was much lower. While with S&S (or PS), you know who is interested in you.

Quotes from an older post where I said the same things for PS - in fewer words: :blush:

Yes. That is correct. :+1:t2:


So, I ordered my custom in tursday morning, depending on if they are still processing orders on the weekend I might get it at the beginning of next week! :sunglasses:

Basically here are the modules included in my new sub, which is aimed at reducing reconciliation symptoms and making it lighter!
SS Core
Alpha of Alpha
Long range seduction
Joie de vivre
Merger of worlds
Epigenetics DNA Modulator
Earthshaker - Sexuality
Instant Spark
New Beginning
Blue Skies
Carpe Diem Ascended
Unrelenting wealth motivation and energy
Iron frame
Gorgeous Manifestor
Ego Adsum

Should come in in a couple of days max :smirk:


I like it very much, looking forward to reading about your adventures with that sub.


I’ve added a small “feel good” stack to cope with reconciliation :
Ego adsum to live in the present
Joie de vivre to be happier

I hope these will help me stick with my sub!
Merger of worlds is really cool because it helps knowing yourself and understanding your subconscious!


Ok, I’ve heard back from the people in charge of admission at the master’s degree, the are suggesting me to push back my project to 2021… this is really disapointing to hear that. I just asked her if we could talk over phone to discuss all of this!


Today I got my new sub, started listening to it, so far two loops but at work, it’s still early to see a strong difference with my other sub.

Now, speaking of manifestation :
People in charge of admission at my master’s degree called me back and told me they are giving me 20 extra days to get my final notes, which is enough to allow me to do the classes I need and finish enter the program end of august :pray:


20 days! thats nice, you can do it :muscle::+1:
Btw, very cool sub you made, Stark and SS wow, i guess you will hunt or be hunted by the ladies/girls :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I will read your journal more, enjoy your new sub :slight_smile:


Thanks! What are you running right now, and objectives? :pray: Do you have SS?


StarkQ + Khan ST4, Yeah i do have SS and i had good experience with it. Like i was on auto pilot checking out girls, good fun.

My goal is kicking ass at home and at my new job, be social, having more fun. Have control in life. Important :wink: hehe.


Ohh okay @Badboi when you say checking out girls, I see what you mean hahahaha, just went out to the grocery and men! I am checking out girls :joy:

And also, part of manifestation I’ve been texting this girl casually (not sexually) for two weeks, never really moved on her because I don’t care. Today I told her I got accepted to my master’s degree and she totally went sexual out of the blue hahaha she is a little bit crazy but I think long range seduction and SS might be working

For those of you who can understand french, know that it happened the same day I started listening:


Je parle en petite me mai je ne comprend pas

Can you translate the exchange :slight_smile: ?