Subliminal Ride - Beyond the Sky


Basically she said :
-congrats my little :chicken:
-I’m going to suck you (or blow, because she used suck in a french sentence which would be equivalent to blow in english)
-And then I find it funny

  • Her : why are you laughing
  • Me : it’s fucking random, but nice
    -her : why is it random but nice
    -Me : it just took me by surprise
    -her : ha ok sorry
    -her : come in my face also plz
    -me : don’t be sorry


That’s pretty awesome


Any particular reason you chose SS over PSS as a core module?


I assume you responded with:

“My place. 8 pm tonight. Bring wine.”



As @Simon mentioned Sex & Seduction, Daredevil or Primal Seduction really shape your social interactions differently. I’ll possibly be trying these out in the future, yet they aren’t a priority for now.

But it’ll be lot’s of fun! And when I do I’ll ask Simon for advice as he has lots of experience and success with the former programs. Most likely will be adding it to Stark then.

@WhiteTiger Looking forward to future updates :slight_smile:


Nah, not that horny and don’t really want to fuck, I’m too focused of fixing the thing for my job and my admission to the master’s degree, I filled some forms yesterday… I told her I’d fuck her friday since I have time :joy:

I spent the night filling some forms, sending e-mails and calling family members to tell them the news, because they know how much my job was draining me (libido loss and etc)

But yeah, definitly could of awnsered that :wink: I already had sex the day before with my other girl also :joy:


Yeah, I want stark to be my main “alpha” core. I do not want multiple big core, the main objective for my new custom was to lighten the density of my subliminal :wink:


Good thinking,
I’ve hear some have great results mixing the big Alpha’s (Alphas with more than one core) but overall looks like leading with one main Alpha core/program is a smart move.


Yeah, the sub I ran last week, my first custom was great, but a lot of reconciliation, I am not ready for this! Also I really wanted to lighten things up and focus my developpment on Stark + add Joie de vivre and Ego Adsum to enjoy life more.


Ran 5 loop of my custom today Stark, can’t feel anything… I must say that I started again drinking coffee because I am soo bored at work. I’ll run again 4 loop tomorrow and

By the way, I am chatting girls online, I am seeing one tomorrow, might be seeing a really hot one later on (I just subtly invited her and she anwsered something like "I’ll remember that next time I go out :smiley: "), but frankly I am just waiting for my registration letter to my uni so I can announce that I quit my job.

Also, I see merger of worlds is working, I keep seeing these SJW post of facebook about rape culture, BLM and all of these things protesting and post about “raping is NEVER ok”… well, you know you guys probably have seen those type of things… I really don’t know why I keep being triggered by those, it is a complete mystery for me. Do I feel attacked? I shouldn’t. Do I feel threathened? Maybe… Maybe I don’t like white male being glued on me as an identity…

I really don’t know, it keeps triggering me. I wish I wouldn’t care at all about those things, at the end of the day whatever people post online, whatever they say, when they meet a super charismatic guy they all forget all those “white male” shit. If only I could mature through this… WHY?


I haven’t really stopped to realize where the modules are influencing me.

In the past couple of weeks, since I started running my custom subs, I decided to quit my job, go back to get a master’s degree, pushed through administrative barrier, get accepted and now I am registering for two classes I have to take before starting end of august. How amazing is that?

Ares helped me push through fear, Stark made me more conscious of what is my end goal, I do not want a 9-5 job… I want to enjoy what I am doing, have more flexibility with the time I am working and spending with people I love. I’ll announce my boss on monday that I am leaving, really scary for me, but I feel it will be easier than few months ago.

Blue Skies started working when I took the decision to help myself, I don’t like the routine at the bank, the work is too early for me and I don’t like the fact that even if I am more than 100% my objective, I still have to stay at work to help customer service and do some phone calls to try and find out new business. By loving myself more, I started giving value to those emotions and saying to myself “Ok, maybe I should change”.

I am seeing my strength, I can make things happens. Friday, I changed the rate of a client for his company loan from Prime+6,5% to Prime+1,5% in THREE hours. Usually you need 1-2 business day to ask for a special rate exception and then 1-2 business days so the department in charge of preparing business paperwork send them to you. A good employee would of told the client “it’s a rate of prime+6,5%” finish with that. A Great employee would of ask the client if he would like to launch the procedure to try and reduce the rate. An emperor just know the right persons, and make shit happens.

Am I getting paid more for that, how does it benefits me? Not at all, a happy customers for the bank and my boss who gives me a pat in the back while reminding me to be a good employee hahaha


I am probably not alone, but I am hit with massive reconciliation since a couple of days. Don’t want to see anybody, anger, frustration, irritability… Maybe it is because of Ultima, maybe it is because of my sleep. Maybe it is because I will have to wear a mask at my job :roll_eyes:

I don’t know, I am mad for no reason!


Ok, since starting the ultima subliminals, I’ve had a lot of reconciliation. Haven’t been posting here for a couple of days, it’s not because nothing is happening…

One of the girls I saw this winter (who really interested me, hot and smart) texted me sunday night, I invited her and we went for a walk yesterday, unfortunatly she ended it because she was affraid of covid and two of her closest family members have trouble with their immune system… And I know she is REALLY anxious. Maybe she decided to cancel me, but it seems plausible for her to cut short the date after an hour and half because of that.

I think I’ll run sanguine as my ultima, limit destroyer kicked my ass, but I seems to be a little bit bolder when running limit destroyer sooo, it’s still working on me.

My boss agreed to lower my responsability at work to get a part time job while I am studying, but I am still waiting to start my two classes I need as a pre requisit to enter my master’s degree… administrative delay! But I am ready, I got beyond limitless and one of my friend gave me a couple adderall pills, when I mix both, I’ll probably see sounds.


I would recommend trying beyond limitless on its own solo
you won’t want or need those :wink:

And if you are going to use them-stay hydrated!


Hahaha yeah, I did one day on beyond limitless, I was so mad at everybody I was working with… No grind man!

Quick update! Just got a call for my inscription to the two classes I need, I convinced the lady on the phone to transfer my email to the department in charge of registration :heart:


Sooo, didn’t post in almost two weeks, I’ll say my life has been pretty boring, working in my boring day job (which I only have one week left), then I’ll go back working part time.

I ran one loop on libertine for fun when it got out! Now I decided to run a second one because libertine crank up, my sex drive and I want to try and use that drive to produce shit.

And, tonight, this girl I just always politely talked to sent me this :

Coincidence? I think not! But it tells me that I should really upgrade my online image and make new friends, and meet hotter girls hahaha!

But now I can’t want for true social to get out, true social was one of my go to I really loved! And commander too! (of course libertine too)!


“fuck i’m in need of sex it has never been as intense as that my lack of sex”

:wink: this chick drops hints much…

Thank you google translate—

I’m afraid of commander ultima-- the regular one had me reorganizing strangers on the street into more suitable formations. (not joking)


Is commander good to take out nice guy syndrome or someone that wants to speak his mind no matter what the circumstances? My 90 days of ascension regeneration and PCC are coming up and I really want to get into my dominant mode, I want to completely eradicate my sometimes lack of ability of saying what’s on my mind and standing up for whatever I want. I’ve been torn between Emperor, Khan and another sub like commander or something. Whatever 3 subs I choose I will run them all for at least a year. Since apparently name embedding helps a lot maybe go with a custom, but I need I think all Khan’s stages so that will be hard. I want a taste of both Khan AND Emperor. And if I do go with a custom it’ll be terminus power. I hardly get reconciliation with current 3 subs im doing now but also at the same time haven’t notice A DRASTIC change within myself, although I know it is working me :100: since I get lots different dreams that challenge my subconscious to rewire itself. So that is my reason for terminus version


If you want to run one supercharger commander would be it, it really gives you a boost in “getting in charge of your reality” which can then manifest itself by your outside behavior being more dominant.

@Azriel I’m curious to see what happens if I run it for a week, but do you know if it is possible to run 2 ultima subs? I’ve got to study and can’t really skip my beyond limitless!


Don’t worry. There is no Commander Ultima yet. :blush: