Subliminal Ride - Beyond the Sky


No I don’t think, I feel like commander will be there last, true social, should be next :smirk:


Wasnt aware that SC plan to also update Commando as i thought it was not going to happen.

True Social was a bomb when is the ultima version out ?


Of course not. Feel bad for those not experiencing anything on Libertine. I’m having a blast. :wink:


Hahaha, I just matched a latina girl, she seems pretty shape, I invited her to go for a walk tomorrow, for now she is down for it…

And I saw my fwb tonight, had intense sex two hours, I’m dead now haha

Maybe because I was running libertine last year the effect comes back quicker?


Naw, we’re hearing these kind of reports from 90% of our users. Trying to figure out why the remaining people aren’t getting good results.


As @Simon said there is no commander Ultima… yet :slight_smile:

I’d say its certainly possible to do 2 Ultimas in a day-
I ran BLU and Libertine both yesterday (morning and night) and seemed to go well, all into today I definitely felt the effects of both and saw the effects of Libertine. It was my first time using it so the effects may be even stronger or more consistent on a day I’d run it solo however, what effects I did see were already in the realm of ‘w.t…f… this is awesome’


Any of the following; reconciliation, deprivation of sexual energy to exude in Aura, lack of energetic development for Aura technology to work properly as it is in @blackadder’s case and being in a low vibrational state where by the Aura contracts is another one. Those are really the four most obvious reasons that I can think of.

On another note, yesterday I tried one loop of Libertine Ultima just for the sake of it, as I went to my sexual partner anyway. Let’s just say I had extremely pronounced effects, even on my way there women we’re literally dispelled of there focus because I walked past them. One women almost smashed into a dustbin because she was looking at me sideways, it was pretty funny actually.

So when I finally approached her house, she opened the door and in instant she jumped me pulling me to her room, which actually hasn’t happened before. Moreover she kept telling me how handsome I am, and that I really make her so horny just by me being besides her. She couldn’t lay her hands off me, where other times we would have sex and then chill out some longer she kept wanting more and more sexual interactions even if that means laying close by, kissing me, cuddling and what have you.

I guess that pretty much dispels all notions of the lack of pronounced results with Libertine Ultima, if it isn’t working for someone it is very much a personal problem rather then a problem with the Title itself, I have never seen such a profound effects from any subliminal program in the history of Mankind.


Those are insane results @Hermit :muscle:

Btw my fwb just tested me this morning to tell me she was going to the gym but it was hard to focus because she could still feel me inside her…


Libertine Ultima is mind-blowing, I didn’t think otherwise as the Aura tech here on Subliminal Club always had astounding effects on me.

Seriously can’t wait to try True Social & Aura Ultima.


True social :heart: it’s my love! I’ll have to network soon so whenever true social can come out I can’t wait!

I need to potentiate the fame module from stark :wink:


I always had this urge to get Daredevil, but I never did because I only need it momentarily. This is where True Social Ultima comes in.

@SaintSovereign will you add that Social Alpha & Public Speaking scripting from Beyond Limitless where you coincidentally receive the most appropriate works to speak in any moment, and with no anxiety in doing so? I’d love that!


There is something I was curious to ask about, I’ve just read @blackadder ‘s journal (and didn’ t wanted to pollute his), but how could someone explain that some people can developp aura without ever having worked on it or anything (or even being conscious of the aura) while some other people who are doing efforts and looking for it can’t manifest it :thinking:

Also, I had a date with a really cute Colombian girl, 21 yrs old… Hot. She kept laughing at my jokes, touching me and we talked for a couple of hours, at the end she admitted she told me a wrong street to make sure I wasn’t a rapist or something. So I brought her back to her doorstep and decided to put sexual tension on her for fun, she got nervous, gave me two hugs and a kiss on the cheek while I kept smiling because I was almost laughing at how nervous she looked :joy: I told her I would invite her to do something else this week!


@SaintSovereign Very happy to hear that you care about the 10% who are not satisfied with results.

Humans are a diverse lot and everyone has a different starting point and challenges in his life so it’s difficult to create “one size fits all” type of solutions.


Any possibke reasons some are not getting extremely good results?


Great to see that @SaintSovereign cares about the remaining users. I’ll be honest, I haven’t seen much come out of it so far. Would like to know if there is legitimately something wrong with me :joy:. Despite lifting, meditating, wim hof breathing, cold showers and QiGong too…

@pacman, Hermit posed a good-sounding theory that could cover some people’s cases. But @Whitetiger raises a good point about auric development. I’d bet that most people on the forum have not consciously developed an aura (or be aware of its existence). Something is off here…


After reading about the possible explanations by the various posters I would like to ask some questions.

Do the aura functions including the Aura stacking module work only for those high-vibrating, high energy people with strong auras?

Are the aura functions in SC subliminals a waste of time for the users who have a weak , low-energy, low-vibrating aura ?

I think my questions above are similar to questions about whether wealth subliminals work much better for those already with lots of money, whether seduction subs work much better for those already good with women, and whether intelligence-enhancing subs work much better for those who are already intelligent.


I would think that it would work for anyone without a major problem blocking it. But if they had a low energy aura, it would take longer for them to really see obvious results because it would have to build up to that high energy state before it really started to shine.
So, no, it’s not a waste at all, it’ll just take longer.


I just want to mention that I learned how to be good with woman with subs, I was never good to begin with.

Good looking yeah, but bad at understanding girls :joy:


I think my terminus custom build is so potent it has dug up some dark issues from my past from my days as a child. Perhaps it has gone so deep that i am now suffering reconciliation. This might be blocking the actions of the auras and libertine.


I’m pretty sure too much reconciliation is bad for your aura, it’s focusing all your mental energy in some kind of internal fight!