Subliminal Ride - Beyond the Sky


By the way, I assume you have seen my new custom?

Noticed I only have blue skies and iron frame which are classified as emotionnal healing. Do you think self love is enough to heal everything :sweat_smile: Just noticed I removed Ares and New Beginning :roll_eyes:


I don’t know enough to say,
I think Blue Skies and self love will cover a lot of healing though
energetically and emotionally.
Ares is probably in one of your cores as well supporting it as needed
I’m sure is New Beginnings is in Stark, it’s in Emperor core at least so I imagine it’s in Stark.

I believe New Beginnings as a stand alone module is insanely powerful though, so you may be nostalgic for that. It may have already done it’s good work for you …You’ll have to let us know if in it’s absence you see more clearly how it contributed.


Like the input, for me NB really made me aware of “I was… All along” just not expressing it correctly. For example, with woman, I’ve always been attractive, but didn’t trusted me enough, which means I lost lots of opportunity.

Same with skills, didn’t trusted me enough. Anyway I hope tyrant and dominion’s push will somehow compensate…


I really struggle to stick to my diet and have intense workout like I was having… I also really want to build a body that I am proud of, and push into my physical developpment. Have nice and rewarding workout, clean nutrition

I don’t know if I’m an addict to subs, but I decided to build a custom only for Physical changes, fitness and health.

Spartan Core
Emperor Fitness St4 Core
Alpha Body Language
Deep Sleep
Serum X
Physicality Shifter - Sexiness
I.Q. and Cognitive Booster
Epigenetics & DNA Modulator
Sensuality & Handsomeness Improver
Natural Winner

I will try to add 1-2 loops of this custom every day, and use the other one as my main. The goal here is to reconnect with the “motivated” part of me for my workout! I keep having those “cheats” on my diet and it’s hard to combine calories deficit with sport intensity. I’ve never ran any physical changes subs, but this one is designed specifically for fitness and body transformation, it should be a sub I can run for longer term because fitness has been part of my life for something like 8 years!


Just got my new sub, played one loop and oh my god is reconciliation hitting. There are so much strong modules, I think my mind will need time to process all of this!

I feel mainly anger and stress. Will see how it evolve, but I’ll add couple more loops today to push reconciliation and wait a couple of days for my brain to assimilate everything new!


So, today I had a problem with my roommate. Few months ago I got beer for 1$ each, which is like 30c cheaper than usual (the usual cheep beer, the one I got were hier quality, which means it was a great deal). I “sold” 7 box of 12 beer to my roommate. He is the type of guys to really check his money and his expenses, so he said he would only take two I didn’t understood why because it was obvious he would drink all 7 cases in the next 2-3 months… He said again that he only asked for two so he would only take two.

Anyway, he is a pretty honest guy, like even for two dollars, he corrected me a couple times, he check his money and makes sure everything balances so I trust him.

Now today, we got into an argument because he thought that I only gave him 6 box and I swore it was 7… It’s been two weeks since I started medici, started my custom today, and already I have a powerful learning experience. I lost 12$ because I didn’t had any proof of the deal we made, no writing, I never mentionned in the facebook convo that there were 7 cases… Proofs that even with honest people, mistakes can happens! Next deal, even if it’s a small one, I’ll definitly male sure that shits are written down!

Also, I made out with the cute latina girl I am dating, will see how it goes later, but I am studying a lot and not really going out, haven’t run libertine in a week.


Confused, you sold 7 boxes to your roommates plural. 1 roommate said he only wants two and later says 6. Either way, keep it up. You are doing great.


Oh sorry, I meant roommate, singular, I’ll edit it :shushing_face:


7 cases, roommate said there were only 6, but wanted 2 cases. How many cases did he receive if he only wanted 2 cases?


Or is it, you sold 7 cases to your roommate and he is claiming that you only have him 6 cases.


I’m guessing this is a roommate thing. Did he pay you for 7 upfront, or only the 2 cases, and then pay as time went on when your roommate started drinking case by case.


The last scenario, he said only two, and paid for two! Then he drank two more and paid them, but he drank them and bring one of them to his GF place or some friends over the course of a month, lost count of it!

But we both agreed that from now on : payment upfrond and writing.


Got it. Were you angry? Did this put tension on both of you living together? Did he forget that he brought the pack over somewhere? It’s hard to imagine someone forgetting those details.


I know right? But it was over the course of like one month and a half…

I seriously doubt he is lying since he usually pays me in the sense that I sometime forget he owns me money or something and he always reminds me… Pretty sure we just lost count, I trust him so I didn’t really cared about the count of the beer.

Well, in the beginning I was pissed off, because wtf! Don’t steal my fucking beer! But after looking at my text message, my pictures and all, I just realised we NEVER told anything about this trade by text… And then it got me asking… Why was I so stupid that I never wrote those numbers?? It’s like the base, deal 101, even when you give money to some of your friend or something, you usually have it somewhere by text… I FELT SOOOO STUPID!! And then it hit me! I lost 12 dollars of “profits” because of how stupid I was. And seeing how I just learned an important (like really really) lesson (like making sure the transaction is written) about trade and deals… While running medici and realising how stupod I had been after a deal. Clearly a manifested challenge in front of me to make me grow!


Do you have more cases? There is still time.


I have 6 coming up :wink: and we agreed payment upfront, because he was confused that we didn’t had the same number of cases!


Perfect. Make it $2.10 each can. :wink:


Hahaha, I’ll probably see if I can sell them a little higher :wink: btw he is really checking his money like crazy, every time we go to the grocerie he always calculate the price down to the cent and take the less expensive. The only reason he wanted to take my deal was because it was cheaper, only thing he is looking for, he always drink the cheapest beer :ok_hand: that’s my clientele!


$3 should be reasonable then. Free delivery. :wink: if that is too much, then $1.00 per 1/3 can. Maybe you charge him for delivery.


I have my exams tomorrow. Final exams.

As far as my new sub goes, I can’t really tell for now, I am always expecting a “lag effect” where my mind spends so much energy processing the input of information that it can’t produce any aura, can’t manifest anything. It’s just de adaption phase.

Right now I feel stressed (probably my exams tomorrow) , apathetic also, which is a new form of reconciliation for me. Usually I am angry and stressed, sad, I live strong negative emotion. Right now I don’ t really feel emotion, I am calm, don’t really want to do stuff, little demotivated.

Sure, I have heavy modules in my new custom, dominion, tyrant, deus, omnidimensional WITH 3 heavy cores… Right now the sub is asking a lot from my subQ and I feel that it need a break. I always take break during the weekend, so I think this will do good even if I want to continue and add more loop!!