Subliminal Ride - Beyond the Sky


Make sure to run BLU :wink:

Have you taken any breaks on a larger scale? I’ve found that it may be helpful to do breaks like “1 week off after every 7 weeks”.


Haven’t done that in weeks. Usually I do my weekend off and I’m fine, it’s just since starting HoM I feel heavier, and even more since starting my new sub.

I feel like the “reality bending” is really taxing on me hahaha


Just finished both my exams, ran BLU just before, I was on fire! I’ll see how it goes, I only need 73%, it’s not a lot.

By the way, I wanted to note also, I am now at 19-20% BF, I was at 22% not too long ago, and I gained at least 10 lbs si my shape is getting better even if I don’t really journal about it :wink:

Then, I see how subliminals worked my mind. A year ago… no even three months ago, when I was dating a girl I find really interesting, I was getting really anxious about everything (does she likes me? Did I say something to turn her off? Is she going to want to see me again? How should I play this?). Now I feel much more liberated from these thought, I can still “hear” the thoughts, but their power over my emotions have gone down, which is amazing!


Congratulations! On the test and your results.

I feel similar-some thoughts may be there but there power is way down.
All subs address our thoughts, and mental landscape in the sense that that is what they are affecting.

I wonder which programs-specifically address ‘inner voice’ obviously the module inner voice does, but I believe Khan does as well.


I think all subs indirectly influence your inner voice. Your beliefs change, so does your inner voice, the only thing is that changing beliefs is a long process. Some of your beliefs might take a loooong time to change and multiple experiences to install the new one.

Maybe all subs have a mini inner voice module to help you grow?


Yes, certainly all subs indirectly influence your inner voice,
I think VERY differently now than before i started.
I was curious about which subs directly effect your inner voice.
But they all may have a mini-inner voice module as part of the core scripting.


Do you miss New Beginnings?
or too early to tell?


Too early to tell bro, right now my predominant emotion is apathy. I might do what @SubliminalUser recommanded and do a 7 days washout. I’m on my routine 5 days on 2 days off and it’s going great, but I must tell that the best I feel are sundays and monday. After that I tend to jump back into small reconciliation, which might indicate I am processing info.

First day off, but just finished my two exams, I am brain dead from all the stress so I can’t really tell how I feel hahaha I’m still numb.

@Azriel btw congrats for your Junior Alchemist title :wink:

EDIT : I also got two instagram follower since I woke up hahaha Maybe spotlight is doing something here


lol, thanks
I’m making a game out of it
as a way to propel my involvement.

You’ve been running on adrenaline to hit this goal probably, your due for some time off. A 7 day washout is not a bad idea.


You will find the washout to be highly beneficial.


Hard not to listen to sub, usually I can take my two days break no problem. I feel this urge for change, this anxiety in the back of my brain… “What if I fail?”. “What if I don’t change?”. “What if I meet all those people in my new program and realise that I haven’t changed, and it was all in my head?”.

I want to continue to overload my brain… just to make sure I am affected by the subs. The doubts are arising looking forward… I was super motivated a couple weeks ago and now I am full of doubt regarding myself, I feel like I regressed to before subliminal usage…

And I feel sad. (Still pushing my break tho!)


I so get this, going on my second day off subs, first ever 2nd day off, and there is so much doubt coming up,

like what if it only works when I’m constantly feeding my brain, what if it won’t last haha.

I’m also seeing where certain results are actually highlighted and getting stronger. The doubt is just the new experience of never having seen sub results with time off I believe. The track playing gives a self assurance that something is happening, but the truth is more is probably happening during this time off.


Yeah, well, it’s like the gym haha, workout then rest. You can also have the same feeling when you take a break from the gym, when you feel like losing all your gains, getting flat.

Running subs can quickly become an addiction, we need to remember that subliminal is a tool for the growth of the mind.

For now, I can’t really see “results” as per say, in the sense that I am just working on my text I have to submit and not going out, I want my emotions to stabilize first!


Had sex with my fwb tonight, made her cry :joy:

Also sex talked a girl via phone, she lives an hour away and we had some fun :wink:

Also told a girl I wouldn’t resist if she would handcuff me, she is really cute and I matched her a while ago :joy: she told me I was silly. Seems like I still got a little bit of game in me!


In a good way :slight_smile: ?

Whatever the case-well done to all of it.

I thought about this a lot, cause its come up. I wouldn’t let a girl handcuff me even if I trusted her completely as a person, because what if there is a fire :joy::joy: Well maybe if she was running steadfast or Survival Instinct she could.


Yeah haha, I don’t do that, I handcuff them :wink: But you know I wanted to sexualise the interaction fast!

And yeah in a good way, she explained me one time thst feminine orgasm they just goes up and up. You have one, then an other one, and then another one, more powerful each one of them. I ask her is there a max you can get? And she told me when it was too intense, she told me this is what happened yesterday.


Ok, so I don’t know if my break was long enough, I feel much better, yesterday I got this “mini-bloom” with girls, it was so easy to express myself.

I don’t really know what to do, at the same time I haven’t really run my new sub sooooo I am really eager to try it…

For the people who did longer breaks, how did it feel?


The HEAT is on, did two loops of my custom this morning.

The girl from montreal is coming over to my place friday night :night_with_stars: she keeps telling me she’ll undess me :smirk:

Haven’t heard about the latina girl, don’t know if she is still interested… I’ll text her Thursday to see if she is down to see me or something.

I’ll present my new subliminal plan in my next post :wink:


So, the smaller custom I made was for physical formation only. Muscle building, bodylanguage, healing, sleep, sexy body, CHECK! I’ll run this sub in the background, starting with one loop per day, to slowly move my training habits and nutrition.

Spartan Core
Emperor Fitness St4 Core
Alpha Body Language
Deep Sleep
Serum X
Physicality Shifter - Sexiness
I.Q. and Cognitive Booster
Epigenetics & DNA Modulator
Sensuality & Handsomeness Improver
Natural Winner

My second subliminal, which is my main one :

This one will is more geared building a sense of control in my reality via Tyrant and Dominion (aligning my conscious and subconscious), adding some classic boosters via Deus and omnidimensional. But mainly, my goal was to add medici and make me value more the people around me, building connection and all, this is one of my strong weakness and I am starting school next week. I want to at least see the importance of it.

I’ll try to run 2-3 loops of it every day, see how it goes. I’ve taken three days of break from subs, I might do another three days this weekend to see how I like it!


Just tested myself, I’m now at 18% BF, 79 Kilo

Just so people know, I’m running a small stack of:

  • RAD140 (Which lowers my libido, my estrogen is probably too low)
  • GW

Since starting RAD I am much more dominant in bed, like I could access a new part of SS’s programming in me.

Since starting my physical enchancement sub, I’ve really put more time into my workout programming, nutrition and metabolism study for fat loss and weight maintenance.

I am also waiting for my rebuild of my main sub. I’ve added back : Ares, New Beginning and added attachment destroyer in exchange for spotlight, Lion IV and Handsomeness Improver, which is already in my physical enchancement sub.