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I knew it was for listening to DR besides DR makes me more immune to attacks of this kind. I take things much less personally than I used to in the past. Anyways, we’re cool, mate :sunglasses:


Just got back from my sister’s house. I had a very positive visit.

The last hour she and I took a walk. We’ve both been sharing stuff with each other for years, but I finally listened today. It went way better than I even imagined.

What’s relevant here came up on the end of our walk. We talked about my last visit, and I shared I didn’t know what happened–but I shared I didn’t expect anything out of her. That alone was what changed the environment on Thanksgiving Day.

Near the end of that discussion, I had to ask a question, or share where I was now. I knew I’d caused strained relationships with her due to my expectations, and I purposely turned it to me being here on the forum. Old expectations, like old, old, old ones, have been surfacing with men here. I shared this with her, I felt it coming up, and I cried for a minute, letting some pressure out.

I’m still wanting to focus on female relationships, but my bonds with men were damaged years back. I am expecting someone here to come up and apologize–and noone here did anything to me. I’ve been trying to fix this in me externally…but it’s internal.

I’m sad now, yet I’m grateful this is actually surfacing (vs. being stuck down forever). I’m unsure where this is going–but who cares. I’m going with this.


I was at fault for expecting unrealistic things from you recently @Voytek. This came up on my walk with my sister.

Thank you for being so generous and mature here. I don’t feel deserving of it, but I thank you.


I learnt something from you too. Thanks. Have a great Sunday! :slight_smile:


I have no idea why but that made me laugh


Not sufficient amount of sleep again, maybe? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Nailed it !!



How do you evaluate your progress on DR so far?


@Voytek I need to stop staying up so late watching the clown porn that @subliminalguy was telling me about


The clown porn? What is it about?

@subliminalguy sorry for asking about that in your thread but I’m just curious. :rofl:


It’s actually a reference to the movie Deadpool.


hmm…I’m a little tired myself tonight.

DR has been active daily working on “old” issues and memories. I’m slow to respond since it’s presently working on numerous relationship barriers I’ve been holding up. One is with you guys, and the other is with females. I had some closure with my sister tonight–and she actually followed my lead while walking, meaning I spoke up, advising we take another route since daylight was waning. She told me girls love it when men stand up for themselves and assert themselves. She even said she feels more feminine when being submissive. I was frankly surprised and delighted to hear this, for I’ve always projected a lot of false facts on her. Sounds weird, but I’ve always thought she was more assertive than I.

With you guys, I’m still feeling unresolved shit in me bubbling up. I’m unsure what I should be doing, if anything at all. In fact, DR has been focusing my attention inside rather than outside. You guys have not been my life’s focus thus far.

So, DR is definitely working on me. I know I feel vulnerable sharing this, but at the same time I know DR is doing something unexpected.

And “unexpected” have been the results since I began it.


And @JCast is just messing with me. I thought “clown porn? What?”

Very funny :laughing:


And BTW @Voytek,

I’m listening to 3 loops now. I’ve been thinking on your results and @JCast’s, and I’m feeding myself now with it.

I’m doing masked, but yesterday while leaving work I ran 2 loops of ultrasonic on my phone. About 30 minutes in, I felt like I embodied what St1 is doing. I’ve not felt this since running Ascension almost 2 years back. It felt awesome, and I felt confident of DR’s direction.

Anyone else had similar results with ultrasonic? I’ve pulled off it (when home) since I can listen to it too loud since I rarely “feel” SC subs working. And I’ve not seen much mention of ultrasonic here lately.


One honest conversation with a woman and you can learn more than during a whole PUA seminar. It may be that DR also helps us connect with people since we’re more authentic and more comfortable in our own skin therefore they feel more comfortable and are more themselves. Great insights and thank you for your openness. I think that openness is also an indicator of your growth on DR.


I just remember Saint mentioned once that ultrasonic gives you faster and more pronounced results but not as deep and permanent as the standard version. I haven’t used that technology for almost four years now and I’ve never used SC ultrasonic.


Good to know as I have been running ultrasonic almost entirely. When I run the two loops on Monday I will run the masked version


I kind of wonder when Subclub is going to come out with hybrid Q titles to get the best of both worlds. I found with that one other company that ya’ll love to hate that the hybrid versions worked a lot better than either of the standard formats.


Yes, it’s been a common practice for some time but we have to take into account that the Q technology is used by SC exclusively. I trust them in that matter since they’ve proved many times that they know what they’re doing. I’m really glad that a friend of mine convinced me to try SC products although I had been a staunch customer of one company for four years.


DR St1
Day 25
No loops today

I’m wondering about something. It’s been on my mind while sleeping, and I’m still thinking (and feeling excited) about it.

I’m considering getting a custom for stage 2.

It would be name-embedded.
I’d add either PCC or Ascension to it to rebuild my masculine side.
I felt really good on my Regen/PCC custom
A major reason too is adding the POM module. I felt more masculine due to not fapping as much.
Attachment Destroyer? Maybe
Other module add-ins? Definitely
Price isn’t major since I own most of my desired modules already

It’s only a 30 day sub. This is my biggest con with this plan.
Name embedded majors may open up by the end of the year.
Though I can afford it, I would be acting lax with money. Always spending what I have means I don’t have a smaller plan leading to bigger plans. Surprisingly, I’ve avoided fulfilling smaller plans since …well, it’d be doing something slightly uncomfortable in my subconscious. I’d be attempting to have success in my life (why do avoid/sabotage this routinely?)

I’m in no rush, but I’d like other’s thoughts on this.

And DR is actively working on me. I just felt (and feel) like a young boy seeking to rely on his older brothers. Is this not good? —I’m seeking acceptance now.

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