SubliminalGuy's Dragon Reborn Journal


Even my feeling and thinking about others has been affected. I thought about messaging my bitcoin miner, I didn’t feel like it, so I waited. Just a minute ago, I considered it again, and am realizing my motivation has been close to “do you still like me?”

Approval seeking is being touched by DR. Thank God.


I just read your journal, thanks for posting!
Myself is currently journaling privately because I can write more honestly.

Will follow your journey. Best to you!


Thanks for the reminder about private journaling @Matt.

Years ago, when I seemed to live in a counselor’s office and had few friends, I journaled privately. I still have a stack of 20 year-old notebooks.

I’ll be thinking about this today. Having space to vent and air stuff privately was gold.


How about dealing with that issue?


Part of the reason I’m running Dragon Reborn is so EOG will potentially be more impactful much quicker. The idea of being self reliant in multiple ways is mind orgasm inducing


Yeah. Me too. @Simon kept pointing me to realize that wealth was primarily a mindset vs. a bunch of financial gains. I wasnt seeing it then.

Since keeping a focus on healing, Ive felt much RICHER in life in general.


I’m experiencing something new, something I’ve never experienced before.

I’ll jump to it. I noticed this afternoon that I couldn’t hide in my head like I normally do. I also noticed I was very alert to what was right in front of me.

It’s like I’m seeing my feelings (in the moment) with a different set of eyes. My eyes before always had fear of me being hurt, and I’d naturally hide from the sensations and awareness that I was afraid. I’d shut down awareness habitually and constantly if around people or situations that scared me. This fact is why I haven’t trusted myself truly. When I’m afraid and locked up internally, I’ve bluffed when around others. I’ve thought I’d lie anytime it hid my fear from other’s awareness.

I noticed I was a little more relaxed, even though I worked with a guy who I didn’t really trust. It’s like my mind sought out feasible solutions vs…hiding. This took my stress away.

I will admit I’ve felt some tension in my head. I’ve interpreted this like my conscious mind usually makes fearful decisions all to actually hide the truth that I was scared. But these “normal” reactions weren’t happening today.

I know there’s something I’m missing at the moment. I’ll share it when I’m clear.


I remembered.

When hiding, I’d feel slightly sad since hiding is a one way street. I go in, but never really come out.

How do I handle life from day to day?

I think I’ve been locked up in fear a very long time, and I lie to myself telling myself fantasies so I think that my world’s safe again.

And that’s some fucked up thinking, being honest. I’ve lived in fantasies. I only see what I want to see.

While writing those sentences, a logical part of me asked incredulously “aren’t we supposed to be afraid?”


Very nice and profound realization


Thank you @Dragonrider


I had something similar with my RegenerationQ custom.
I walked out of my house and somehow my mask that I show the world was falling off.
I thought scarfull what will happen when the world sees my true face, that weakness.
Then I corrected that state instantly : it dossent matter because I can grow strong from this point on so its only for a short time


What’s drastically different in my experience vs. yours is that I don’t feel fear about it. Now–I looked for fear–since I’ve done this habitually so long. But fear was not on stage, showing some false self vs. the (shocked) real me. This new mindset is what was running me.

I also think they have the Naturalizer module maxed out since this felt so…er…natural. I was not stressed in the slightest


I’ve had similar experiences. Things just click. I mentioned before how after I am done running Dragon Reborn I planned on running EOG. I’m going to wait and see how I feel at that time. I’ve always loved problem solving and obviously running Quantum Limitless would take that to crazy levels of ability.


The fear was only for a second (more like a shock) then I instantly changed the state.
Both expiriences are really cool


I think you are spot on


Cool man. I realize I made that reply through my own lenses. I am the one who’s had a lot of fear.

RQ never had that obvious of an effect on me. But DR did, for sure. It was sweet :smile:


I’ve been listening to music.

Comparing yesterday’s feelings and thoughts to today’s.

I’m just feeling so grateful. And truly relaxed (relieved). It comes and goes.

I sat after writing the above. Part of me is looking for my old ways, and is even sad about the change.

Backing up to a spiritual reading I read yesterday, one guy said nothing changed for him until he admitted to God he couldn’t do it himself. I’ve really, really, REALLY tried to control my life and experiences, and I’ve failed again, again, and again.

I’ve been wary of spiritual changes since…well, no reason. It’s just something I could occupy myself trying to control everything. Fear enjoys its own isolated, lonely mission.

I wrote all this admitting that my spiritual walls are being challenged. But it feels like it’s coming from within myself. I don’t fight when it comes from within.

Very brilliant @Fire and @SaintSovereign :wink:


This means your subconscious likes the scripting.


That’s definitely good news to hear!


Unfortunately, it’s usually a precursor to reconciliation, rofl.