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Yeah agreed, definitely need to be under guidance of a shaman. Most likely need to travel for it to the Amazon.

It leaves me in awe to see people healed from serious/grave mental and emotional health issues(which otherwise wouldn’t be possible with the regular methods). @subliminalguy has suffered so much and it is just horrible to carry such weight, I just wanted to let him know about it. Maybe it is something he is interested in doing in the future



Could you please read this thread starting with about 10 posts above here and continuing down? Perhaps you can add something.


OK here we go.
First and that is the most difficult part in plant Medicine to find is this :
After drinking with a shaman you end up in the frame and limitation of the shaman. There is a way to avoid that and for that you need to be stronger than the shaman and dominate his ceremony - - - you need to take control of the whole ceremony and overpower him.
Its of utmost importance to realy watch the facilitator/shaman for a longer time. Because the truth is : they are dangerous if they use theyr power to control you and make you a slave.
They can do things to you when you drink with them, it’s unbelievable dark.
One of them cast a love spell on me and for a halve year I had his face coming up whenever I wantet to be nice to someone. I had fantsys of giving him al my money and buy him stuff (witch I didn’t of course) even during sex his face came up. He was and still is a telepath, he can access you easy and he installed the connection in me. My best Frend pulled him out of me easyl and punished him al little big for that😂

This is a long way,to find a Gem of a Shaman

Second if I hear people drinking Medicine and tell afterwards it did not do any good or betterment then I shake my head and know it was not even good prepared Medicine.
I heard story’s of (even) established Centers where they drink 3 - 7 cups (1-2dl per cup) and land afterwards in this inward/realization/exploration state.
But no power gain and sure no executive power.

WE in our Center have a shot glass and if you do more than a halve shot you are very brave :joy::joy:

This Corona is a big shit, now peru has 14 days quarantine for travelers so we are letting it slip.
This pisses me so off because I can’t enter the country and my best Frend (the owner of the center) needed to leave the country.

But when in the future the possibility exist to make trips into the Jungel again then come with me and I going to show you where you find real Magic that transform your life like you never ever thought is possible.
You Wil Gaine Power like never ever before.
You Wil dominate easyl
Your respond system Wil complete change
You Wil never ever let anyone treat you badly
When someone attacks you, instead of get angry and fight your heart opens and in 2 seconds all the shit you feel shoots out into the attacker and your heart closes again(it’s an automatic process) And the fight is finish for you. Funny thing is, every time this happens I was asking myself:why is this other person still in war mode, I am at peace don’t you get it😂
You will have zero stress with people inside
You become the power of Eloy ( our shaman) and that is complete freedom to do whatever you want to do.
You will meet yourself and Gaine the power to be yourself
You Wil see/hear and feel a professional Magican at work.
And so much much much more I can guarantee you, but you need to do the decision yourself and ask me.
We are safe in any direction

Anyway good luck to find a Gem in that area

Ps: the plants are the healer :wink:


That is profound! I haven’t heard anyone else mention this!

Thanks for posting this long post, and being generous with your experiences! Many things to keep in mind!


You figure this out yourself when you change a lot and search for the absolute best.
Its the same as listening to a singer- 10 people sing the same song you Wil have 10 different experiences.
Only thing is, if the singer/shaman doesn’t sing well and is not well in general then you end up in the shit. it’s very hard to get rid of that shit in the beginning.
But if you find a true magican who is so powerful that you never reach his level the next 50 years and shares everything with you- then you are Golden.
Let me know when you are ready


@subliminalguy You ok?


I would love to come with you to your Center

@Hermit and I planned to travel to Peru for sometime now


Yeah, where did he go?
@subliminalguy, are you all right man?


It’s possible he’s on a personal retreat of sorts. Dragon Reborn has caused me to retreat from a lot of stuff (forums NOT being one of them, clearly). Good luck to @subliminalguy.


Same here. I tend to keep to myself more than ever. Sadly it’s also made me aware of what friendships I had that were a waste of time


Sadly? You’re going to be better off.


Oh I know. Just a bit depressing because I actually thought a bit highly of some of these folks or at least thought they were decent people.
Dragon Reborn has helped me realize that seeking anyone out is another form of validation and approval seeking and that I can live with far less than I already thought I could


Interesting. I realized this recently as well.


@subliminalguy Dude where are you? You last posted here 9 days ago.


He got in touch with me a couple of days ago and he’s ok. Just taking a break