Suggestion: Lucid Dreaming X


When you look at Lucid Dreams, and the way to actually have them, it is mostly about programming your subconscious mind so in fact Subliminals would be one of the best ways to do that. Furthermore, you’d still want to remember your experience, as with anything related to higher conscious you won’t be able to comprehend once your state declines back to a lower one.

Scripting to make bring awareness to your dream state and scripting to make force you to write your dreams down are probably gonna be mandatory in a title like this.

Let’s hope for the best.


DREAMS Ultima will do this. It’s coming, ya’ll. September’s gonna be a fun month. I’m just catching up on support and the such, and then it’s back to developing dope stuff.


I guess more Ultima titles are in the pipeline for the next few months, will we get an ultima version of elixir?


Ahh yes, it feels so great to make a request, have it be acknowledged by SubClub and then months later it actually happens :smiley: Funny because at the time this thread was one of the first few posts I made on the entire forum. Thanks a lot @SaintSovereign!!!


Of course and of course.

I’m working on the Libertine experimental now, though. I’m just debating about whether or not it’s moral to include what I’m thinking. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds interesting already lol. I can imagine you are thinking of adding something that kinda pushes someone to make convo or sexual encounters with the person running it?


A penny for your thoughts…


e x p e r i m e n t

The less we know about that portion, the less our conscious mind would try to get in the way. Up to you based on the problems people have had :slight_smile:


Do it for science.




I’m a little confused about the Libertine experimental. Did it come out already? Is it only for original testers of LU or is it for all LU owners? Do you plan to tell us what changed or will we figure it out on our own?

Also any update on True Social Ultima.



I couldnt resist myself!


For Weird Science! :joy::grin::sunglasses:


LU experimental isn’t here yet. Nothing about TSU yet, but highly looking forward to that one :slight_smile:


Hoping for Dreams Ultima to be out soon.

Then I can start planning a customized lucid dreaming subliminal that I can run at night and live Glorious Dynasties in my lucid dream.


Interesting read. I am tired of using my conscious mind to hack through my reality.


Don’t have to convince me! Readings like this were typical fo back when I tried to learn LD.


@SaintSovereign Will Astral Projection X help one to generate lucid dreams?


Don’t think so. They’re two different skill sets.


There’s lucid dreaming scripting in it, but it’s geared at developing your ability to astral travel. Be patient, DREAMS Ultima is coming.