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Since we can sometimes wake up feeling exhausted as if we’ve just had an epic adventure in our sleep, I wonder what would happens if LD became a natural state and we’d use it to stay busy. Would we actually have to do “rest-dreams” where we need to lucid dream a nice relaxing vacation? Would our constant adventures actually cause mental exhaustion?


Saint and Fire will have a swanky office which we can pop into whenever we have our lucid dreams.

The office looks like this.

They will give you a potion for you to drink as well as some special type of music for you to listen to, after which you will wake up full of energy.

Or you can always choose to continue on your lucid dreaming adventure after taking a power nap on the famed Subliminal Club Power Sofa. (The Power Sofa is not in the photo above but you’ll definitely be impressed when you see it.)

Some of you will ask, “How do we get there to the Subliminal Club Lucid Office? Which roads do we have to take? Do we have to drive our lucid car at a lucidious speed 88 miles per hour?”

And Subliminal Club will say to them , “Where you’re going, you don’t need roads.”.

By the way, I’m willing to go for Astral Projection X if Saint and Fire are able to set up an Astral Office (i.e. an office in the Astral Plane with an Astral Address. If it’s still under construction, I don’t mind having a peek using Remote Viewing X).

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I wouldn’t think so, based off of the conversation I’ve had with one person who lucid dreams by default. Now whether we can be exhausted because of having to run DREAMS Ultima every night is another question :slight_smile:


I have a feel Ultima Dreams is gonna be a gamechanger


Definitely. I will be returning to dream journaling in my leather notebook once I start listening to this again. Interfacing with the content that my custom subliminal is giving as well as just doing fun stuff in the dreams will change my life.

What’s funny is I originally thought of a 10-year plan for lucid dreaming where by the 10th year, I’d be using LD very often for working with the subconscious. However this was with the trajectory of the LD practice that was there at the time. Did not know about SubClub back then, much less DREAMS Ultima. Very glad that LD is becoming a part of my reality now.


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