Suggestions Thread for future Subs/Updates/Superchargers 🔥



I think Stage 1 of The Alchemist already does that.


I’d like to see an Extreme Optimist like Sanguine but with all of these modules I’m seeing like Extreme Will Extreme Happiness Ultimate Gratitude, Think Like A Winner etc. without any of the masculine or seduction stuff. Or does Sanguine already have all that and maybe I’ll just get that one and start my journey. Something to just give one, male or female, that positive push into the life they were meant for but maybe not being a major program just the ultimate stack module or a good first subliminal or a get out of a rut type when you need a booster.


Agreed with the physical healing and 20/20 vision


What i would suggest is a sub that puts you in a happy state which can be used on days you feel down.


To reiterate my past suggestions:

  1. a sub to build muscle fast as if we’re on steroids but we’re not

  2. s sub to gain strength; 525lbs bench press in 6 months (or less!!)

To add:

A sub for penis enlargement


To reiterate what I believe will be a great for any upcoming roadmap:

  • Multi-Sage:
    ** Quantum Limitless with a big focus on learning and creativity.

  • Superchargers
    **A supercharger for wealth and money, that works well with EoG and Mogul
    **A supercharger to set an intention for a goal / manifestation. Where like @DarkPhilosopher said, we can imagine the ideal scene of the goal we want, we fill ourselves with energy, charge that image of our goal / intention with that energy, then let it go into the world.

  • Updates:
    **An updated Regeneration
    **An updated Sex & Seduction

  • Stacking Modules:
    **A stacking module to boost the manifestation abilities of Khan, EoG, Mogul, Emperor etc. So we get more opportunities of the kind we want in whatever our goal is.
    **Making that Libertine bonus stacking module an official product, and updating it to latest technology.

This would in some aspects make the catalogue of Subliminal Club more complete (eg, a Wealth supercharger), and update some cool things for those faithful loyal customers who were here from the beginning :wink:

cc @Fire @SaintSovereign


A subliminal solely dedicated to restful sleep would be dope as well. Somethng to listen to an hour before bed that tunes down the sympathetic nervous system, reduces cortisol and increase melatonin production.

An a subliminal for Will Power.


I would definitely buy a sleep supercharger. I cant sleep properly and i think many people are suffering from this. Not sure if dreams help


If I hadn’t said it before, something that increases perception. Like how Sherlock Holmes can look at a person and notice all the tiny details that help him deduce things about them (or like in one of my fav series, Psych). It also translates to perceiving body language and micro-expressions, so it is very useful. I know it is trainable with practice.

It may be Saint did some testing for this already some months ago.

Plus, I would still love to see something that helps with lucid dreaming and more importantly dream recall. Something more than a supercharger, like a stacking module for example, that emphasizes the subconscious communication through dreams maybe.

I wonder if there would be a use for something that makes a person more Zen like in letting go of all the stuff in their lives, causing them to really look at everything on their desk and in their home and ask if they really need it, and as a result get a nice and de-cluttered space. And we know that if you have a de-cluttered space, your mind de-clutters as well, leaving more room for subliminals, yay!


My votes for highest priorities would be updated versions of Regeneration and Ultimate Artist as these are the two subs I plan to be focused on for quite a while and they have been out long enough to be due updates.


There is a multistage UA in the roadmap


When you say things like that, you should really provide a quote with it. Like this.

That’s not to say there won’t be an upgraded single-stage, I believe Saint uses UA a lot in his stack. But neither appears to be on the 2019 roadmap.


I bought UA and am using it. Creativity is the foundation of building a compelling life. We are all creating our lives for better or worse. Why not see that process as an artistic process?

I am not sure what the usual timetable is for an update, but UA has been out six months and Regeneration eight, and neither have yet seen an update.


I remember wrong. I remembered that they will do it. My bad


Well before thinking of others files I would like inner circle ! Where is the voice actress ? Hahaha !


I like those suggestions a lot. They should definitely try to make those happen.


Maybe a supercharger for sleep would make more sense… or if they looked into brainwave music and did there own versions.


Something for OCD. And maybe talking to yourself. And also a sub for martial arts, any and all martial arts.


Ive got a suggestion. Mewing is the act of correcting ones tongue posture to develop the cranium and face and improve overall posture and function. The tongue is a mostly subconscious muscle in the back that’s why most people have a hard time getting the whole thing to stay on the roof of the mouth (correct posture), which makes changes over time. Its a very proven fenomenon just check out Subliminals came to mind for me as a solution since subliminals work on the subconscious.

Just thought id add that idea I had correlating the two very effective fields of self development.