Suggestions Thread for future Subs/Updates/Superchargers 🔥


How about a sub for reading minds?

Encompassing the knowledge from nlp and bodylanguage studies.

Could be helpful for both business and dating


A sub to uncover our deepest fears, preferably through dreams. I guess that literally means our worst nightmares.

Possibly as a Weapon X sub, so you run it when you want to explore your fears in your dreams that night.

Probably wouldn’t be a big seller though. I might need to go the custom route.


So would it also work for people to integrate and come to terms with those deepest fears? If so, I would find that valuable.


Aye. I also think it would be hugely valuable.

But I also think most people don’t actually want to face their deepest fears, they just want them to magically go away.


I’d love to see a “A game” supercharger, a bit like “Beyond limitless”, but to perform at your peak the whole day (and keep increasing your peaks through the days and months). So,

  • Perform at your ‘A’ game in all aspects such as work, personal life, money, social life
  • The increased mental capabilities of beyond limitless
  • Improved and increasing social skills and people skills to win friends and influence people in all environments (work/career, socially)
  • Easily build and maintain helpful relationships in all aspects of life
  • Improved and increasing skills in making a better life i.e. manage time well, focus on long-term & short-term goals
  • Workout motivation
  • Whole-brain thinking
  • Positive thinking

How is this different from “Beyond Limitless”? Basically, BL seems to make me enjoy feel intelligent and showing it outwards, but the smartest and most effective people I’ve met, always use it tactically, and communicate at their audience’s level. Basically BL can come off as intimidating, so BL + people skills + influence skills etc.


I think @Fire made Saint a sub with an technology called “New Beginnings” that brought up his deepest fears.


Seems more like an all around sub. I doubt a supercharger can have all these


New Beginnngs was specifically tailored for @SaintSovereign 's fear of success/death, and apparently not useful as a base for a general sub.

But yes, something similar but more general, with a focus on discovering what your deepest fears are.


@King please elaborate what was Fire working on?.


A sub based on stoic philosophy, particularly Epictetus and Marcus Aurelius.

“Enjoy the present moment. Expect nothing, fear nothing, speak truly and act heroically. No one can stop you.”


+1 and typing it to increase the word count


A sub that heals/balances the subtle energetic body would be dope. ie chakras, meridians, aura, grid, electrics (based on the work of Donna Eden)

I know we have something that for the aura, but there’s a lot more to the subtle body than it.


A sub based on best selling russian books reality transurfing. By vadim zeland