Suggestions Thread for future Subs/Updates/Superchargers 🔥


Yes! I am a polyglot, I know how hard it is to learn a language. I had to do it the hard way. But now, I intend to learn Russian, it’s hard. Some people spent 10 years learning it and still can’t get the proper pronunciation and feel intimidated to even order food in the language.

Also, people who are into language learning are a perfect match to SC, since they are into self-development. A language learning sub will get interest from the language learning community, which will open up a new market, a new lead generation vehicle to get people into SC’s funnel, and they will start at the language learning sub then hopefully move from there to buying their other products.


Very much agreed. Have you tried out fluentin3months program? Since, albeit a good sub on the matter would be useful to have, a roadmap or goals on how to integrate into the particular culture is a major part in it all.

Hmm… Now that I think about it, a major sub that immerses yourself into the language and culture would probably be ideal. Not only focused on language by itself that is.


I do agree with you @L3773R, very wise words, and I know about fluentin3months and all major language learning programs. I speak 5 languages at the moment.

The thing is, it’s not all conscious hard work to get there. Some things, like proper pronunciation is based on your brain’s ability to pick up the exact sound. However, when you’re not born exposed to the sound, your brain will distort it, and your pronunciation ends up very far off from the actual way the unfamiliar language is spoken.

To illustrate this, watch this and see how the same sound will be interpreted differently by your brain as two different sounds:

So the ability of course to remember the vocabulary easier so you don’t need to spend too many hours memorizing it, the ability to pick up the correct grammar and sentence structure, and also to hear the actual sounds said rather than what your brain will distort them into based on the sounds you are familiar with will save language learners a lot of pain, suffering and embarrassment at speaking a broken, weirdly sounding, “baby version” of a difficult language.

This sub is very much needed, nothing like it exists, and the language learning community is vibrant so I am sure it will create a good buzz that will get SC even more exposure.

cc @Fire

Hints? :wink:


Yes, indeed. That video is fascinating yet somewhat disturbing of how hearing can be interpreted just based on where you look. The question then might be if a sub can build up neurons in the brain where the missing link of a certain pronunciation is. Would that mean that people from Thailand could speak R and L more efficiently and clearer if that were possible? Would be interesting to read your thoughts on the matter @Fire

Edit: Also, @AMASH. As being someone that loves to learn and having a particular interest in languages, like Hindi, Spanish(Español), Korean, Chinese and Japanese. Would you consider fluentin3months to be best suited program for language learners?


I don’t think fluentin3months is good at all. It’s “hacking,” which in my experience is a distraction for people who want a magic pill rather than doing the proper work.

The best courses / programs are: Assimil, Pimsleur and Michel Thomas. Fluenz can be good too if it has the language you’re looking for, since it provided you with the “full tutor experience” without hiring a tutor.

The best one to start is Michel Thomas. Then you can improve with Assimil or Fluenz. And finish up getting to conversational fluency with Pimsleur.


Funny how usually the most main stream programs in some niches are the ones that you should perhaps avoid. But I am hardly suprised that, that is the case. When I got into the whole “how to best learn a language” fluentin3months was on top of the list. Hence the question above on fluentin3months. I’ve seen Pimsleur before but its good to know its more into the advanced field.

Thanks for the tips! I’ll be looking into them and particularly Michel Thomas.


I agree that a sub and supercharger dealing with physical health would be a great addition.

I also think a sub and associated supercharger directed at developing the physical skills, mental toughness, strategic thinking and appropriate bodily characteristics for the listener to excel at a sport of his/her choosing would be great. An athleticism sub. Might be thought of as a Limitless for Athletes.


Even further taken, environment and culture also influences perception.



“In Americans, regions of the brain involved in object processing were more active; in East Asians, areas engaged in processing background information were more active.”

Perhaps a sub module that develops both areas in brain for better perception adaptablilty.


The supercharger for these things are already in development. We’re actually going to branch away a bit from the superchargers having to be attached to an already released title. We may build the supercharger first as a standalone title, then the associated title. Frees up the creative process a bit.

As I mentioned before, we just don’t innovate with our actual products, we also innovate in regards to the actual creative process. That being said, @Fire and I are currently following a “Product Owner” philosophy, adapted from the SCRUM software development framework. He’s the product owner for all subliminal products, while I’m leading the supercharger / guided meditation products.

Since we have exceptional trust in each other, this allows us to develop better programs, as we’re now hyperfocused on our areas of experience. For example, days after we adopted this model, he built a new version of the DOMINION build (which I developed) that should help mitigate the issue with masked and ultrasonic lengths being different.


Is there a way to make the ultrasonic 40 mins like the masked are? And still be just as effective and have as much in them as they do.


We’re working on it.


Awesome, you and fire are the best people out there.


I’m second to this. Guys, you are amazing! :slight_smile: “The very best friends of my subconscious mind & soul” ©


Hello , I’m new here and this may have already been covered :

How about subliminals which boost and cultivate metaphysical (magick) and psychic abilities (PK, precog, astral travel etc) ?


I would go with Ascension or Mogul or AM. Emperor should have that covered as well


Are you saying Emperor/Asc/Mogul/AM already cover meptaphysical and psychic abilities I just mentioned above ?


That should be in the upcoming “Alchemy” program.


Apart from a health/fitness sub,I would like to second the request for a social skills/communication subliminal, which covers all aspectrs from small talk to rapport to even be able to hold great speeches and so on, so the user can communicate as effectivlly when out in a pub, or be able to work the room in a high end setting, like a gala dinner.

And also a general emotional wellbeing subliminal is a great idea, and would likely boost all other subliminals.A subliminal to assist the user to release all limiting emotions until one is at peace.


Great suggestions @gwared